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The Best Ways To Travel From London to Edinburgh, Scotland: 4 Easy Ways

The Best Ways To Travel From London to Edinburgh, Scotland: 4 Easy Ways

England 6 MINS READ
The skyline of Edinburgh, in Scotland.

Edinburgh makes for a fabulous trip from London. The Scottish capital is well-loved for its history-filled monuments and an impeccably preserved Old Town, making it one of the most visited tourist destinations in the UK. Fortunately, there are several easy ways to get from London to Edinburgh. Travelers can take the train, which will reward them with gorgeous vistas of the English countryside, or simply fly into Edinburgh.

Those seeking to discover picturesque British towns can hit the road and drive a scenic route until they reach Edinburgh. There are many factors to consider when deciding how to travel from London to Edinburgh, including price, journey time, and more.

Ready to enjoy a memorable Edinburgh trip? We’ve got you covered. Here’s a complete guide breaking down the best ways of going from London to Edinburgh, including all available transportation options. Have a look!

Where Is Edinburgh Located

View of the Edinburgh Old Town, in Scotland.

Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland, is located in southeastern Scotland, near the Firth of Forth, close to the North Sea.

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How To Get From London to Scotland, Edinburgh

Various transportation options, including train, flight, coach, and driving, are available for commuting between London and Scotland. Embark on a comprehensive guide on the best way to get from Edinburgh to London, ensuring your journey is as seamless as it is memorable.

London to Edinburgh By Airplane

The Edinburgh Airport, in Scotland.


⏰ Travel Time60 to 90 minutes
🚉 London to Edinburgh Distance288 miles
🛫 Main AirlinesBritish Airways, Easyjet, Ryan air
🎟️ Average CostsThere are one-way flight tickets from London to Edinburgh from $30

When traveling from London to Edinburgh, the plane is the fastest mode of travel — flights London to Edinburgh usually take between 60 and 90 minutes.

There are three major airlines serving the London-Edinburgh route: British Airways, Easyjet, and Ryanair. With British Airways, you can fly from London Heathrow, London City Airport, or London Gatwick.

Direct flights from Easyjet depart from London’s airports, Gatwick, Luton, or Stansted. If you go by Ryanair, you will fly from Stansted.

Flights from London arrive at Edinburgh Airport, which is about 10 miles outside the city. At the airport, you can take a tram to the city center.

They depart every 7 minutes between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. and every 15 minutes outside these hours, for an end-to-end journey of just 30 minutes.

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London to Edinburgh By Train

Kings Cross Station, in London.


⏰ Travel Time4h10
🚉 Distance Covered400 miles
🚆 Train OperatorsLNER, Avanti West Coast or Lumo
🎟️ Average CostsCheap train tickets usually start at $30 one way.

Known for being fast, comfortable, and clean, UK trains are one of the most convenient ways to travel from Edinburgh to London train.

Traveling by train saves time, as you don’t have to go through airport security, fly, and then drive/take public transportation to the Edinburgh city center.

Not to mention that, compared to other modes of transport, the train is more sustainable (a single journey from London to Edinburgh by train emits three times less CO₂ than by car and six times less than by plane).

The UK has a comprehensive high-speed train system that runs across the country, and numerous direct services run daily between London and Edinburgh.

Direct high-speed trains run by either LNER, Avanti West Coast, or Lumo depart from Kings Cross station in central London and arrive at the Edinburgh Waverley Railway Station (Edinburgh Central Station) in about 4.5 hours, reaching the maximum speed of 125 mph.

The Edinburgh Waverley station is located between the Old Town and modern Edinburgh, adjacent to Princes Street, Edinburgh Castle, and the Princes Street Gardens.

So, as soon as you exit the station, you’ll find yourself perfectly positioned in the heart of the capital.

Alternatively, you can travel by Avanti West Coast trains, departing from London Euston. However, note that these trains take 5.5 hours to reach the stunning capital of Scotland.

Want to take your trip to the next level? Then, take the Caledonian Sleeper night train to Edinburgh. Running six nights a week, the Caledonian Sleeper’s Lowlander route takes you from London Euston station to Edinburgh Waverley station.

Maximize your journey even more by upgrading to the first class seats (Club Room), where you’ll be treated to complimentary breakfast, an en-suite with shower and toilet, access to the station lounge, and more.

Another major benefit of taking the Edinburgh from London train travel is that the ride provides passengers with the most show-stopping views of the English countryside!

Make sure you get a window seat to soak in fabulous vistas of the rolling hills, idyllic villages, and towering peaks.

About three hours out of London Kings Cross, the train slows and crosses the River Tyne to make its next stop at Newcastle Central Station. On the right, the train gives a good view of the famous Tyne bridges. 

Seven miles north of York, it’s possible to see the famous London to Edinburgh Half Way sign. At Durham, the train crosses a viaduct and offers breathtaking views of Durham city, castle, and cathedral on the right-hand side. 

When approaching Berwick upon the River Tweed, the train races across the Royal Border Bridge, an impressive 2,160-foot-long viaduct opened by Queen Victoria in 1850.

🔹 Where To Buy Train Tickets: There are several website operators where you can book London to Edinburgh trains online.

You can go directly to the train service website (LNER, Avanti, Lumo Train) and compare prices.

You can also check the train timetable and buy your train ticket in person at the ticket machines at the train stations. However, we recommend that you book an advance ticket.

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London to Edinburgh By Car

A winding road surrounded by rolling hills on the English countryside.


⏰ Travel TimeSeven hours to 2 nights
🚉 Distance Covered402 miles
🤑 Average CostsDepends on fuel costs

Alternatively, you can also cover the London-Edinburgh route by car. The London to Edinburgh drive is approximately 402 miles and would take around 7.5 hours along the M1 and A1 highways if you don’t stop anywhere in between.

However, if you plan on making stops along the way, you should expect the journey to take at least two nights.

Driving is a great option for travelers with more time who want to explore quaint British towns slowly. Must-visit destinations include Oxford, Cambridge, Stamford, Manchester, and Liverpool.

London to Edinburgh By Coach

A bus on a road surrounded by greenery.


⏰ Travel TimeNine hours
🚉 Distance Covered332 miles
🎟️ Average CostsThere are bus tickets starting at $10

The cheapest way to get from the London-Edinburgh route is by bus (or “coach”). On average, the bus travel from Edinburgh to London takes approximately 10 hours and 5 minutes, but it may vary depending on traffic conditions along the route.

There are also the fastest services (operated by Megabus) that reach Edinburgh in 9 hours and 10 minutes.

Whatever bus company you choose, you’ll catch the bus in London from Victoria Station and depart at the centrally located Edinburgh Bus Station. From here, it’s only a short walk to Edinburgh’s major attractions.

You can typically choose from four daily buses, two that leave in the morning and two more that leave at night.

The overnight bus is served by National Express and Megabus and arrives in Edinburgh in the morning, making it the ideal option if you don’t want to miss a full day of your trip.

On-board amenities include power sockets, WiFi, air conditioning, luggage storage, and toilets.

Frequently Asked Questions

How far is Edinburgh from London?

Edinburgh is approximately 400 miles (644 kilometers) from London.

What is the best way to travel from London to Edinburgh?

The best way to travel from London to Edinburgh is by train.

What are the prices for each mode of transport from Edinburgh to London?

The prices for traveling from Edinburgh to London are approximately £10.90 for a train and £11 for a coach, depending on petrol prices for a car.

What are the coach features when traveling from Edinburgh to London?

Coach features include free WiFi, power sockets, air conditioning, luggage storage, and toilets

What is the experience of taking a sleeper train from Edinburgh to London?

Taking a sleeper train from Edinburgh to London is a unique experience, as you sleep in England and wake up in the heart of the Scottish capital. Upgrading to First Class offers additional amenities such as a complimentary breakfast, en-suite with shower and toilet, access to the station lounge, and more.

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