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United Kingdom

Whether you choose the timeless country side of York or the glitz and glamor of London, your next favorite destination is guaranteed to be from the United Kingdom!


A treasure trove of quaint holiday markets, enchanting cathedrals and picturesque views that remain second to none, Finland will keep you coming for more.


Portugal is a medley of inspiring coastlines, mind-boggling nightlife and a host of thrill-seeking activities. So, make sure you have your cameras ready!


Spend your evenings gorging on freshly-baked waffles or forage the many captivating castles and cathedrals this land has to offer. There's something truly special about Belgium.

Welcome to Europe!

Europe offers a cultural scenery that’s so gloriously wide, even a lifetime would seem short! Imagine — playful beaches of Croatia, snow-capped mountains of Alps and the breathtaking Northern Lights that bring visitors galore! Hop on the EuroRail that’s so unbelievably convenient, it’ll take you to even the hidden gems of the continent.

From charming cabins tucked in the woods of Austria and larger-than-life stadiums of your favorite soccer leagues in Spain, to the glitz and glamor of Budapest, there’s more than a myriad of places to visit in Europe. It’s no wonder then that such a soulful place, with its magnificently-rich tradition, brings travelers together from around the world!

Popular cities

Cities in Europe you’ll love

A variety so wide it’ll spoil you for choice

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What to know before you go

Attractions you can’t miss

Spend sun-kissed afternoons foraging the age-stained castles and cathedrals of Czech Republic or capture breathtaking views of Istanbul’s splendid architecture through hot air balloons that are nothing short of a joyride. With an arsenal of attractions and magnificently-wide plethora of places to visit in Europe, it is no surprise how the land is always brimming with tourists.

While lovers of history and heritage can head to Russia for its wide range of iconic museums and palaces, winter babies can cocoon themselves inside Iceland’s cozy igloo hotels, and away from the city’s hustle-bustle.

If you’re in the mood to discover more touristy attractions such as Italy’s Colosseum or the awe-inspiring Leaning Tower of Pisa, the crowd-pleasing Stonehenge in England and Serbia's Temple of Saint Sava are also sights to behold. Not to mention, the countryside of Wales which is so plush and picturesque, it’s almost arrogant in its beauty.

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Cuisine crawl

And once all this adventure works up your appetite, head to Naples — the birthplace of the classic Margherita pizza. Traverse the vineyards of Porto in Portugal, where you can sip on the world's finest Port wine. If you’ve a sweet tooth, the freshly-baked waffles and decadent chocolates of Belgium are highly recommended, although not without taking a quick halt at the many cheese factories in Switzerland that remain among the most sought-after places to visit in Europe.

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Festivals to experience

There’s something really special about Europe during the holiday season. From Germany’s Berlin to Kraków in Poland, you’ll find them all adorned with charming Christmas markets and brightly-lit churches.

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Festivals to experience

Then there’s the world’s most rollicking music festival. Usually filled to capacity, Tomorrowland in Antwerp is the perfect place to watch your favorite music artists and blow off some steam. One can also never miss Germany’s iconic Oktoberfest for its locally-brewed beers, parades, rides and rollercoasters and of course, unforgettable music.

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Shop & splurge

Opulent luxury labels, bohemian boutiques and grungy thrift stores, Europe has it all. You can indulge in retail therapy at England’s beloved Oxford Street, just as easily as you can fill your cart with handmade souvenirs at the charming Izmailovo Market of Russia.

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Shop & splurge

For those looking to splurge on some high-end couture, Milan and Paris remain undefeated, while the streets of Bosnia are lined with traditional souks for intricate artifacts and local goods.

Where to visit for what

Insta-worthy destinations image

Insta-worthy destinations

Insta-worthy destinations

One visit to Finland’s breathtaking ski resort and you’ll know what wanderlust hashtags are all about.

The historic mosques of Turkey also make for exceptionally photogenic sights, where you can marvel at the stunning domes and blue tile interiors of the Blue Mosque. And who can resist an Instagram story about the changing of the guards outside Buckingham Palace, home to Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II and her family of the most famous royals in the world?

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Beach, coasts and islands

Beach, coasts and islands

Greece’s answer to Miami, Mykonos is the party favorite of many. Pulsating music, gorgeous sand beaches and beautiful revelers all around, this is where you need to be. If you’re looking for something more laid back, the beaches of Santorini are your answer. Delightful, multi-colored houses perched on cliffs, deep blue waters and romantic sunsets, it’s a must on every itinerary.

Makronissos Beach in Cyprus is also one of the best places to see in Europe. It has the unique shape of a dolphin tail, from where you can admire the majestic rock formations of this former reef and visit ancient tombs nearby for free.

Take a bus ride around Amalfi Coast in Italy and savor its irresistible views. Witness surreal sea caves and some of the finest hotels and restaurants you’ll find in Europe.

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Experience wilderness

Experience wilderness

One of the best places to see in Europe is Bergen in Norway, that’s known for its unreal wildlife and remains a bird-watcher’s paradise. Listen to the fascinating tunes of an Arctic warbler, spot a white-tailed eagle swoop down and catch a fish — you’ll be hooked for hours.

Book a ticket to Denmark and go glamping in the Knuthenborg Manor estate for an up close view of elephant herds.

Family getaways image

Family getaways

Family getaways

If your kids are Lego fans, then needless to say, they’re likely to enjoy LEGOLAND! Located in London, it’s a family theme park with everything made of Lego. Learn to drive a Lego car, take pictures of Miniland, and stay in a hotel that is also made entirely of Lego.

Head to Europa Park in Germany that’s on every child’s bucket list, and enjoy its magical Christmas market. Go on a roller coaster ride through a diamond mine or spend the day inside Rapunzel's Tower.

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The Spanish island of Ibiza is the continent’s undisputed party capital and one of the most vibrant places to visit in Europe. Dance your night away in some of the world’s largest nightclubs, bathe in glorious sunset on a boat party, or hit one of its underground clubs.

Hit the jackpot in the many casinos hilted across Monte Carlo, or dress up for an evening of ballet or music at the opera. Don’t forget to grab your tickets for Isle of MTV in Malta, an annual music festival that attracts some of the biggest artists of the world.

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Romantic breaks

When you think of romance, you likely think of Paris and it’s stunning Eiffel Tower. Take a sunset cruise along the Seine river in France, picnic at the majestic Luxembourg Gardens, or go wine tasting at a charming vineyard hidden in the heart of the city.

Tuscany in central Italy is a much sought-after stop for couple travelers. There’s nothing more delightful than riding a Vespa with your loved one along the sun-kissed countryside. Soar over the lush gardens in a hot air balloon or go on a truffle-hunting adventure.

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All things budget

Those looking for backpacking and budget adventures will find plenty of places to visit in Europe. Its Eastern regions in particular, offer a myriad of pocket-friendly destinations that never fail to impress! While Bulgaria and Slovenia are home to some of the most affordable stays in the world, the mesmerising Ukraine offers a plethora of things you can do in a budget — from exploring UNESCO world heritage sites to posing along magnificent monuments!

Frequently asked questions

What countries to visit in Europe?

While its wide range of tourist attractions such as the towering Big Ben and the captivating London Eye has made England one of the best places to visit in Europe, France remains equally crowd-pleasing with its unique canvas of art and architecture — take for instance, the world-famous Louvre and the tantalizing Notre Dame de Paris.

Which is the safest country in the Middle East?

Home to charming summer retreats by the bay and national parks that’ll keep you enthralled, Bulgaria remains one of the most pocket-friendly destinations of Europe.

What city should I visit in Europe?

Take a beer bike ride across the charming canals of Netherlands’ Amsterdam, dig into some delectable kulajda in Prague and indulge in retail therapy along the teeming streets of Barcelona — every city in Europe offers an experience that is truly one-of-a-kind.