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We’re a team that speaks, breathes and dreams travel! We look at travel as more than just a holiday. We look at it as an experience, a learning, an investment and a way for community building. We’re smart, tech-savvy and diverse — with a passion for travel that goes beyond ourselves!

At CuddlyNest, we love and look forward to inspire, encourage and help you travel with us!

Ritesh Raj, Co-founder & COO

I have a knack for finding the best artisan coffee in every city I visit. Need tips? Get in touch with me.

Ritesh Raj, Co-founder & COO

Currently breaking records in types of trips taken

Ritesh Raj, Co-founder & COO
Isabela Neves, SEO Copywriter
Gustavo Leon, Senior Frontend Engineer
Bana Bissat, Content Manager
Igor Rezende, Associate Creative Director
Rachel Balinas, Strategic Partnership Manager
Anna Paloma, Junior Product Analyst
Usman Tahir, Business Tech Analyst
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We work around the world, to make you travel the world!

Our team members are based in over twenty cities around the world. We also maintain three hubs in three regions, and as we travel and grow, we’re continuously looking to expand.

Join the future of travel

Revolutionizing the travel industry is no small feat! We’re going to need your help.

CuddlyNest is looking for great minds who share the same passion, vision and mission for travel. After all, that’s what it takes to build the world’s most incredible accommodation booking platform!

There is nothing more we look forward to than a mind-blowing cover letter!

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