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Free Budapest Activities, Tours and Excursions

Free Budapest Activities, Tours and Excursions

Activities & Adventure 3 MINS READ

While looking for budget destinations in Europe, you cannot go wrong with Hungary. While some of us plan Christmas Holidays well in advance, some in a distinctively human way postpone every single decision, among them – where to go this Christmas Holiday. Eastern and Central Europe have an emerging travel scene and some of its destinations shine brighter every year. Prague, Budapest, Vienna, and others are true gems. What’s the best? They are not overly expensive, as the tourism industry is still emerging. Here CuddlyNest had a look at what activities Budapest has to offer for budget travelers.

Taste Hungary Wandering Around the Great Market Hall

If there is something every single traveler loves about Eastern and Central Europe, it is surely the food. Hungarian cuisine is well known for its real and unimaginably tasty food. Cheese croissants selling in the Hungarian pékség are fresh and full of cheese, and Hungarian specialty lángos is made on the spot as ordered. Have your stomach grumbling already? When visiting Great Market Hall, do not forget to buy a couple of paprika spice satchels selling on the Hungarian street and climb up on the second floor to have a free tour of Hungarian national handicrafts, which are selling at bargain prices.

Wander the Streets with Eyes in the Sky

Budapest has a lot to offer beyond museums. In fact, the best museum to visit is the streets of Budapest. Conserved the history of ages of different ruling powers and cultures present,  the architecture tells its own story. From the Budapest Parliament building to Szent István (St. Stephens’s) Basilica to Castle, you will see architecture from Medieval and Baroque to Neoclassicist, preserved throughout centuries. And if you have a chance to stay in one of the Neocclaccisist buildings while sharing the apartment or renting out the whole place for your family trip, you will see how spacious are the buildings.

Budapest Free Tours in English, German and Spanish

Budapest winter weather may not always be as welcoming as in Medditarean climate, but the guides of Budapest free tours will make you feel better instantly. Tours are offered in Chinese, English, Spanish, German and even Russian, and are generally very informative and interesting. One thing you should keep in mind though is the fact that you must be registered before. Not required but welcomed also are some donations for the guides. Keep in mind that tours range from 1 to 3 hours and start from the Jewish Quarter – you better be there on time!

Ruin Pubs for the Contemporary Budapest Experience

If you wish to save whilst on the road, yet experience not only the historical architecture but meet people and have fun in one of Budapest’s signature places, you must go to its ruin pubs. From the super touristic Szimpla Kert to Csendes Bar, Budapest will exceed your expectations and amaze you with its diversity. If you love cultural experiences, go to Szimpla on Mondays and join the Hungarian dances. If your thing is brunch, then Farmers’ Market and Breakfast will be just right for you. Other hotspots of alternative, yet free cultural experiences are Golya, Aurora, and Kék Ló (Blue Horse).

Free Days on Budapest Museums are Worth It

Budapest’s art scene may not be regarded as particularly avant-garde, although you may find many inspiring and innovative approaches present in its many local galleries, especially when taking a stroll around District II. However, Budapest offers a lot to art lovers, and if you are lucky, you may get into museums completely for free. Every month on the third Saturday you may visit Hungarian National Gallery (Castle District) and Fine Arts Museum ( near Hősök Tere – Heroe’s Square) for free given that you are a European passport holder under the age of 26. For modern and contemporary art lovers Ludwig Museum will be the best fit, free to attend on the last Sunday every month. Hungarian National Museum in the center of the city and Skanzen of Szentendre on the outskirts of Budapest are good places to go as well.

Overall, while Budapest weather definitely takes a toll on the possible things to do in December and January, it is never short on events and places to go. Budapest is therefore just the perfect getaway for anyone looking for a great place to go for a couple getaway for the Christmas or New Year holidays.

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How to Budget for Your Next Travel so You Can Splurge for Real

How to Budget for Your Next Travel so You Can Splurge for Real

Hacks & Tips 4 MINS READ

If you have ever wondered how your colleagues, cousins or Instagram-famous students get to travel the world without breaking the bank, here is the answer. They do not starve themselves, they do not always go for Couchsurfing, and in most cases, they also do not hitchhike around. They travel just like anyone would, and they splurge a little.

But where is the secret, you would ask? Just like with most things we do, it is hidden behind the scenes. No miracles, no large parent funding, just simple calculations, and modest saving before going on your longed-for holiday getaway.

Here we are sharing the best tips on how to save without a pain, not compromising on tickets to Louvre or Italian handstitched bag on your Europe trip. A little consideration, strategy, and planning can go great lengths when it comes to saving. So here you go, our experienced travelers’ best tips traveling on a little more that shoestring budget. Going for the lowest expense may not be what you want on your few weeks out of the office.

To Save Money For the Trip, Know Your Expenses

Travel budget calculator, app or even ready-made template may be tempting to start with, but to truly save, you must first identify your expenses. It may sound like a citation from an old finance textbook, but for a good reason. According to Forbes finance expert Rob Berger, to start out, you must first evaluate your net worth. How much do you spend on travel? How much do you save for retirement? All those metrics come into play when budgeting and saving for your next trip.  The better you assess the cost distribution, the easier it will be to identify and cut down on those areas. So, get your paper, an old-school calculator and put it all down there for a scrutinization.

Now, Get your Budget together

When you have a clear picture where does your money go, you are all set to see how much you can save on a yearly basis. By how much you are likely to cut your spendings? Starting from this, set your new budget for every area of your current spending. If you are running out of ideas, we are here to help – just read further and save for the next upcoming trip.

Pay Yourself First

If you are like us, then you always have a million things in your head and even more on your to-do list.  As in many cases, you are unlikely to make effort on monthly basis to pay yourself first and set part of your salary aside – it simply will be forgotten, postponed or ignored till another time. To save money without any additional effort, just go to your online bank and set up a savings fund to automatically transfer from your checking account. For one, it will save your time. For two, you will save much more when automating your financial operations.

Necessities versus Social Spending

You know that some spending is a necessity. Generally speaking, one must pay the rent, buy some groceries and in some cases, also cover necessary transportation expenses. You can still find ways to spend less on all those necessary items or services, but for most of us, the actual black sheep is the social occasions. Those drinks add up, as well as those dinners out with your friends every Friday. There are some expenses you would still like to account for,  such as friends’ birthday gifts and other social spending, but much of that you can limit by mindful spending or cost-cutting with fun home parties, potluck dinners or free events.

Waste zero – travel more

Newspapers, magazines, and the trendy zines are killing trees, and you know it. Even more, they are considerably slashing your vacation budget. If you still want to be updated on the industry trends, or gain some intellectual stimuli, consider going digital. Put aside an hour and research the most interesting online blogs, writers or online magazines to subscribe to. If you do miss the content you are accustomed to, check for your beloved magazines’ digital versions. A great publishing platform is Issu – here you can find a magazine, zines, and other stuff for free. And do not forget the oh-so-well-known Kindle store with low prices. However, if all the options are lacking the real, analog grip of the book, the touch of the paper and the repetitive motion of turning pages – if you too are missing those, along the smell of freshly printed magazines, make a trip to your local library or spend your lazy Sunday afternoons in a cafe that is known for its updated newspaper and zine supply.

Make every coffee count

Make less garbage and save more for your travels by adopting small changes in your daily routines.  For starters, buy a thermos and quit your coffees for good. The same goes for packed store-bought lunches, snacks, prepared vegetables, smoothies, you name it. Do it yourself, pack your lunches and enjoy the financial freedom on your travels!  


If you already do all those things, yet the budget is not sufficient for your next travel, switch your mindset!  


As you have probably heard already, you can live below your means, but you can also expand your means. The choice is yours.

You may not have enough financial resources, but maybe you are not short on time. Chances are, your current income can be increased if you take up a freelancer role, set up an online business or get cash flowing into your bank account in another way. Look at those options – some of them even allows you to travel full time and make your home base in Bali or other exotic digital nomad locations!

Destination Deep-Dive 3 MINS READ

Best European Cities to See for the First Time Traveler on Chinese New Year

Best European Cities to See for the First Time Traveler on Chinese New Year

Destination Deep-Dive 3 MINS READ

This Chinese Spring Festival is promising to bring new travel experiences for every Chinese, If you want to squeeze as much of the European vibe and must-see spots on your Europe trip in Spring Festival, February 2019, you may want to read on to see where to go to get the best out of the very very first time in the Old World.

If you want to celebrate the upcoming pig year with a trip to Europe together with your partner, the City of Lights, Paris, is one of the best places to start with. It has been a center of arts for years, and even now, you can go to see one of the world’s most famous paintings, “Mona Lisa,” in Louvre, along with other pieces important that have marked the Western and World histories, such as the Code of Hammurabi and Hellenistic sculptures. While in France, do not lose your time and take the chance to climb the Eiffel Tower and visit the vineyards in Bordeaux.

If France, especially Paris is the center of arts for centuries, then Italian artisans are leading the European and World art scenes for more than a millennium. Since the days of the Roman Empire Italy is the center of painting, sculpture, innovation, sustained and funded by trade in Medditarean sea. You must visit Rome to see what everyone is talking about: from Spanish Steps, Trevi Fountain and Pantheon to modern day Italian shopping mecca Milan with world-famous designer stores and Venice with its glass artisans, Italy is a place to go if time is your concern. Moreover, if you feel like missing out on the Chinese Lantern Festival, then February Italian Carnevale can offer you the same and more. To experience the blue skies and small-town idyll of Italy accompanied with Roan carnival, visit Aosta Valley, but fo orange-throwing battle, go to Ivrea.

Feel yourself in wonderland in the wintertime when visiting the fairytale-like Neuschwanstein Castle on the top of the hill, and seeing the Berlin wall, learning about the age of Cold War when Europe was divided in two. Seeing the impressive Cologne Cathedral and Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate will take just a day or two, making Germany a perfect place to go to in the midst of your Europe travel. It also is well connected by trains and air transport, so getting from or to Germany will cost you little.

No matter what somebody may say, there is never an off-season in London. Being the city of the world, it is always overflowing with energy and things to do. Apart from visiting the Big Ben and Buckingham Palace, make sure to visit the nearby Bicester village – it is a true fashion utopia, yet very conveniently located if you happen to be in London.

Barcelona being a Catalonian capital is one of the best cities to add to your European tour. It is well connected with other major cities – flights are cheap, and FlixBus, a cheap bus service operating in Europe, is serving all those who want to see more of Europe, while not spending weeks.  Make sure to put a day aside for Barcelona – you will love its free spirit, happy people and warm nights, when compared to other parts of Europe in February. Gaudi architecture is all around, but you can also visit museums to learn more. Make sure to get a pair of espadrilles – the handmade shoes specific to Spain!

No matter where your Europe trip brings you this time, for the first-time traveler, Paris, London, Venice and Rome are must-visit cities to catch the vibe of Europe at the same time seeing its diversity. From modern London to laid back Rome and romantic Paris, there is no better way to discover European culture, art, and people – and shop for some great fashion pieces!

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VRMA International to improve the experience of CuddlyNest’ s clientele

VRMA International to improve the experience of CuddlyNest’ s clientele

Press Release 2 MINS READ


  • VRMA International conference takes place in Las Vegas, Nevada on October 27-30

  • Startup OTA “CuddlyNest” attends VRMA International  to learn about the fast-growing industry

  • CuddlyNest to partner with channel manager Avantio

On October 27th to 30th, Cuddynest took part in the international VRMA conference in Las Vegas, Nevada, to develop knowledge about the VR industry, explore new travel tech solutions and close meaningful partnerships.

The VRMA International conference was a three-day event by the trade organization Vacation Rental Manager Association and gathered more than 100 vendors with the cutting edge innovations and solutions, and more than 60 sessions brought by industry’s leading professionals. The industry-leading PMS, OTAs and ancillary tech producers were attending to share and compare the insights on the previous year’s growth and the expectations in future.

The conference once again proved the importance of startup OTA to be in the hotspot of industry leaders and practitioners, as well as general management professionals. From Terry Jones’ talk on safety and security to Amber Mayer’s warning about the safety concerns with the tech solutions like VR, CuddlyNest had a lot to take away to embed into our new OTA solution.

About CuddlyNest

CuddlyNest is a global online travel accommodation marketplace catering to all traveler types willing to book any type of accommodation from over  200 countries with the lowest service/traveler fee. Our innovative booking fee sharing model allows our guests to book for a reduced guest fee, host to earn more. The fast growth of the company’s inventory and partnerships promise a market-leading position in the travel ecosystem.

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