7 Health Benefits Of Skiing

Some people believe that once winter time hits, there isn’t much to do outside. Most people even stop participating in any outdoor physical activity. What they don’t realize is skiing has huge health benefits.


Strengthens Bones and Joints

Your knees have to endure the weight and tension from your body while you glide downhill quickly, so every time you ski, you are strengthening your knees. It’s not just your knees that reap benefits, your bones will also become stronger in result of the impact of bearing your weight on your legs. Not only will you be having fun out on the slopes, but you’re preventing osteoporosis and knee damage.


Improved Mood

How many times have you heard that people’s mood shifts downwards in the winter? We know it’s the lack of Vitamin D, but did you know skiing can improve your mood? Skiing can boost your overall well-being and lead to happiness. It’s highly beneficial for your mental and physical health.


Strengthens Lower Body Muscles

Skiing will have you in an almost constant squat position, which will work amazing for your quads, hamstrings, glutes, and outer and inner thighs. You won’t even realize you’re getting an intense workout in as you will be taking in your surroundings of nature.


Improved Sleep

Being that active, such as with skiing, you should definitely have an easier time drifting away to sleep once your head hits your pillow. Don’t be surprised if you’re so exhausted that you turn out the lights ahead of time. Improved sleep means better, quality health over time.


Cardiovascular Health

Between the high altitude and your elevated heart rate, your cardiovascular system will benefit. While your heart rate is up, your body will have increased blood circulation, resulting in your muscles bringing in more oxygen and blood, meaning burning more calories in less time.

Fun fact – Skiing can allow you to burn up to 400 calories per hour!


Bring on the Water

Being in higher altitudes means you will be breathing heavier. It may only take a little bit of time to adjust to the altitude but to stay on top of it, you will find yourself wanting to chug more water than usual. You won’t even think twice about it. Keep that water nearby.


Indulge in Healthier Food Choices

You’re going to be burning many calories while skiing so chances are you’re going to need a power up meal after. By lunchtime you’ll feel the need to refuel, and by dinner you’ll need another recovery meal. Naturally, you’ll feel more apt to carefully choose the food you put in your mouth. You’ll likely reach for more protein and healthy fats.


Have you noticed any of these health benefits with yourself while skiing? If you are a beginner, now is the best time to get out on those slopes and reap all of these health benefits. Whether you want to ski by your hometown or take a vacation to one of the many slopes around the world, what do you have to lose by having fun and getting healthy at the same time? 

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