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8 Best Places to Visit in UK in December

8 Best Places to Visit in UK in December

Destination Deep-Dive 7 MINS READ
UK in December

Even though the kind of winter you will experience is unpredictable, you can still plan your own wintry adventure in the UK with the help of this seasonally themed list. Consider a trip to an island off the coast of Skye, take a leisurely stroll along the Norfolk broads, winter staycation in honey-colored cottages in the Cotswolds, or a peaceful escape in Bath.

Winter in the United Kingdom is a magical time with its enchanting scenery, joyful celebrations, and unique atmosphere that transforms both cities and rural areas.

Nonetheless, put on your hat, gloves, scarf, and extra layers, and get ready to take advantage of everything that the UK’s glorious winter has to offer. 

And to assist you in deciding where to hang your hat and coat, we’ve put together a list of the best places to visit in UK in December. Whether you’re looking for the peace and quiet of the countryside or the coziness of historic cities, the UK has a wide range of winter destinations.

Discover our top selections for the UK’s best winter holiday destinations and enjoy your cozy adventure!

Best Places to Visit in UK In December

  • The Lake District’s picturesque landscapes become even more enchanting with snow-capped mountains and frozen lakes, offering a serene and idyllic winter retreat. Location: Lake District
  • The city’s historic architecture, including Edinburgh Castle, takes on a magical glow, providing a captivating backdrop for winter exploration. Location: Edinburgh
  • Indulge in a unique winter experience at the Thermae Bath Spa, where warm, naturally heated waters provide a relaxing escape from the winter chill. Location: Bath
  • Embrace the season’s quietude and the raw beauty of the Scottish Highlands on this captivating island, Isle of Skye. Location: Isle of Skye
  • From the quaint villages and bustling markets to the cozy tearooms and tranquil nature reserves, every corner of the Cotswolds is touched by the magic of the winter season. Location: The Cotswolds
  • Norfolk’s extensive coastline offers a refreshing winter escape, with walks along the Norfolk Broads and the opportunity to observe winter wildlife. Location: Norfolk
  • The Brecon Beacons offer majestic snowy peaks, creating a stunning backdrop for outdoor adventures such as winter hikes and providing a peaceful setting for lakeside walks. Location: Brecon Beacons
  • York’s medieval architecture and ancient city walls are adorned with festive lights, creating a historic ambiance that is particularly magical during the winter months. Location: York

Sussana, Blogger and Traveler (Visited Over 100 Countries)

Lake District

UK in December
Photo Credit: Lake District Lodge Holidays/ Lake District

Every month of the year is a magical time to visit the Lake District, a popular vacation spot.

The Lake District, known for its breathtaking landscapes, transforms into a serene winter retreat during the colder months. Enjoy the natural beauty of the hills and lakes during the winter months when it’s quieter and less crowded.


UK in December

Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland, is a winter wonderland that captivates visitors with its historic charm and festive spirit.

Get over the winter blues with some Christmas shopping, indulge in delicious holiday food and drinks at excellent restaurants, and take in the festive ambiance of the city while listening to the choirs of St. Giles’s Cathedral.

Furthermore, on a cold winter day, take a refreshing walk to Arthur’s Seat or Holyrood Park in Edinburgh’s center.

Hence, what’s your reward? Magnificent and breathtaking city views are your reward.

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UK in December

Bath should be on your list of winter holiday destinations in the UK because it has a lot to offer, including unique stores, pleasant pubs, and beautiful architecture.

Christmas lights adorn the city during the winter, and the central Christmas market enhances the charm of the season.

Further, indulge in a truly unique experience at the Thermae Bath Spa, where you can bathe in warm, naturally heated waters while surrounded by the winter beauty of Bath.

However, when you’re done shopping and want to relax with a glass of mulled wine in a charming bar, make sure to visit in winter one of the restaurants in the city for a tasty pub lunch or cozy brunch. Or hike along the Bath Skyline and take in the festive season, twinkling lights on the rooftops.

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Isle of Skye

UK in December
Photo Credit: Independent Travel Cats/ Isle of Skye

The Isle of Skye is a top UK winter travel destination with many stunning sights to discover. A well-known for its wild landscape, medieval castles, and precipitous cliffs, Skye has an otherworldly beauty in the winter.

Discover the island’s unique charm, where the wintertime adds an atmospheric touch to this captivating location. Moreover, it can get as low as one degree Celsius here, so don’t forget to dress warmly!

The Cotswolds

UK in December

The Cotswolds, with its honey-colored villages and rolling hills, is a quintessential destination for a winter holiday.

When you want to get away from the towns and attractions, why not take a long, crisp hike along The Cotswolds Way, which offers plenty of winter views? Exploring a new location is always an excellent idea. 

Further, as the countryside takes on a serene beauty, the region’s charming villages come alive with Christmas markets and events. So, immerse yourself in the idyllic atmosphere, enjoying traditional afternoon tea by a crackling fireplace and exploring the timeless beauty of the Cotswolds.


UK in December
Photo Credit: Amodernmother/Norfolk

Visit in winter Norfolk to enjoy great Christmas markets, delicious local food, and amazing displays of the colder months.

Also, Norfolk gives the ideal combination of calm and seasonal magic, making it the perfect destination for a winter holiday. It offers both festive coastal escapes and peaceful countryside retreats.

In addition, among the region’s unique winter sights is the spectacular flight of thousands of pink-footed geese, who leave their nighttime roost on The Wash and head inland to feed.

Norfolk’s 90 miles of coastline offer numerous opportunities for brisk beach walks with stunning sea views.

Sussana, an enthusiastic traveler, advises – “One of my favorite places in the UK is Norfolk. This year-round holiday destination with beaches, tasteful homes, and plenty of fresh seafood makes it fantastic even in the winter!”

The Brecon Beacons

UK in December

For a winter holiday destination in the UK with lakes and mountains covered in snow, consider the Brecon Beacons. This national park offers 1,200 miles of public rights of way, thus you can easily enjoy a winter walk in the Brecon Beacons with incredible views.

However, whether you’re seeking the thrill of winter sports or the serenity of lakeside strolls, this alpine escape in the heart of the UK promises an enchanting experience that captures the essence of winter’s magic.

Also, in the winter months, the Brecon Beacons become a peaceful and scenic beauty. Therefore, pack your winter gear and discover them.


UK in December

As the winter chill descends upon the United Kingdom, one city stands out as a distinctively special destination: York.

York in winter is an experience like no other. Likewise, the city’s historical ambiance, festive season markets, iconic streets, majestic cathedrals, snug establishments, and even its ghostly tales converge to create a distinctively special atmosphere.

Peter, a local Yorker, recommends, “Grab on some hot chocolate and take a walk through the historic Shambles!- A charmingly narrow street with a selection of unique shops and a Yuletide Village with homemade products from the area, it is enclosed by timber-framed medieval buildings.”

Nevertheless, whether you’re drawn to the holiday spirit, historical wonders, or simply the charm of a winter stroll, York welcomes you with open arms, inviting you to discover the magic that sets it apart during the colder months.

Embrace the enchantment of York in winter and create memories that will last a lifetime.

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Did any of the top winter destinations in the UK catch your attention? From young families to couples and large parties of friends, we have accommodations across the country to suit everyone’s needs. Browse our selection and book for one of these UK winter holiday destinations to start your staycation right now!


Where can couples find the most romantic snow holidays in the UK?

The most romantic snow holidays to visit in the UK are Bath, Edinburgh, Llanddwyn Island, Cambridge, Lake District, York, Norwich, Brecon Beacons, Stratford-upon-Avon, London, Bibury and Loch Lomond.

What are the best snowy places for winter getaways in the UK?

UK offers several snowy destinations for winter getaways, those are Lake District, Scottish Highlands, Peak District, Isle of Skye, etc.

Which UK winter holiday destinations offer the best shopping experiences?

UK offers a few excellent holiday shopping experiences in the following destinations: London, Edinburgh, Manchester, Bath, York, Birmingham, and Glasgow.

Where will you find snow in the UK this Christmas?

Some regions where you might have a higher chance of encountering snow include the Scottish Highlands, Northern England, Welsh Mountains, and Northern Ireland.

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