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The 5 Best Sakura Places in Singapore

The 5 Best Sakura Places in Singapore

Activities & Adventure 4 MINS READ

Dreamy and delicate, the beautiful cherry blossoms are a sight to behold. And even though the actual Japanese sakura trees don’t grow in Singapore, it’s possible to find similar species throughout the island.

In fact, the city has its own version of the sakura — the trumpet flowers, which are also known as Singapore’s cherry blossoms. These pink and white blooms can be found on the Tabebuia Rosea trees that are part of the begonia family and have been planted islandwide to provide good shade from the scorching sun.

The gorgeous pink-hued trumpet flowers make for the perfect photo opportunity and are a true feast for the eyes, so we’ve gathered 5 places to view Singapore’s own version of the cherry blossoms.

Sakura Flowers in Singapore: What You Need To Know

Are there Sakura flowers in Singapore?

Top view of Singapore covered in pink trumpet trees.

While Singapore is not home to actual sakura trees, the city has its own version of the Japanese cherry blossoms — the trumpet flowers. Also known as “Singapore’s cherry blossoms”, the trumpet trees belong to the begonia family and grow beautiful pink and white flowers that are shaped like trumpets and grow to about 5 cm. When in full bloom, the fallen flowers form a pretty pastel carpet on the ground!

When is the Sakura season in Singapore?

Top view of Singapore covered in pink trumpet trees.

Typically triggered by heavy rains after hot and dry spells, the wispy trumpet-shaped flowers of the trumpet tree usually flower in March/April and August/September.

These beautiful pink flowers are commonly found across Singapore, some popular photo spots include Bishan Park, East Coast Park, Ulu Pandan Park Connector, and Tiong Bahru Park.

5 Places To See Singapore’s Sakura

Japanese Cemetery Park

Tunnel of pink flowers in the Japanese Cemetery Park

Established in 1891, the Japanese Cemetery Park is the largest Japanese cemetery in Southeast Asia. This sprawling 30,000-square-metre park holds nearly 1,000 graves of Japanese civilians in Singapore and soldiers mostly from the early 20th century, as well as shes of Japanese soldiers, marines, and airmen killed during World War II.

This well-manicured cemetery draws thousands of visitors thanks to its beautiful floral archways lined with gorgeous bougainvilleas — pretty pink flowers that are best known for being reminiscent of the springtime cherry blossoms you might catch in Japan.

Address: 825B Chuan Hoe Ave, Singapore 549854

Gardens by the Bay

Cherry blossoms in Singapore's Gardens by the Bay.

While the dreamy sakura trees are a rarity in the tropics, there’s one place in Singapore where you can marvel at these alluring pink flowers — the Gardens by the Bay. Spanning 110 hectares the gardens host an annual cherry blossom event (March to April), which features gorgeous displays featuring cherry blossoms, peach blossoms, and a myriad of other Japanese-themed decorations including iconic torii gates, marumado (Japanese circular windows) as well as Koinobori (Japanese carp streamers).

Address: 18 Marina Gardens Dr, Singapore 018953

Tiong Bahru Park

Tiong Bahru Park filled with pink trumpet flowers.

Located at the corner of Tiong Bahru Road and Lower Delta Road, Tiong Bahru Park is a haven of tranquillity in Singapore. This green park is sought-after by nature lovers thanks to its lush Therapeutic Garden divided into four zones, Fragrance, Biodiversity, Edibles and Medicinal, and Colours and Textures, filled with a dazzling variety of plants. Tiong Bahru Park is also a great spot to gaze at the beautiful trumpet flowers in Singapore.

Address: 1 Henderson Rd, Singapore 159561

Sengkang Riverside Park

Singapore's beautiful pink trumpet flowers.

Need a breezy escape from Singapore’s bustling streets? Then head over to Sengkang Riverside Park. Known for its rich biodiversity, this lush 21-hectare park is filled with scenic nature trails that lead to manually planted marshes, which are home to a myriad of aquatic plants.

While exploring the lush grounds of Sengkang Riverside Park, visitors will also stumble upon picture-perfect trumpet flowers, as well as a fruit tree trail dotted with 16 different fruit trees!

Address: Anchorvale Street, Singapore 544834

Bishan Park

Singapore's beautiful pink trumpet flowers.

Bishan Park is a quiet pocket of untouched greenery in Singapore. Located in the popular heartland of Bishan, this immense urban park (one of the largest in the city center), treats visitors to a gorgeous landscape filled with unique waterways, pond gardens, and open lawns that are ideal for a scenic picnic. This 62-hectare park is also home to a wide array of interesting fauna and flora, including the famous trumpet flower trees!


Where can I see sakura in Singapore?

The best places to see Singapore’s sakura flowers are:

  • Japanese Cemetery Park;
  • Gardens by the Bay;
  • Tiong Bahru Park;
  • Sengkang Riverside Park;
  • Bishan Park.

Are there sakura trees in Singapore?

While Singapore is not home to actual sakura trees, the city has its own version of the Japanese cherry blossoms — the trumpet flowers.

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