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How To Take the Best Photos for Your Listing

How To Take the Best Photos for Your Listing

Hacks & Tips 3 MINS READ
A woman photographing a bedroom with a professional camera.

We’ve said it before and will say it again: attracting potential guests to your listing is all about visualization and imagination. Both of these elements join forces when it comes to the photos you add to your listing, paving the way for a guest to visualize themselves in your space and imagine what it would feel like to be there. 

The easiest way to convert a potential guest into a confirmed guest is with fantastic property imagery — here’s how to do it right!

Make Them Captivating, Yet Realistic 

A woman taking a picture of her living room with her smartphone.

You want to give guests a realistic representation of what your space will look and feel like upon arrival, but you also want your imagery to be eye-catching and memorable. Bright, high-quality imagery will always catch the eye on mobile and desktop browsing. Follow these simple steps to generate really competitive listing photography:

  • Only photograph your space when it is clean and neat, exactly as it would be for a guest at check-in. 
  • Photograph your space in daylight hours, never at night! Guests want to see what the property will be like in natural light. 
  • Show both the inside and the outside of your property, as well as a few photos of the street outside and the neighborhood surrounding your property — this gives a fuller picture of what a guest can expect. 
  • Always photograph your property in landscape format, never portrait. 
  • Only upload high-res photographs to your listing. A resolution of 1024px x 683px is recommended. 
  • The more, the merrier! Guests have shown to have less trust in listings with less than 12 photographs and are more likely to book properties with 20 or more photographs. 

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Do I need to hire a professional photographer to shoot my property?

This is left to your personal discretion. While professional photography is by no means a prerequisite, it can absolutely add value to the way your listing is perceived by guests around the world. For the most part, however, basic cellphone imagery is sufficient provided adequate lighting/sunlight is present.

Can I edit my photos before I upload them to CuddlyNest?

Absolutely, Nesters are welcome to improve the overall quality of their photos. It can be very beneficial to up the brightness or color balance the images before adding them to your listing.

I have existing photographs of my property from previously listing it on alternative platforms. Can I use these on CuddlyNest?

Of course, if you have existing photographs, that’s great! Go ahead and add them to your CuddlyNest listing, provided that your property still looks as it did back when those images were taken. If you’ve since made drastic changes to the interior or had any renovations done, we’d recommend a fresh set of images so as not to mislead potential guests.

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