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Now is the Perfect Time to Take an Online Course

Now is the Perfect Time to Take an Online Course

Hacks & Tips 3 MINS READ
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Are you currently sitting at home binging a show on Netflix? Writing down a list of all the things you would like to do during your quarantine? Deciding between reading a book or listening to a podcast series? If you’re like us, you’re doing all the above, as well as taking an online course to further your knowledge and education.

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With dozens of websites and online platforms to choose from, the internet has made it very accessible to take our learning to the next level. And most importantly, to have fun doing so.

Still unsure if taking a course is right for you? Check out some of the benefits here:

Career Progress: Master Your Craft

Nowadays, many businesses and organizations encourage their employees to enroll in online classes or courses to help strengthen their skills and job performance. As technology and new developments are constantly on the rise it is important to stay up to date and learn how to implement new strategies and advances into your work ethic.

Edgar Dale developed one of the most prominent theories related to design and learning. His theory named the Cone of Learning, states that learners retain more information by what they do, more than by what they read or hear. Thus by taking a course, it is vital to then teach the knowledge you have learned to truly absorb the information. Once an employee is able to share and teach what they have learned, both they and the organization benefit.

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Mental Health: Begin Your Personal Growth Journey

Under stressful times, it is easy to become anxious or let worry and stress shadow goals and aspirations. Taking an online course allows one to develop healthy habits that you can continue to grow even after finishing the class.

  1. Exercise your brain – setting aside time to stimulate your brain activity will help you learn time management and focus.
  2. Develop a new skill – by giving yourself new goals to achieve, you are allowing yourself to feel accomplishment and add a new skill to your resume. When you practice a skill, cognitive or physical, your brain creates neuron connections that allow it to understand that it is taking in new information.
  3. Step outside of your comfort zone – don’t let your personal doubts hold you back any longer and embark on a new journey of personal growth. There are hundreds of courses that will show you how to build yourself up in new ways.

Flexibility: Set Your Own Pace

One of the big benefits of taking an online course? You can do it from anywhere, at any time, and at your own pace. There are many courses built to track your progression and teach you in the way you want to be taught.

Whether you are learning how to make spreadsheets and graphs, a new language, or how to become the chef you have dreamt of being, take advantage of the flexibility to become a master.

No matter where you are in the world now is the best time to sit down, focus, and begin a new adventure in online learning.

Interested in some of the courses our team at CuddlyNest are taking?


Igor, Brand Communications Manager:

When he’s not spending his time creating something delicious in the kitchen Igor can be found brushing up on his French using Duolingo and learning about Communication Science on Coursera


Hana, Account Manager and Marketing Specialist:

With her background in Tourism Marketing, Hana is all about furthering her online learning and staying up to date with trends. She is taking advantage of her time by taking the Coursera online course: SEO Fundamentals.  


Jessica, PR, and Social Media Manager:

Jessica has a passion for culture and connecting people. She is taking advantage of her time at home by learning how to be a life coach on Udemy. Jessica is also advancing her SEO and social media skills on Coursera.

We hope you find the perfect online course to take. Let us know which you choose and we can make even more recommendations.

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