Don’t Want to Settle on Airbnb? 7 Other Short Time Rental Hosting Options

Have repercussions about using Airbnb? Want to shop around for competitive prices? We don’t blame you. Airbnb isn’t for everyone, and thank goodness they don’t have a monopoly on the short term rental market!

We’ve compiled a list of seven other vacation rental sites that you can use or compare to Airbnb prices in the same area. You’re likely to find something even better!


When you’re booking your next vacation, do not hesitate to consider CuddlyNest as your first option.
Unlike other discount rental services, CuddlyNest offers great deals to both rental owners and guests by offering way more options than all other vacation rental platforms that would save everyone more money and ensure a great experience to all parties. Property owners or managers who posts on CuddlyNest are verified and the services are easy to use and convenient for everyone, with rental locations spanning the globe. Hosts can list all their properties without any fees, and guests are always happy not to find any surprising booking fees on checkout. The booking fee is a pre-set, fixed, and flat one. It can be split or totally absorbed by the host if desired.


HomeSuite matches up property owners with guests who want to rent a home or apartment for at least 30 days and up to an entire year. This may be the service for you if you plan on staying somewhere for a while, but not for forever (an extended business trip, studying abroad, etc).


You may recognize this service as belonging to vacation and travel site TripAdvisor. FlipKey allows rental property owners to post entire vacation homes or even just single rooms available to rent for guests to book. FlipKey verifies every property owner or manager who posts on their site.


Another site owned by a travel-based business (though this time we’re talking about Expedia), HomeAway currently offers rental listings in many countries. HomeAway requires a subscription fee for the first and each listing that follows. Hosts can end up paying a lot of money to list their properties, especially if they wish list multiple ones.



Tripping is another abnormal addition to the list. Unlike the other sites that offer short term rentals directly, Tripping is akin to Trivago in that it compiles short term listings and compares them.



This is another very standard short term rental site. Roomorama currently works with managed properties around the world with a focus on short term accommodations. All hosts are verified similar to other platforms in the industry.



Finally, Onefinestay is a more specific type of short term rental site. The business focuses on high end properties in major cities — London, NYC, Paris and Rome to name a few. Their selection is exactly that: selective. Onefinestay is the perfect service for clients who want a luxury experience that comes with a high price tag as well.


No matter what your tastes or desires may be, we feel we’ve offered you up a list with something that’s available to meet your needs. Which short term rental site works the best for you?

The 4 Best Family-Friendly Vacation Spots in Orlando

Single people and couples are free to take vacations, sure. However, most of the time when you’re talking about a “vacation,” you’re speaking to a family-friendly experience. Even if mom and dad want to go make their own fun for a little while, it’s always a good idea to look out for attractions the kiddos will enjoy.

Orlando makes that job pretty easy. In fact, there may be no better place in the United States for a family-centered vacation than Orlando, Florida. There are numerous different sites to see and places to visit, but we’ve picked four that we think are the cream of the crop.

Walt Disney World

While perhaps being the most obvious addition to this list, it feels criminal to talk about family vacation hotspots in Orlando without mentioning Walt Disney World. The best thing about Walt Disney World is that it’s not just an attractive vacation destination for kids. Adults can also enjoy the thrilling rides and luxury restaurants found in and around Disney World on their own time. If you really want a magical Disney experience, visit during a holiday season, like during Christmas time or on Halloween.

Universal’s Islands of Adventure

Like Disney World, Universal’s Islands of Adventure’s biggest draw is its variety. There are activities that are obviously for the younger crowd, like their frequent storybook shows and If I Ran the Zoo, but many attractions skew older. Teens and parents can enjoy their themed worlds, like Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey, together, and the theme park features thrilling roller coasters that may not be suitable for children under 10. It’s the perfect addition to any vacation if you’re traveling with older children who may be “too grown up” for Disney World festivities.


Epcot is technically part of Walt Disney World Resort, but it’s different enough that it deserves its own addition to this list. Epcot is the type of amusement park where you learn and explore while having fun. It’s famous for its international and multicultural themes, replication various settings within the park. Epcot even goes a step further by creating Future World, an attraction set that allows children to explore various aspects of the world around them — the Earth’s core, space, etc. You’ll have so much fun at Epcot you’ll forget you’re actually learning something!

Discovery Cove

Finally, Discovery Cove is one of the most inclusive and well-regarded water-based theme parks in the world. If you really want to give your children amazing memories they’ll have forever, Discovery Cove allows children to swim with real life dolphins (as long as they’re over the age of six). Other incredible features include a lazy river for relaxing in the pool, hand-feeding exotic birds and snorkeling with incredible fish and rays.

Orlando is an incredible place to vacation, but don’t forget to focus spending your money on incredible vacation opportunities — not on expensive hotel rooms. Book a short term rental with CuddlyNest and put more cash towards incredible experiences.

4 Strange Attractions to Check Out in Orlando

What’s the point of going on vacation if you aren’t looking to experience something new? If you’re in the market for a memorable vacation, we’ve got a few suggestions for you.

Orlando is an incredible city within the culturally interesting state of Florida. CuddlyNest can set you up with the best vacation rentals in Orlando. Browse through our discount rentals and decide which is the best option for you.

Once you’re settled in, we’ve found five different attractions that may pique your interest if you’re looking to have a truly unique vacation experience.


There’s something especially Floridian about an amusement park focusing exclusively on alligators. The state is something of a joke in how it’s filled with bizarre crimes and dangerous animals, and the theme park Gatorland has totally embraced the latter stereotype.

Upon arriving at Gatorland through the park’s alligator mouth-shaped entrance, park goers can view alligators in their natural habitat, travel on the Screaming’ Gator Zipline or even watch an alligator wrestling session — when the sport is in season, of course. If all else fails, at least you’ll be able to pet a baby alligator.


Famous for being a building built upside down, Wonderworks is touted as an “amusement park for the mind.” Half-amusement park, half-museum, this strange place focuses on interactive and engaging exhibits that are meant to spark critical and creative thinking skills. Curious about the types of exhibits? Examples include lying on a bed of 3500 nails, climbing into a replica space capsule and experiencing 71 MPH hurricane winds.

Not too keen on vacationing in Orlando? Wonderworks has since built other locations in other major cities, though the Orlando location is the original. You can still visit Wonderworks if you happen to book a CuddlyNest vacation rental in Syracuse, New York or Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

Carmine Oddities Boutique

No vacation is complete without a few souvenirs. Why not bring something back home that you truly couldn’t get anywhere but Orlando?

When you first enter Carmine Oddities Boutique, you’re likely to be greeted by a taxidermy goat in period clothing, sitting cross-legged on the floor. This is a common theme within the small North Orlando boutique. If you aren’t looking to take home something this bizarre, feel free to look through their collection of weird antiques, fake eyes, medical oddities and unsettling furniture.

Even if you don’t buy anything at Carmine, it’s definitely worth looking around.

River Country

Fans of weird online stories and ghostly tales will find something interesting in River Country. Once part of Disney World as its first waterpark attraction, River Country is now completely abandoned and decrepit.

There are actually groups of people who make a hobby of exploring abandoned amusement parks, and River Country is one of the most well known. The park is very dilapidated and rotting, and the land boundaries have begun to blur with local swamps. Disney isn’t happy when tourists try to sneak in, but even driving around the outskirts is something to see.

Do you live in Orlando or have you been before? Tell us about other off the beaten path destinations in this amazing city!

4 Romantic Getaways to Experience During Your Next Orlando Vacation

Even if you’re vacationing with family, you and your partner deserve to have your own romantic alone time. A vacation isn’t really a vacation unless everyone gets to relax in ways that they want. Whether you’re a lone couple going on a romantic getaway, or parents looking for an escape from young children, Orlando has something to offer you.

For this list of romantic Orlando getaways, we’ve excluded hotels and resorts. These are all locations easily accessible from your cozy CuddlyNest vacation rental property!

Lake Eola Park

Have you ever seen those cliche date scenes were a couple is pressed shoulder to shoulder inside of a swan-shaped boat? This is something of an iconic cliche, but not every park offers this kind of service to young lovers — Lake Eola Park, however, does.

This picturesque park isn’t out of the way, as it’s located in downtown Orlando. It’s easy to get to and, despite being in the middle of the city, charming and fully of nature. Couples can rent swan boats they can pedal across the small lake. It’s a great little getaway if you like the simple things in life and want some cheap, quality alone time.

Hannibal Square

Orlando’s famous Park Avenue was another potential addition to this list, but we opted for something a little more “off the beaten path.” Hannibal Square is the low key version of Park Avenue you can feel hip about knowing about.

Located on England Avenue, Hannibal Square’s seclusion actually makes it more fit for date night as compared to the hustle and bustle of Park Avenue. The square is home to multiple restaurants, like Hannibal’s on the Square, famous for its amazing chocolate souffle. You’ll also find shops and other points of interest, all while avoiding Park Avenue crowds.

Eden Bar

Maybe your idea of a date is more akin to dinner and a movie…but why not indulge yourself with both at once? Again, you want an experience that’s unique and special. Skip out on IMAX or a mainstream theater and instead check out the Eden Bar inside of Enzian Theater.

Known as being Orlando’s indie cinema hub, Enzian Theater’s Eden Bar is an outdoor movie-viewing experience that you enjoy around patio tables with delicious food and incredible cocktails. You’re sure to find a great movie there that no one back home has even heard of.

The Orlando Eye

Finally, round out your romantic itinerary with something breathtaking. The Orlando Eye is a 400 foot observation wheel that gives climbers an incredible panoramic view of Orlando and the surrounding Floridian skyline. The Orlando Eye is a popular tourist destination, unlike other list items, so be prepared to fight other traveler for space. Also, The Orlando Eye isn’t recommended for those afraid of heights!

Want the most romantic experience? Buy a VIP package that includes a 30 minute flight around the eye at sunset with champagne and a host. This is the defining romantic experience if you really want to get lost in each other as much as you got lost in Orlando.

Vacation Rental Furnishing Tips for Property Managers on Any Budget

A rental property is something of an asset, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need to market it well in order to sell it to a potential guest. Rental properties require homey touches and furniture that is comfortable for guests, and this should be well photographed for your CuddlyNest listing.

Some property owners and managers have tons of cash to throw around in order to make their rental home look fantastic, while others have a much more limited budget. No matter how much capital you have right now to invest in furnishings for your rental property, we have tips that will work for you.

Price Points

There’s a common misconception in the world of rental properties. “The quality of your furnishings within your rental property will help you dictate your rental price points.” This follows with lines of thought like “Have secondhand, low-quality furniture? Your rental prices should be lower.” “High end furniture denotes a higher end experience, and then your price should be higher.”

On its face this is logical. You don’t want to buy thousands of dollars worth of furniture from high end designers for a small, mid-quality short term rental. The finances don’d add up. However, it is important that you buy as quality as is reasonable. Renters want luxury that they can afford, and successful property owners and managers find ways to give it to them.

As an added note, try to plan out a certain design scheme for the overall home or each room before you go shopping. This makes it easier to ensure you get as many items as you need and they all compliment each other cohesively. If possible, write down specific designers you’re looking for, not just vague themes or design styles.

Where to Look?

Your first goal should be to find as expensive of furniture as possible at the cheapest possible price. This often means straying away from the source seller and getting a little creative:

Your first stop should always be Craig’s List. Gently used furniture there goes at pretty cheap prices because most sellers are looking to move items quickly. These great deals often come with a few cons, however. You’ll typically need to be able to haul the item yourself, and it’s important you think wisely about any deals so you avoid major scams.

As a bonus tip, try to search the Craig’s Lists in high end areas. It stands to reason they’d be getting rid of the good stuff!

It may also be worth it to check out certain outlet venues that offer high end merchandise at discounted prices because it’s overstock, sample or a floor model. Be wary — many outlets aren’t true discount dealers. Do your research on the actual retail price before purchasing. Consignment shops are also a good idea, as they typically take in furniture of a certain high standard with the intention of selling it at a discounted price.

Estate sales are also a good bet for great deals. They make markup their prices slightly, but they can also be a good place to find items that mesh cohesively. It’s also possible to buy items in a lot, conveniently allowing a buyer to purchase items at a reduced, packaged price.

Finally, don’t count out eBay. The best thing about this online auction house? It’s got a ton of stuff; essentially anything you want exists on eBay. The only con is that some items do come with a heftier price tag.

We’ve now educated you on how to find incredible furniture for your vacation rental. Go out there and make it look great!

Vacationing in Orlando? Try These 5 Famous Local Eateries

One of the best parts of staying in a CuddlyNest vacation rental is you get to make your own food. Some feel like this is a chore — isn’t the great thing about a hotel the room service? However, operating within your own kitchen (even if you’re only renting it) means the world is your oyster.

Besides, why limit yourself to the room service options in a hotel in Orlando when the food the city has to offer you is so amazing? A hotel might be able to offer you delicious shrimp, but can they give you Asian street food or cheesecake that’s to die for?

If you’re vacationing in Orlando, make sure to check out these five incredible eateries.

Hawkers Asian Street Fare

Let’s start with something eclectic. Hawkers Asian Street Fare combines different types of Asian cuisine into one restaurant with a focus on fast eating, street styles and extreme flavor. They carry foods that are sure to satisfy any palate, from typical Chinese dishes to more obscure Malaysian samplings. Hawkers Asian Street Fare is a great restaurant for vegetarians and vegans because of their expansive options — unlike many restaurants that only have one or two choices, a vegetarian or vegan can eat like a king here!

Better Than Sex

Due to this bar’s lewd name, it’s definitely not a place for children. However, don’t mistake it for a nightclub or adult entertainment — it’s a bar dedicated entirely to desserts. Most menu items feature tongue-in-cheek names that aren’t kid-friendly, but anyone with a sweet tooth can appreciate their decadent quality. Alcoholic drinks are also available and this is a great spot for couples looking for a fun vacation getaway.

Hot Krust Panini Kitchen

Treat yourself to something fresh and original. Hot Krust Panini Kitchen serves up the titular sandwich in inventive ways that are as fresh as their ingredient quality. This may not be the most health conscious eatery, with sandwiches containing fatty steaks and BBQ sauces, but it’s certainly one worth visiting anyway. You’ll also be treated to fresh juices, baked fries and flavourful dressings and sauces.

Chatham’s Place

Time to get pricey. Many vacation-goers want food that’s a little more luxurious than what they’re used to, and Chatham’s Place delivers exactly that. Their menu features a variety of cuisine (French, American and Italian) while also providing vegetarian and gluten-free options. Chatham’s Place is famous for one dish — their rack of lamb. The atmosphere is also posh, with an extensive wine list and singers featured most evenings.

Victoria & Albert’s

Finally, an even more upscale dining establishment is the well-known Victoria & Albert’s. This French-American restaurant costs quite the pretty penny, but the atmosphere and quality more than make up for the cost. The menu includes obvious luxurious like Kobe beef, caviar and quail. A harpist compliments your meal and don’t forget the amazing bread!

The only catch? This restaurant is exclusively part of the Walt Disney World Resort, so if you’re going for Disney World, make sure you stop in here!