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Exploring The Master Plan Of Al Widyan Project

Exploring The Master Plan Of Al Widyan Project

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Al Widyan is a pioneering real estate development project bringing all modern living features to Riyadh in an integrated, self-contained, multi-purpose city.

Situated in the north of Riyadh, this ambitious project is poised to become a beacon of progress in the region and beyond.

It features several iconic initiatives, including but not limited to the largest theme park and a very unique aqua park. In addition, the development has corporate, cultural, and other amenities, as well as residential and commercial spaces.

Quick Overview Of The Al Widyan Project, Saudi Arabia

  • Al Widyan Project Riyadh Structure
  • Sustainable Living
  • Smart Infrastructure

Al Widyan Project Riyadh Structure

Photo Credit: Fact Riyadh

Al Widyan is a fully integrated recreational and mixed-use development built on well-being and high quality of life. The city establishes a new paradigm for community living in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, shaped by the spirit of national development and the abilities of inspired young Saudis.

Its strategic location in the northern part of Riyadh has an area of 7 million square meters. This project is a prime position that provides quick access to King Khaled International Airport and simple connectivity. The city core is only a short drive away. Situated close to important monuments and significant transportation links, it is an excellent place for locals, tourists, and companies alike to visit.

Al Widyan Co, a joint stock company owned by Al Akaria Saudi Real Estate Co, is the first to integrate Vision 2030’s transformative principles with wellness in the built environment, making it a significant development in Saudi Arabia. The city is centered around a vast network of interconnected Wadi Parks, which surround walkable and connected areas with entertainment venues, shops, medical and educational facilities, residences, and offices. Moreover, once finished, the area will offer its members an excellent quality of life and the perfect work/life balance.

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Sustainable Living

Sustainable Living
Photo Credit: Al Widyan /LinkedIn

The project prioritizes sustainability, demonstrating Saudi Arabia’s dedication to environmental care. As part of the new smart city’s master design, walkways, parking lots, public areas, and playgrounds will have more cover and shade, which will help with the sun’s yearly movement.

The development integrates state-of-the-art technologies with creative design ideas to maximize resource usage, limit energy consumption, and lower carbon footprint.

This project has been carefully created to promote long-term sustainability, from water-saving techniques to renewable energy sources. Moreover, 35% less water and 40% less energy were used while consuming sustainably. Noise pollution will be minimized by carefully planning the traffic and road layout.

Ahmed, a Real Estate Developer, says, “What impresses me the most is the meticulous attention to detail and the commitment to sustainability. The project’s innovative design and forward-thinking approach make it a unique investment opportunity.”

Smart Infrastructure

Smart Infrastructure
Photo Credit: Masco

Digital master plans for smart cities usually include various smoothly integrated services for companies, citizens, and tourists. These services include building and utility management, traffic and mobility solutions, city management systems, shared data, and other services on a platform that spans the entire community.

Additionally, the project is a contemporary urban oasis that embraces the idea of smart cities, using cutting-edge technology to improve connectivity, convenience, and efficiency. The development fabric is seamlessly connected with smart infrastructure, such as integrated communication networks, intelligent transportation systems, and high-speed internet, providing residents unparalleled access to amenities and services.


What is the largest project in Saudi Arabia?

NEOM is the largest project in Saudi Arabia and is a futuristic city on the Red Sea coast.

What is the new project in Riyadh?

The new project is Murabba, which aims to transform Riyadh by creating a new city district as a portal to another realm.

What are the mega projects in Saudi Arabia?

The following are mega projects in Saudi Arabia:



Red Sea Project

Qiddiya Entertainment City


King Abdullah Financial District

Jeddah Tower

Riyadh Metro Project

The Amaala

Triple Bay Marina

King Salman Park

Green Riyadh

The line Saudi Arabia

Al faisaliyah center

King Abdulaziz International Airport

AlUla, World’s largest living museum

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