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Red Sea Project in Saudi Arabia, Middle East: What You Need To Know

Red Sea Project in Saudi Arabia, Middle East: What You Need To Know

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Saudi Arabia demonstrates its commitment to environmental conservation and sustainable development through its innovative Red Sea Project.

The project stands as a beacon of innovation, offering a harmonious blend of luxury, conservation, and cultural enrichment against the backdrop of the stunning Red Sea coast. The 28,000 square-kilometer paradise on Saudi Arabia’s west coast features over 90 untouched islands, lovely beaches, and natural wonders like dormant volcanoes, desert dunes, and mountain canyons.

Coral and marine life flourish in the Red Sea like nowhere else. It is also home to the fourth-largest barrier reef in the world. The Red Sea offers everything from globally renowned luxuries to simple natural beauty.

Would you like to get more details about this project? Learn how uncovering incredible natural resources and providing unrivaled thrilling experiences enables Vision 2030 to shape the future of the Kingdom’s travel and tourism industry.

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What Is The Red Sea Project?

What Is The Red Sea Project?
Photo Credit: Red Sea Global

The Red Sea plan in Saudi Arabia is a brand-new tourism destination being built between the cities of Umluj and Al Wajh and along the country’s western coast. This site was picked because of its closeness to the infamous Red Sea, home to more than 90 pristine islands that have never seen people living there, and the fourth-largest barrier reef in the world.

The area around the project is home to many perplexing landscapes, such as dormant volcanoes, mountain canyons, and endless deserts interspersed with ancient cultural monuments. The project’s design also considered sustainability and the environment, drawing on various environmental research to inform the community’s objectives.

Additionally, discover the rich cultural past and plenty of historical and cultural attractions that make the Red Sea more than just a beautiful tourist destination. When its doors opened in 2023, the first guests were welcomed to enjoy everything this exceptional location offers. When the destination is finished in 2030, it will include 1,000 residential units and 8,000 rooms spread among 50 hotels.

Redefining Sustainable Development

Redefining Sustainable Development
Photo Credit: Design Boom

In an era where environmental conservation and responsible tourism are increasingly crucial, the Red Sea plan in Saudi Arabia emerges as a trailblazing model of sustainable development. The master plan focuses on long-term sustainability and enhancing Saudi Arabia’s hospitality experiences. However, the strategy aims to preserve and improve marine and terrestrial habitats, infrastructure, architecture, landscape, and guest experience, setting ambitious standards for sustainable development.

  • At the heart of its mission lies a meticulous conservation strategy to safeguard the fragile ecosystems that call the Red Sea coastline home. The plan prioritizes limiting development to sensitive lagoon areas, protecting coral reefs, seagrass meadows, mangrove forests, and nesting habitats for preserving marine and avian species.
  • The project protects natural ecosystems and implements innovative infrastructural solutions that reduce environmental impact and enhance resource efficiency to build a sustainable tourism destination. From potable water generation to waste management, the project’s infrastructure is designed to uphold principles of sustainability while meeting the needs of visitors and residents alike.
  • Red Sea Project in Saudi Arabia extends its vision beyond environmental sustainability to embrace the concept of smart cities. However, the master plan focuses on a smart infrastructure framework for telecommunications, transit, and other urban services, aiming to enhance the quality of life for residents and visitors.

An environmentalist, Layla, says, “The project sets a new standard for responsible tourism development from renewable energy initiatives to innovative waste management practices. I am inspired by their dedication to preserving the natural beauty of the Red Sea for future generations and look forward to supporting their efforts in any way I can.”

Delivering Unlimited Experiences for the Long Term

Delivering Unlimited Experiences for the Long Term
Photo Credit: Red Sea Global

The Red Sea Project presents a unified approach to provide a limitless array of experiences at a remarkable size in one location, ensuring people will return for generations.

The plan outlines a new town, an international airport, and more than 50 new hotels for the 35,000 people living and working in the development. It also offers a roadmap for the area’s short- and long-term prosperity.

More importantly, the master plan establishes natural preserves that support the survival of delicate marine and terrestrial ecosystems while prioritizing environmental effects. Moreover, the Red Sea Project fosters a sustainable future by integrating economic growth and environmental stewardship, preserving a unique landscape for future generations.

The project propels the nation to fulfill its 2030 Vision and establishes a new benchmark for worldwide luxury travel and resort destinations.

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How long will it take to build NEOM city?

Neom has set ambitious goals for itself, with most of the project expected to be completed by 2030

What are the mega projects in Saudi?

The following are mega projects in Saudi Arabia:


The Red Sea Project

Qiddiya Entertainment City


King Abdullah Financial District

Jeddah Tower

Riyadh Metro Project

The Amaala

Triple Bay Marina

King Salman Park

Green Riyadh

The line Saudi Arabia

Al faisaliyah center

King Abdulaziz International Airport

AlUla, World’s largest living museum

What is Xaynor?

Nestled among rocky landscapes on the stunning Gulf of Aqaba shoreline is Xaynor, a private members club.

What is the Red Sea Project’s goal?

The Red Sea Project aims to make Saudi Arabia more attractive to international travelers.

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