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The Best Restaurants In Riyadh: A Food Lover’s Guide

The Best Restaurants In Riyadh: A Food Lover’s Guide

Cuisine Crawl 7 MINS READ
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The city of Riyadh is packed with unique cultural attractions, breathtaking natural sights, top-notch fine-dining restaurants, and significant business centers. You’ll find all kinds of restaurants in Riyadh, from high-end fine dining to casual cafes and small restaurants celebrating the unique Saudi cuisine.

There is no shortage of international cuisines here either, with some of the best restaurants in Riyadh boasting global presence and acclaim. This city is one of the most popular culinary destinations in the Middle East. Here is our list of the ten best restaurants in Riyadh!

The 10 Best Restaurants In Riyadh


Restaurants in Riyadh - azure riyadh
Image Credit: Azure, Hyatt Regency Olaya Riyadh
📌 AddressHyatt Regency, Olaya St, Al Olaya, Riyadh 11433. Get Directions
⏰ Opening HoursMon-Sun: 6:30 PM – 11 PM
🤤 Must-TrySeafood paella

Azure is a Spanish restaurant in the Hyatt Regency Olaya Riyadh Hotel and is known to be one of the best restaurants in Riyadh. This restaurant may be fine dining but it celebrates home-style southern Spanish cooking accompanied by breathtaking views of the city.

Embark on a true culinary journey that chef Ramon Cantos takes you on with their famous seafood paella, beef stew, calamari, and several other such delicious dishes. We highly recommend visiting this restaurant in Al Olaya.


Restaurants in Riyadh - beefbar riyadh
Image Credit: What’s On Saudi Arabia, Beefbar, Riyadh
📌 Address8712 Prince Abdulaziz Ibn Musaid Ibn Jalawi St، 4237, Riyadh 12223. Get Directions
⏰ Opening HoursSat-Wed: 1 PM – 12 AM | Thu & Fri: 1 PM – 12:30 AM
🤤 Must-TryCroque Sando sandwich

Beefbar is an absolute must-visit on any steak lover’s list of the best restaurants in Riyadh. Originating in Monte Carlo, Beefbar serves up some of the best cuts of beef you’ll ever taste, accompanied by a stunning atmosphere with aesthetically pleasing design and interiors.

BeefBar provides something along the lines of a casual fine dining experience, with the luxury of premium food and impeccable staff service, but without the pretentiousness of luxury dining. This steakhouse is about one thing only – good steak!

Al Orjouan

Restaurants in Riyadh - al orjouan riyadh
Image Credit: Al Orjouan, Ritz Carlton, Riyadh
📌 AddressMakkah Al Mukarramah Road, Al Hada Area, Riyadh 11493. Get Directions
⏰ Opening HoursMon-Thu, Sun: 6:30 AM-11 AM, 6:30 PM-12 AM
Fri: 6:30 AM-11 AM, 12:30 PM-5 PM
Sat: 6:30 AM-11 AM
🤤 Must-TryMini cocotte with truffle scrambled eggs

Al Orjouan is located in the luxurious 5-star hotel Ritz Carlton in Riyadh and has a world of splendor and charm, providing a fine dining experience like no other.

It’s not often that you would find luxury buffets at which every dish is delicious, but Al Orjouan aces that by offering one of the largest buffets in Riyadh centered around both Middle Eastern and international cuisines.

Their Friday Brunch is note-worthy and they also usually have several themed nights such as their seafood nights on Wednesdays. The Chef’s Brunch is highly recommended here where the restaurant has different stations for different parts of the world, in which specialty chefs renowned for these cuisines would cook and serve you food.

Yauatcha Riyadh

Restaurants in Riyadh - yauatcha riyadh
Image Credit: Yauatcha Riyadh
📌 AddressPrince Sultan Bin Abdulaziz Rd, Al Olaya, Riyadh 12212. Get Directions
⏰ Opening HoursSat-Thu: 12 PM – 11:45 PM | Fri: 1 PM – 11:45 PM
🤤 Must-TryScallop Shui Mai

We’re all aware of the famous luxury dim-sum restaurant Hakkasan, which even has a branch at Atlantis The Palm in Dubai. Yauatcha is the less high-end version of Hakkasan, from the Hakkasan group itself. Thoroughly enjoy delectable authentic Chinese dishes from the best Cheung Fun, noodles, and baos to the highest quality dim sums in the city.

You’ll find this restaurant on Olaya Street, where all the popular restaurants in Riyadh hail from. We also recommend trying their meat dishes such as tiger prawns and wagyu beef, while sipping a specialty mocktail. Don’t miss out on their curated desserts, either.

Najd Village

Restaurants in Riyadh - najd village riyadh
Image Credit: Eat App, Najd Village, Riyadh
📌 AddressAl-Takhasosi Street, Al Olaya, Riyadh 12331. Get Directions
⏰ Opening Hours12 PM – 12:30 AM | Fri: 1 PM – 12:30 AM
🤤 Must-TryMuqalqal, marqooq, and kabsa

You can’t leave Riyadh without experiencing traditional Saudi food that’s steeped in the rich history of the country. Najd Village is a huge restaurant, part of a chain along the Middle East, that offers just that.

Located in a huge heritage building with historic charm and traditional seating arrangements, Najd Village serves hearty Saudi food that is delicious and authentic, so it’s no wonder that it’s known to be one of the best restaurants in Riyadh.

Enjoy the rustic ambiance and closely observe the traditional objects placed in and around the restaurant in a museum-like fashion. You’ll find a variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian options on the menu.


Restaurants in Riyadh - yokari riyadh
Image Credit: OpenTable, Yokari Riyadh
📌 AddressOlaya St, Al Olaya, Riyadh 12241. Get Directions
⏰ Opening Hours1 PM – 11:30 PM, daily
🤤 Must-TryGrilled jumbo prawn with yuzu citrus sauce

Yokari is a Japanese restaurant located in Centria Mall and serves up a fusion of traditional and modern Japanese dishes. Yokari provides a gourmet style of Japanese dining and is on the pricey side, but for those looking for a masterful Japanese culinary journey, it’s perfect.

Crispy rice cakes with seared wagyu and gold leaf, the best gyozas, maki rolls, and tempura dishes are the highlights of their menu but there’s so much more to try out, too. Yokari is renowned for being one of the most raved-about Japanese restaurants in Riyadh.


Restaurants in Riyadh - lusin riyadh
Image Credit: Lusin, Riyadh
📌 AddressPrince Muhammad Ibn Abd Al Aziz، Centria Mall Olaya Street. Get Directions
⏰ Opening HoursMon-Sun: 12 PM – 1 AM
🤤 Must-TryTabbouleh, kabab, and saborak

Lusin is a famous Armenian restaurant with two branches in Riyadh and other branches around the world and is also located at the luxurious Centria Mall. ‘Lusin’ translates to ‘moon’ in Armenian and it has brought to light a rich cuisine that is lesser known amongst most people.

Lusin serves hot and cold mezze, grilled meats, and traditional Armenian recipes that are sure to leave you feeling warm and comforted. The ambiance is luxurious, yet homely, and the decor is accentuated by the soothing sounds of a duduk, which is an Armenian woodwind instrument.

This is one of the must-visit restaurants in Riyadh, offering a diverse selection of cultural dishes that you probably wouldn’t have tried before.

L’Entrecote Café de Paris

Restaurants in Riyadh - l'entrecote cafe de paris riyadh
Image Credit: L’Entrecote Café de Paris, Riyadh
📌 AddressKing Fahd Branch Rd, Al Faisaliah Tower, Riyadh. Get Directions
⏰ Opening HoursMon-Thu: 1 PM – 12:30 AM | Fri & Sat: 2 PM – 1:15 AM
🤤 Must-TryStriploin Filet and Striploin Wagyu Steak with their secret sauce

L’Entrecote Café de Paris is located on the 21st floor of the Al Faisaliah Tower and has a rich history that goes back as long ago as 1930 when the famed Café de Paris secret sauce was formulated in Switzerland. To this day, the sauce is an extremely well-kept secret.

Café de Paris follows a Single Menu concept in which it serves up only one main – a side salad with a 200 gm Entrecôte steak of your choice (striploin, tenderloin, or Wagyu striploin) served with the secret sauce and chips.

Many establishments have tried to imitate the sauce but none have come close. Their single-dish menu has also been a cause for their worldwide fame, and you absolutely must try this delightful meal.


Restaurants in Riyadh - maiz restaurant riyadh
Image Credit: Maiz Riyadh
📌 AddressAl Bujairi, Diriyah 13711. Get Directions
⏰ Opening HoursSun-Wed: 10 AM – 12 AM | Thu-Sat: 10 AM – 1 AM
🤤 Must-TryMaqushoosh and Gours Ogaili

Located on the Bujairi Terrace and one of the top restaurants in Riyadh, Maiz is an amazing Saudi fine-dining establishment with a luxury feel like no other. You’ll be welcomed by the grandeur of its interiors and breathtaking chandeliers. The food here can be described as traditional Saudi food with a modern twist.

The Bujairi Terrace is nestled in the Diriyah district, which is a must-visit in Riyadh, and this visit would be complete with the traditional food at Maiz. From the Meat Sambosa to the Eggplant Salad and the Mandi Lamb, Maiz has several dishes for everyone, offering different tastes for all palettes.

Wildfire Brazilian Steakhouse

Restaurants in Riyadh - wildfire restaurant riyadh
Image Credit: Wildfire, Crowne Plaza RDC Hotel, Riyadh
📌 AddressRDC Hotel & Convention، Crowne Plaza, Riyadh. Get Directions
⏰ Opening HoursSun-Thu: 12:30 PM – 3:30 PM, 6 PM – 12 AM | Fri & Sat: 2 PM – 12 AM
🤤 Must-TryPicanha and the Ribeye

The Wildfire Brazilian Steakhouse is located in the Crowne Plaza RDC Hotel and offers an experience of churrasco-style cuisine. The interiors are plush and classy with an air of elegance, featuring dark tones. The kitchen is a glass kitchen and you can watch the chefs grilling your favorite meats.

Unlike a traditional a-la-carte concept, Wildfire only offers an all-you-can-eat experience of 14 different types of meat including poultry and seafood. Meat carvers will arrive at your table and slice the meats directly onto your plates from their skewers until you flip the card you’re given from ‘green’ to ‘red’ indicating that you’re full. If you love meat, you would absolutely love Wildfire!

Top Attractions In Riyadh Top Attractions In Riyadh

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the must-try dishes of Riyadh?

Tharid, Harees, Kabsa, Sambosa, Dajaj Mashwi, Ma’amoul, and Gursan are some of the must-try options in Riyadh.

How many restaurants are there in Riyadh?

There are over 3,200 restaurants in Riyadh.

Which street is famous in Riyadh?

Tahlia or Tahliyah Street is a famous street in Riyadh. It is known for being one of the most popular streets to enjoy delicious international cuisines in a variety of restaurants and also has a popular marketplace.

Which is the most luxurious area in Riyadh?

Al-Muhammadiyah is the most luxurious and sought-after area in Riyadh.

Is Riyadh a walkable city?

Riyadh during winter is a very walkable city and is the best way to see the sights of Riyadh. The summers can be a bit too warm to walk around, but the evenings would still bring with them a cool desert breeze.

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