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The Best Things To Do In Capri, Italy

The Best Things To Do In Capri, Italy

Activities & Adventure 4 MINS READ
Capri, Italy

As you drive along Italy’s Amalfi coast, your eyes will undoubtedly wander to the island in the distance – the charming Capri Island. It boasts breathtaking natural wonders, stunning views, wonderful restaurants, several tiny side streets, and twisting little paths that are enjoyable to explore.

It’s astonishing how many fun things there are to do in Capri considering how small the island is. You must witness some of the top attractions like the Blue Grotto, Marina Grande beach, Faro di Punta Carena, Giardini di Augusto, Piazza Umberto, and a tall bronze statue in Chiesa di Santa Maria del Soccorso.

If you’re only visiting Capri for a day, you might wish you had more time left! To plan your trip properly, take a look at our curated list of the best things to do in Capri.

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6 Best Things To Do In Capri, Italy

Take A Boat Tour Around The Capri Island

Boat tours in Capri, Italy

Capri boat tours around the island start from Marina Grande and cruise past Tiberius’ Leap to the famous Faraglioni rock formations. Then, it continues along Punta Carena with its stunning lighthouse and finally stops in front of the gorgeous sea cave Blue Grotto. Small wooden rowboats are the only boats that can fit in the sea cave, therefore visitors who want to explore the inside can hop into them immediately.

In addition to the well-known Blue Grotto, Capri island boasts two other sea caves where the color of the water is altered by limestone in the rocky seabed and rock formations above. These caves are called White Grotto and Green Grotto.

The boat tour takes up to 8 hours, so it’s a full-day excursion. There’s also a shorter boat trip around the Faraglioni Rocks that takes about an hour and is one of the most famous things to do in Capri!

Treat Yourself To Capri Shopping

A shopping street in Capri

Capri shopping feels like a dream and is something you must experience there. Designer stores are nicely decorated and offer special items you won’t find in other Italian cities. Given that Miu Miu and Gucci are exclusive locations, Italian fashion is understandably highly represented. However, there are also several stores offering stylish swimsuit covers, handmade Capri sandals, and funny t-shirts as well.

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Watch The Sunset At The Picturesque Lighthouse

Lighthouse on the Capri island

The only location on the island where you can see the sunset into the Mediterranean is the Punta Carena lighthouse. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to spend a few afternoons there. It features a lovely beach, calm, sparkling waters, and charming bars where you can sip on a drink while watching the gorgeous sunset.

Explore The Villa Jovis

Villa Jovis ruins in Capri

The palaces of two of Capri’s most prominent residents – Emperor Tiberius and his nephew and future Emperor Caligula can be reached after a 45–60 minute uphill trek. There are two hiking trails and it takes some effort to get to the top but it’s worth it!

The astonishingly well-preserved ruins of the Villa Jovis include buildings finished in the year 27 AD. After rigorous scientific standards were followed for excavation work by archaeologist Amadeo Maiuri, the Villa Jovis complex was formally opened in 1937. The little Church of Santa Maria del Soccorso is located inside the borders of the Villa Jovis property. 

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Roam Around The Gardens Of Augustus

Augustus gardens with a view of the see in Capri

The Gardens of Augustus are a collection of expansive flower-decked terraces that overlook the Faraglioni Rocks on one side and the Marina Piccola and Via Krupp on the other. They are conveniently located near the city center of Capri Town and just a few feet from the Certosa di San Giacomo. Due to the possibility of falling rocks, Via Krupp is not always accessible.

Fun Fact: Lenin visited the Island and stayed there in 1908. Giacomo Manzù built a commemoration stone of him on one of the colorful terraces.

Have A Cocktail In Piazzetta Di Capri

Famous Piazzetta square in Capri

Anyone taking a day trip to the island should stop in the Piazzetta – the island’s famous main square. Spend some time at one of the outside cafés for some people-watching, an aperitif, a cocktail, or an espresso.

Life on the island has always revolved around the Piazzetta. It once served as a market square where fish, vegetables, and meat were sold. Today, it’s a top spot for eager paparazzi to snap pictures of celebrities and tourists expecting to rub shoulders with their favorite Hollywood star.


What are the best things to do in Capri, Italy?

The best things to do in Capri are:

  • Capri tours that include boat trips
  • Visiting Blue Grotto & The Natural Arch
  • Relaxing on the largest beach in Capri – Spiaggia Libera Marina Grande
  • Having a drink at Lido del Faro or Piazzetta
  • Seeing the Faraglioni Rocks, Via Krupp & Marina Piccola Bay
  • Roaming around Anacapri – Center of Capri town

When to visit Capri?

The beginning of April to mid-June and the beginning of September to mid-October are considered to be the greatest periods to visit the island of Capri.

What’s the Capri weather like?

The winters in Capri are lengthy, cool, wet, windy, and partially cloudy while the summers are brief, warm, and dry.

Are there any luxury hotels in Capri?

Yes. Some of the best luxury hotels in Capri are:

  • Casa Mariantonia – offers a beautiful swimming pool
  • Capri Tiberio Palace – with a rooftop terrace
  • Hotel Punta Tragara – views of Marina Piccola Beach

What are the best free beaches in Capri?

The best free beaches in Capri are Marina di Pennauro and Marina di Mulo.

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