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Frequently Asked Questions
You can list all your properties for free
Yes. We do not blanket the host contact information and you can communicate via any means of communication convenient to both parties.
  • If you choose the “CuddlyNest (on-site)” payment method, you set the payment method to be completed online via PayPal or a bank transfer. In this case, we will handle the payment processing for a 3% booking fee on the host, and 9% which the host sets to pay, share with or absorb on behalf of the guest.
  • If you choose the “On Your Own (off-site)” payment method, you will receive your payment by any means you wish like a check, or PayPal, wire transfer, cash on arrival among other options agreed by both parties.
Both options are possible depending on the host. It is up to the host to decide the payment method for guests.
Our flat 9% commission fee may change to 10% to cover for our aggressive social media advertising as well as sharing part of our commission (revenue sharing model) with state or local specific vacation rental sites to promote their listings globally and nationwide.
We charge a 3% booking fee to the host, and 9% which the host sets to pay, share with or absorb on behalf of the guest.
We charge a 3% booking fee to the host, and 9% which the host sets to pay, share with or absorb on behalf of the guest.
You can contact us by clicking on the Contact Us link or calling us at 773-701-5455.
  • Even if you are subscribed for free and transact with your guests outside our platform, we promote your listings equally on our site but with less prominence on social media paid advertising.
  • If you set up your listing to equally accept both onsite and offsite guest payments, we give your listing more prominence in paid social media advertising.
  • If you set up your listing to accept only online transactions through our platform, we even give your listing more priority and more prominence in our paid advertising on social media because your guest pays 9% flat and fixed commission fee to us. Note that the guest's commission fee in this case is NOT mandatory to be entirely paid by the guest and can be shared between the guest and the host depending on the host's pre-defined settings. As a host, you can set the guest booking to Zero but as a host you would bear the amount of booking fee difference on behalf of your guest.
Yes, our social media team immediately targets any market a host lists her property in to promote it. We pass on the geographic location to our marketing team to target the location of the listing and maximize the listing promotion. Also, our [email protected] is highly responsive if you need extra help with any of your listings
Its present in the Pricing section of the ‘Manage Listing’ page of the listing. It will automatically appear on the screen when you are setting up your listing. You cannot miss it!
Yes, that will always be the case. It is an integral part of our mission to have both models; in giving the freedom of choice to hosts and guests to transact with us or outside our system.
CuddlyNest neither collects nor pays any taxes. So, it will be a host's responsibility to collect and deposit to the relevant authorities.
We take two options from the Host. Either PayPal, or bank transfer information or both.
We release the payouts after 24 hours of the guest checkout.
It means it is for the listing space per night. Check the maximum number of guests allowed in the property which can be found on the listing's page, in 'The Space' section. However, some hosts charge more on top of the base price for any number of guests greater than the maximum number of guests given on the listing's page
Yes, we will be delighted. You just need to send us your site URL and email address or your property ID on other vacation rental sites where you are listed, and we will import it to CuddlyNest.