Why Choose Business-Friendly Listings on an Accommodation Short-Rental Platform?

The vacation home rental world is opening its wide doors to new technology and broader horizons. The dynamics of travel business are changing. Vacation home rental platforms are becoming more like established agents of the travel business. Boutique hotels are turning to these platforms to list their rooms as providers of Bed and Breakfast to guests. In addition, a whole new revolutionary feature in the vacation-home shared economy has been established. This is the new business-friendly listing availability on the short-rental accommodation booking platform, CuddlyNest.

Both guests and hosts of vacation rentals are being provided with broad and vast opportunities in an expanding, ever changing world of vacation home rentals. With the business-friendly listings being featured in the short-term accommodation rental booking platform, Cuddlynest, a whole new sector of customers is being serviced and provided with the utmost business-friendly features all business parties demand. Starting with big corporates all the way to individual businessmen going on trips for quick meetings or hires, listings with convenient amenities can now be seamlessly searched and found, with the guarantee of providing high-quality services that bypass all expectations and services provided by hotels.

Hosts at the short-term rental platform, Cuddlynest, are provided with a great opportunity to make their listings more attractive to corporate managers and businessmen. They can attract a whole new sector of travelers and broaden their guest bases.

Hosts are becoming increasingly aware of the specific demands of the business travel sector. They are becoming more in recognition of the search keys of corporate managers and businessmen.

Corporate managers and businessmen are looking for a place to provide a secure environment for their employees. Proximity to financial districts, public transportation availability, security, fast and reliable internet connection, work- friendly spaces, essentials (shampoo, soap, irons and iron boards, hairdryers, suit hangers) and cleanliness are some of the most important things corporate managers and businessmen are looking for in business-friendly listings.

Most Corporate managers and businessmen also demand the occupancy of a full space rather than shared rooms where employees need to share the bathroom and kitchen with hosts. It is increasingly important to hosts to differentiate between the distinctive demands of leisure travelers and business travelers.

Above all, business travelers are getting all these amenities for very competitive rates in comparison with the rates provided by hotels. After all, business travelers are getting a pampering, home-like feeling and a work motivating collaborative environment- with a whole team sharing a house for a significantly cheaper rate.

Having that taken into consideration, strong, mutual benefits relationships, between hosts and managers/businessmen, are becoming more evident and consistent. Managers and businessmen get higher levels of hospitality at business-friendly rentals by hosts. Also, hosts provide a great source of insider tips that guests would never get from a concierge at a hotel. So, most likely, these businessmen will return in their future business trips to hosts they have established good relationships with after a pleasant business trip experience.

On the other hand, it will be always great for hosts to extend their spectrum of guests, and become increasingly recognized as a great business trip amenity-provider or host in a fast-paced changing business world that is hard to please. This means more joyful human relations and better business-hosting career establishments.

Whether you are a corporate manager, a businessman or a jet setter; there is always a place that will satisfy your demands and wishes. If you are a host, get ready for a blooming and an established business.