How to Plan the Ultimate Ski Trip in 2018

It’s winter time and the slopes are fresh with snow and ready for you to bust out your moves on them – However, planning a trip is sometimes the dreaded part. Let’s make it easy for you. Follow these tips and you’ll be on your way to an ultimate ski trip in 2018.


Choose a Destination

The first place to start is choosing where you want to go. There are beautiful ski areas around the world. Do your research and find one that stands out to you. Some of the most popular places you can check out are Colorado, Aspen, Austria, Innsbruck, and Vail. When choosing a destination, keep in mind the skill level of the slopes – Find the perfect one for you.


Find The Best Deal

Who doesn’t like a good deal? Before you book the first option you find, do a bit more digging and see if you can find a better deal. The more money you leave in your wallet, the more you can either save or splurge on while you’re on your trip. Online travel sites like ours, CuddlyNest, will lead you to some of the best deals for your next ski trip.


Have a Plan

To get the most out of your ski trip, you’ll want to make sure your experience matches up to the intensity of the slopes. You’re not going to want anything too easy or too hard. If you’re a beginner skier, you may want to take some lessons. You don’t want to be that person sitting back watching everyone else have fun.


What to Pack

Now that you have chose your destination and the perfect deal, you’ll want to start thinking of items you need to bring. Remember, this is not just an ordinary vacation – You’re likely going to be out skiing most of the time and you’ll want to keep warm. Don’t step foot out of your house without the following:



  • Gloves/mittens
  • Hat
  • Scarves or Neck Warmer
  • Snow Boots
  • Sweaters
  • Thick Socks (bring extra as they will no doubt get wet)
  • Waterproof Ski Jacket
  • Waterproof Ski Pants (Aim for thinsulate, polyester, or woven nylon for material)


Health & Beauty Items

  • Shampoo & Conditioner
  • Body Lotion
  • Antibacterial Wipes
  • Brush
  • Deodorant
  • Toothbrush
  • Tooth Paste
  • Floss
  • Contact Len Solution, if needed
  • First Aid Kit
  • Moisturizer
  • Prescriptions
  • Soap



  • Camera (to capture your amazing, unforgettable moments)
  • Batteries for camera or other electronics
  • Cell Phone and charger
  • Poles
  • Ski Bag
  • Ski Goggles
  • Skis
  • Ski Lock

Are you planning a ski trip for 2018? Do you have any idea which destination you’re choosing? We’d love to hear and even pair you up with an affordable, gorgeous ski chalet. No matter the destination, take some lessons if needed and when you arrive at the slopes, raise your head high, show confidence, and bust out your unique ski moves.

7 Health Benefits Of Skiing

Some people believe that once winter time hits, there isn’t much to do outside. Most people even stop participating in any outdoor physical activity. What they don’t realize is skiing has huge health benefits.


Strengthens Bones and Joints

Your knees have to endure the weight and tension from your body while you glide downhill quickly, so every time you ski, you are strengthening your knees. It’s not just your knees that reap benefits, your bones will also become stronger in result of the impact of bearing your weight on your legs. Not only will you be having fun out on the slopes, but you’re preventing osteoporosis and knee damage.


Improved Mood

How many times have you heard that people’s mood shifts downwards in the winter? We know it’s the lack of Vitamin D, but did you know skiing can improve your mood? Skiing can boost your overall well-being and lead to happiness. It’s highly beneficial for your mental and physical health.


Strengthens Lower Body Muscles

Skiing will have you in an almost constant squat position, which will work amazing for your quads, hamstrings, glutes, and outer and inner thighs. You won’t even realize you’re getting an intense workout in as you will be taking in your surroundings of nature.


Improved Sleep

Being that active, such as with skiing, you should definitely have an easier time drifting away to sleep once your head hits your pillow. Don’t be surprised if you’re so exhausted that you turn out the lights ahead of time. Improved sleep means better, quality health over time.


Cardiovascular Health

Between the high altitude and your elevated heart rate, your cardiovascular system will benefit. While your heart rate is up, your body will have increased blood circulation, resulting in your muscles bringing in more oxygen and blood, meaning burning more calories in less time.

Fun fact – Skiing can allow you to burn up to 400 calories per hour!


Bring on the Water

Being in higher altitudes means you will be breathing heavier. It may only take a little bit of time to adjust to the altitude but to stay on top of it, you will find yourself wanting to chug more water than usual. You won’t even think twice about it. Keep that water nearby.


Indulge in Healthier Food Choices

You’re going to be burning many calories while skiing so chances are you’re going to need a power up meal after. By lunchtime you’ll feel the need to refuel, and by dinner you’ll need another recovery meal. Naturally, you’ll feel more apt to carefully choose the food you put in your mouth. You’ll likely reach for more protein and healthy fats.


Have you noticed any of these health benefits with yourself while skiing? If you are a beginner, now is the best time to get out on those slopes and reap all of these health benefits. Whether you want to ski by your hometown or take a vacation to one of the many slopes around the world, what do you have to lose by having fun and getting healthy at the same time? 

Plan your best ski #CuddlyStay before is too late with

Kako postati bolji domaćin najma za odmor u 2018?

Hoće li 2018. godina biti godina vašeg uspjeha u poslovanju? Ako to želite postići morat ćete nadograditi svoju igru ​​i poboljšati kvalitete vašeg najma za odmor. Evo nekoliko savjeta kako započeti.

  1. Pružite pogodnosti

    Ako se vaša nekretnina za odmor nalazi u blizini nekih popularnih sadržaja, učinite to prikladnim za svoje goste i ostavite košaru ispunjenu informacijama. Na primjer, ako postoje muzeji ili glavni trgovački centri, ostavite neke letke. Također možete ostaviti neke izbornike za lokalne restorane.

  2. Neka se vaši gosti osjećaju posebni

    Jer tko se ne voli osjećati važnim, zar ne? Izlazak na putu pokazat će vašim gostima da su više nego samo još jedna osoba koja iznajmljuje od vas – naglasite da su važni i da želite da se osjećaju posebno. Ali kako?

    • Ostavite poklon dobrodošlice – Impresionirajte ih od trenutka kada uđu u kuću s darom na stolu. Bilo da želite ostaviti bocu vina s nekim lijepim naočalama ili buket cvijeća, kombinirati ga s “hvala” bilješkom -> ostavit će vječni dojam.
    • Prilagodite kupaonice – Umjesto da očekujete od svojih gostiju da donose vlastite artikle, zašto ne ponuditi besplatan šampon, uređaj, sapune i ručnike? Također, provjerite je li vaša kupaonica posve besprijekorna i nadograđena.
    • Prijavite se – Naravno, ne želite prevesti gosta putem telefonskih poziva. Međutim, barem jednom tijekom svog boravka, provjerite i uvjerite se da imaju sve što im je potrebno i pitajte ima li što za njih. To će vam pokazati istinsku brigu o njihovim potrebama.
  3. Budite dostupni – ali postavite neke granice

    Ne možete jednostavno očekivati ​​primanje rezervacije niti komunicirati s vašim gostima. Bitno je da vam budu dostupni kada vam trebaju. Bez obzira na to imaju li neko pitanje ili se nešto razgrađuje, možda će vas trebati kontaktirati. Budite dostupni, ali istodobno postavite određena ograničenja. Na primjer, nakon određenog doba dana ili noći, mogli biste reći da svi pozivi moraju biti samo za hitne slučajeve. Pazite da kada kažete da ste dostupni, stvarno budete dostupni. Tijekom vremena kada ste dostupni, obavezno odgovorite na telefon kad nazovu. To će pokazati pouzdanost.

Kako ćete se pobrinuti da 2018 bude vaša godina? Što ćete učiniti kako biste ostavili svoje goste bez daha? Ako imate bilo kakvih drugih prijedloga, voljeli bismo čuti.

6 Tips to Get The Most Out of Your Ski Chalet in 2018

Renting out your chalet this season? Why not make the most out of it and spruce things up a bit? Here are some ways you will make your guests feel at home and want to visit again:


  • Natural wins!

Is your ski chalet already finished with natural timber? If not, you may want to reconsider. Natural timber is a traditional feature of a chalet. Make sure to focus on natural fabrics as well – Adding soft furnishings such as wools and linens can create a sense of comfort. If you want a mix between comfort and luxury, try adding some rich materials like leather or suede.


  1. Add on a Deck

If this is possible for you, adding on a desk could make a world of difference. Most people like to sit outside and take in the fresh air. Chances are if someone rents your ski chalet, they are the “outdoors type” of person, so a deck would be an added benefit, especially if you have the scenery around. There’s nothing like opening the door, stepping out on the deck, and taking in beautiful scenery.


  1. Warm, Inviting Colors are Best

For a ski chalet, warm colors are best. Your guest(s) will be outside in the cold and when they step inside, the warm colors will make them feel cozy. Stick to shades of mink and taupe, and mix it with some rich chocolate browns.


  1. Invest in a Steel Roof

If your ski chalet is newly built, you may not want to take on this investment. However, if your roof is older and could use a new one, look into steel roofs. You’re likely going to want the least amount of maintenance and this type of roof will provide the benefit for you. Having a steel roof means no more getting on top of the roof or hiring someone to climb on top to shovel off heavy, wet snow. Another major bonus is this type of roof will last a lifetime and even have a 50-year color warranty.


  1. Hot Tub

Who doesn’t like a hot tub, right? Every ski chalet should have one and it should be placed near the chalet, making it convenient to walk out the door and hop in the tub. There’s nothing like a long, cold day of skiing and then getting in a hot tub to relax and keep warm.


  1. Don’t Forget the Sauna

Why a sauna? It’s a great addition to help your guests relax. The weather may not always be perfect to go outside in the hot tub, but a sauna can still be accessible despite the weather. Not to mention, it really doesn’t take up a bunch of room. In-home saunas are much safer than they used to be – hire a reputable professional for installation to take any worries away.

Do you already have any of the above for your ski chalet? Are you considering any to revamp and make your chalet stand out? We would love to hear.

Ski Like a Pro With These 8

If you’re a beginner skier or just could never grasp how to glide through the slopes, there’s still hope. You can catch on fast – soon, people even may think you’re a pro if you practice the following tips:


First, Relax

You have to relax your toes. Clenching your toes while you’re nervous is an involuntary act. However, before you start, make sure your toes are relaxed and just focus on your breathing. By relaxing the joints in your toes, your joints throughout your whole body will stay loose and you will have a better chance at conquering the moves.


Flex Your Ankles

When you are getting ready to hit the slopes, focus on where you are bending forward. Is it more at your ankles or your knees? Make sure you always bend forward at your ankles, and never your knees. Your knees will automatically bend while you’re flexing your ankles forward – so don’t worry too much – it will happen naturally and maintain a balanced, upright body position.


Your Shins Should be Against the Tongues of Your Boots

Some people often lean back on their skis but this makes it difficult when approaching turns. By keeping your shins against your boot tongues, it allows you to keep your weight centered, providing better overall control.


Add Pressure to the Ski Tips When Approaching a Turn

Avoid pushing your entire weight into the middle of your skis while you approach a turn. Skis work best when you steer your ski tips into the turn first – your feet will then follow.


Keep Your Skis Parallel

If you make this mistake, you’re not alone, but it’s best to kick this habit now – Going around a turn and holding the downhill ski on edge and letting the uphill ski go flat – Both of your skis need to enter each turn, while they roll on edge simultaneously.


Your Hands Should Remain Forward

When you are skiing, do your hands drop by your sides or do you let a hand cross over your skis? If so, your skis will end up skidding, rather than carve. So, what should you do then? Your hands should, instead, be comfortable forward – Think of holding a tray out in front of you.


Plant Your Pole Down The Hill

Once you complete each turn, plant your pole with your downhill hand. You will want to touch your pole tip to the side of your ski instead of forward. This will allow you to have more confident and rhythm.


Always Look Ahead

Make sure your path is always panned so you can avoid any surprises. Always look in front of you, never look at the ground. By doing this, you will have a bit more time to respond to the terrain and any obstacles that may occur. Keeping your head up will allow your torso to be positioned correctly while going downhill.

Have you been making any of these mistakes? If so, don’t feel alone. They are common mistakes and easy to fix. Practicing the right body and ski positions while on your skis will set you up for success. During your next vacation, you may even start looking like a pro. Practice these tips and start showing them off this winter.

Sjevernoameričke planine koje čine Colorado idealnim mjestom za odmor

Nema mnogo planina koje okružuju Colorado i čine ga posebnim, ali neke od sjevernoameričkih planina zasigurno zaslužuju divljenje. Ako želite pravu avanturu, otputujte u jednu od tih savršenih destinacija da biste otkrili istinsku ljepotu.

Icefields Parkway u Alberti

Jasper i Banff dvije su najpoznatije destinacija za posjetitelje u Rockies. Ove dvije destinacije povezuju se autocestom dužine od 140 milja, koja nudi pogled na planine na svakoj strani. Doživite nevjerojatan pogled u vašem automobilu dok vozite kroz Parkway.

Glacier Skywalk u Alberti

Glacier Skywalk je prohodna staklena daska koja se pruža uz rub doline Sunwapta. Uživajte u pogledu dok se nalazite oko 918 stopa.

Horseshoe Lake, koji se nalazi u blizini Jaspera, Alberta

Ne samo da možete vidjeti i uživati u prekrasnim pogledima na ovom odredištu, ovo je također jedno od najpoznatijih mjesta za stijenje-ronjenje u Rockies. Razlog tome je dubina i nagib kamene ploče koja je dosadno okružuje. Dobit ćete prilagodbu visine vlastite ronilačke platforme.

Lake Louise u Alberti

Tijekom vaših pothvata do Rockies savjetujemo putovanje u Lake Louise. Naravno, prepun je, ali iz vrlo dobrog razloga. Postoji ogromna količina pješačkih staza oko jezera. Ako imate vremena za rezervaciju, pješačite do jezera Agnes Tea House – sigurno ćete moći uživati u svemu što područje ima za ponuditi.

Moraine Lake, koji se nalazi u blizini jezera Louise, Alberta

Dolina deset vrhova pruža pozadinu kao ništa što ste vidjeli prije. Možete ili proći kroz ikonastu šetnju kroz Moraine – ili jednostavno iznajmiti kanu i provozati se niz cijelu dužinu jezera.

Mount Robson u British Columbia

Neki od Rainbow Range u Mount Robson je poznat kao najviši vrh u Rockies, dostigao je gotovo 13.000 metara. Tu je i darovni dućan u kojem možete kupiti sladoled, ali i ugostiti druge tijekom ljetnih mjeseci.

Athabasca Falls, koji se nalazi u blizini Jasper, Alberta

Ako želite posjetiti bilo koju od ovih odredišta, ova bi zasigurno trebala biti na vrhu popisa. Pad Athabasca je najmoćniji vodopad smješten u Rockiesu. Za još bolje preglede, pokušajte ostati na desnoj strani kada se približite ogradi gledanja. Nažalost, bilo je ljudi koji su se utopili kad su pokušali dobiti fotografiju.

Maligne jezero u Alberti

Maligne je rangiran kao drugo najveće glacijalno jezero u cijelom svijetu. Ako više ne želite obilaziti, možete šetati oko jezera. Neki se ljudi čak opustite u planini – ostali se čak i ovdje vjenčaju. Ako je jako vruće za vrijeme vaše posjete, možete zaroniti, ali biste također trebali uzeti u obzir da se glacijalna jezera neće puno zagrijati unatoč ljetnoj vrućini. Pripazite na to!

Sigurno nećete putovati sate, pa čak ni dane, da biste posjetiti ove lokacije i vratili se natrag – CuddlyNest nudi nekoliko opcija najma za odmor za vas i vašu obitelj i prijatelje. Čak i ako letite solo, za svakoga će se naći smještaj.

Ways to Attract More Families to Your Vacation Rental

Family travel is one of the fastest growing niches – Families with young children are known to take advantage of off season travel. The biggest reason they do this, of course, is to save money and avoid large crowds. What does this mean for you? More bookings, if you know how to attract families to your vacation rental. So, how do you exactly do this? Follow these 3 tips to grab the attention of parents and leave them with an unforgettable family vacation experience.


It’s All About Kid Safety

Parents, especially moms spot danger from five miles away. By protecting your vacation rental ahead of time, you can provide families with the safety features that will attract them. Offer baby gates for parents with very young children so they can block off specific areas of the home. Some other safety features to think about:

  • Pool that is fenced in and a lock and gate would be a major bonus
  • Pool alarm that will alert the parents when the children enter without supervision
  • Outlet covers
  • Child cupboard locks


Quick note: You don’t have to leave these safety accessories out all year around but do mention that you offer these in your rental description.


Bump Up The Security

Think about it – A family is going to be staying in an unknown place for a period of time. They aren’t sure what the neighborhood is like or what they are in for. One of the sure-fire ways to catch the attention of a family is to mention the home security system you offer. According to a recent report from a TravelZoo survey, the top worry for Americans who travel is security. Finding your potential visitors’ pain points, such as safety, offers you the advantage to win them over by providing a solution, such as a home security system in this case.


Provide Extras For the Family

If you plan on targeting family visitors frequently, this one is a great investment. Parents dread packing as they have to lug a ton of stuff, besides just clothes. Some things you could offer that will make your rental stand out even more are:


  • Cribs
  • Playpens
  • Highchairs
  • Night lights
  • Play room or a play area
  • Family/kid movies
  • Kid-friendly cups, plates, and cutlery


Quick tip: You don’t have to spend a fortune on these items. You can purchase them second hand or at a local Goodwill, as long as they are in good shape.

CuddlyNest Chicago Christmas Travel Ideas

Winter Fun Ideas in Chicago

CuddlyNest Chicago Travel IdeasJust because winter is here doesn’t mean  you have to stay cooped up in your house. In fact, there’s plenty of activities to do in the winter that will keep you busy. Here are some winter fun ideas in Chicago.

Art Institute of Chicago Special Holiday Events

Visiting the Art Institute of Chicago will open your eyes to a variety of special holiday-theme performances and events:

  • Open Lecture: The Neopolitan Creche
  • Holiday Choir Concerts
  • 36th Annual Holiday Treasure Hunt & Tea Party (Hosted December 10th, 10:45 AM until 2:30 PM)
  • Get Crafty and Build a Gingerbread House (On December 16th between 11:00 AM and 1:30 PM, and other times to come.)
  • Member Lecture: Holiday Thorne Rooms
  • Holiday Small Plates at the Museum Cafe (Every Thursday evening in December. Reservations encouraged)


Brookfield Zoo – Experience the Holiday Magic of 2017

Visit Chicagoland’s longest and largest running lights festival, the Polar Lights Show during its 36th year. Additional holiday highlights include: Dolphins in Action, photo opps with animals, Wild Encounters, Singing to the animals, Photos with Santa and Mrs. Claus.


How to get in: You can obtain Brookfield Zoo tickets as they are included with the Go Chicago Card, as well as holiday events and activities, are all included with admission, unless specified otherwise.

CuddlyNest Chicago Travel Ideas

Ice Skating at McCormick Tribune Ice Rink

Step out on the ice and have a blast with a view of the Chicago skyline. This ice skating rink is a holiday favorite for several locals. Due to convenience and being able to find, this area is the place to be during the cold, winter months. If skating with a crowd isn’t something you jump for joy about, the skating rink is open throughout March, so there will be time to skate in peace after the New Year.


Be sure to check online for more information and specified hours. The rink is free but if you need to rent skates, rentals are available for around $10.

Lincoln Park Zoo and Zoo Light Festive Fun

Head to the Lincoln Park Zoo for some family tradition and festive fun in Chicago. Between the fun seasonal activities and bright illuminations, your Christmas spirit will for sure blossom. Whether you want to take the kids, or just stroll around with some adults, it’s the ideal place for anyone. Admission to the Lincoln Park Zoo is free.


Polar Adventure Days

Mainly for kids, Polar Adventure Days boast tons of fun such as meeting and greeting Siberian huskies, live music, storytelling, and ice sculpture creations. This is the 13th year for Adventure Days and it’s the perfect spot for some winter fun in the Chicago area. Once you’re done, you can explore nearby attractions, including the Adler Planetarium, where your children can learn about space exploration. Admission to the Polar Adventure Days is free and Adler Planetarium tickets come included with your Go Chicago Card.


What type of winter, snowy fun will your family have this year? Share and spread your ideas to spread Christmas spirit with us and our readers.

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Want repeat Visitors to Your Rental_Here’s What To Do

Of course you want repeat visitors, right? You want your reputation to flourish and you want people to love your rental so much to book again. But how do you make this happen?


4 Ways to Get Your Visitors Booking Again and Again


Include Your Proximity to Attractions In Your Listing and Title

Take advantage of the title of your listing and draw visitors in with your advantages. For example, you could say something like “Just five minutes from (biggest attraction in area here.)” Be sure to also point out how close you are to public transportation.


Create a Detailed Welcome Folder

Your ultimate goal should be to make your guests feel at home. Put together a folder and place it on the dining room table so they will see it upon walking in.

The majority of the welcome folder should include detailed information of all attractions, restaurants, shopping centers, and public transportation around the area. Although most people have a GPS or a smartphone, it’s ideal to leave directions to each place, just in case. It’s better to give them too much help than to have them get lost when trying to find the place you told them about.

You can conveniently print out directions from websites like Google, Mapquest, etc. and input the address of the vacation rental to each of the attractions and restaurants.


Another idea is to have a few brochures readily available for nearby attractions so they can get in-depth information.


Maintain a Calendar of Events

This may be a bit of work but it will be an easy investment on your part. Keep track of all events around the area. Add them to the calendar so your visitors can view. Even if just one person returns to your rental twice in one year, the hard work will pay off.

It’s not really hard to do something like this, either, it’s just finding the time to check out venues, attractions, restaurants, parks, etc. and find out the events they will be having for the year. You could even sign up for newsletters from the most popular places around so you can receive events right in your email.


Keep Visitors in the Loop With a Newsletter

Some of your visitors may only be a one-time guest. However, if you keep all of your visitors in the loop with a newsletter, you can pique their curiosity with fun events and promotions throughout the year. When someone books your vacation rental, you can ask for their email and if they would like to opt-in to newsletters that will provide them with special news and discounts. Most people will say yes, especially with the word “discount” so you should have no issues building up an email list.

Quick tip: Some websites that offer sending out automated emails are free for a certain amount of subscribers – Mailchimp is a good example.

Colorado Seam Boat Springs Winter Destinations for Christmas and New Year 2020

Top 6 Things to Do in Steamboat Springs, Colorado

Whether you’re a local or a visitor to Steamboat Springs in Colorado, you must check out some of the top things to do in the area this winter.

Snowshoe on Rabbit Ears

To take a break from your traditional skiing ventures, try snowshoeing, which allows you to have fun at a more leisurely pace. Once you see the views of the Flat Tops and Yampa Valley, you’ll be glad you chose this activity.

Night Skiing

Just because when you picture yourself skiing, it’s in the daylight – that doesn’t mean all fun starts when the sun goes down. In fact, night skiing can be even more fun. It’s a whole new experience. Wait until you see everything lit up at night as you glide through the slopes.

Hot Air Balloon Rides

Yes, even in the winter you can take an adventurous ride in a hot air balloon. If you’ve taken a ride in a hot air balloon before, nothing will beat the beautiful view of Yampa Valley when it’s coated in white snow. This activity is fun for most ages and it’s a great way to experience Steamboat Springs, even during the winter.

Snow Tubing Fun

You will leave with nothing but laughs and smiles with the family after snow tubing at Steamboat Springs. Make sure to catch a ride on the magic carpet so you can reach the top of the hill faster. You’ll want to hold on tight during your ride down on the snow tube.

Winter Carnival

When you hear of a winter carnival, you may think of the same traditional activities such as fireworks and a parade but Steamboat Springs takes a different approach. During their winter carnival they have adults on shovels that are being pulled down a street behind horses. Not to mention, the skiers that jump through fiery hoops – How much more exciting is that than other winter carnivals? It’s sure to be fun for the whole family.

… But, of course, there are still fireworks

Although fireworks are traditional, they are a staple when it comes to winter in Steamboat Springs. Come celebrate winter and watch the sky light up with gorgeous fireworks

Have you ever went night time skiing? What did you think of it? We would love to hear.