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Travel Croatia in September

Travel Croatia in September

Activities & Adventure 3 MINS READ
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Croatia, believe it or not, is one of the most sought-after destinations in September and October 2019. Contrary to Slovenia and North Macedonia travel destinations, Croatia offers blue waters and pristine beaches, all of which draw travellers to Split, Zadar and Dubrovnik to visit Game of Thrones filming locations and eat and drink Balkan food like kings. Want to explore what’s new and hot in Croatia to tell your family and friends? We composed this top list by what visitors are excited about on Instagram, what they Google, and what our avid travel ambassadors suggest us seeing this month.

Game of Thrones – Travel Croatia: What’s New?

Game of Thrones Cruise Ship

While we still have to wait for Game of Thrones Season 8 to see what the new shooting locations are, there are new and exciting opportunities offered to GOT fans visiting Croatia in 2022.
The cruise ship Adriatic Sun sets the way around the most iconic GOT shooting locations around the island for 7 nights. From the yacht with private balconies you can oversee King’ s Landing, Qarth, Braavos and the Westeros Riverland. Limited to 38 passengers only, this will be one-of-a-kind-experience, and with $1.895 you can live like a king straight from GOT, with breakfast, lunch, plenty of cocktails and guided tours included. What not to forget? Make sure to taste the rakija or Croatia wine, whichever sort of tipsy you want to get. And do not worry about anything – the transportation from and to the airport is included as well!

Game of Thrones Museum in Split

After visiting Dubrovnik, Šibenik and Klis GOT filming locations you may think you’ve run out of things to do in Croatia as a Game of Thrones fan. This is, however, now solved with the newly opened GOT-themed Split museum opened in May 2019. Located close to Diocletian’s cellars, the new museum compromises 300 m2 interior space. The private museum owned by Luka Galic will transform you in space and time with all your senses. The black walls and scents of cedar and jasmine, together with over 100 exhibits ranging from dragon heads to swords of Valerian steel and life-sized Jon Snow and Tyron brings you into the mystical world of Seven Kingdoms. Located at Bosanska ulica 9 and open daily between 9AM and 10PM, the GOT museum will be a great addition to those for whom series are close to the heart.

Travel Croatia on Budget – Uber in Croatia | New Uber Boat Services

Uber for a cheaper and more reliable transportation service (unless you rent a car via Nova Rent a car or use Sixt, but the reviews are not that inspiring) is available in Dubrovnik and we highly advise it! Although Uber is nothing new to Croatia, you can now enjoy the pioneering Uber Boat service. It costs around 2,600 kuna (about $416, or $52 per person) to take 8-seat boat from Hvar to Split. For a budget option, we recommend trying ferry ticket priced at $16.

Travel Croatia on Budget – Bolt (formerly Taxify) in Croatia

Bolt, the Estonian transportation sharing service company is now expanding to Croatian coastal towns. Split and Dubrovnik are now easier to navigate with a local driver, also pushing the prices once dictated by Uber slightly down.
What new did you discover on your Croatia trip in August 2019?

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