Ice Cream Month July 2019: Where to Go for Best Ice Around the World

To celebrate the smooth, creamy, refreshing treat of the summer, the National Today announced July as the month of ice cream. Could not get better, you think? On the 3rd Sunday of July, the whole world will celebrate – and we are taking you by the hand to taste all possible varieties of ice cream.

To many of us, ice cream is something we crave for in hot summer day. Even more, it is essential when you consider a beach family vacation in Croatia or a stroll around Sevilla in Spain in search of the best Instagram spot for Game of Thrones shooting location. But how the sweet treat tastes all around the world?

How Ice Cream Came to Be

The Origin of Ice Cream

The First Ice Cream, just like paper and porcelain, comes from China.

In 618-97AD the King Tang of Shang had a good take on ice-cream. There were 94 ice men working to make buffalo milk, flour and camphor into a tasty treat. Later, in 200 BC Chinese mixed milk and rice. Then, they packed the mixture in the snow to freeze, thus resembling the ice cream we know today.

Europe Takes Over

When Roman Emperors discovered the refreshing dessert, they sent slaves high into the mountains to bring the ice back. Then Romans flavoured the ice and served to the high blood families in Rome, Ephesus, Carthage, Alexandria and elsewhere.

Marco Polo Bring the Recipe to Medieval Europe in the Golden Age

Only at the end of the 13th century, Marco Polo brought the recipe back from his trips to China. In the far-away land,  ice-cream was a popular dish. He introduced ice cream to Italy. It spread over the high castes of Europe fairly soon, later being brought to the Americas.

Types of Ice Cream Around the World

Ice Cream Month July 2019: Where to Go

gelato ice cream month 2019 cuddlynest

Gelato – Italy

When you visit Verona where Romeo and Juliet are told to write letters, or Sicily, where the famous glass crafts are blown, there is no excuse but to try Italian gelato.

Made from custard base just as the regular as ice cream, it is higher in milk and lower in cream and eggs, sometimes having no eggs added at all.

gelato ice cream month 2019 cuddlynest

Ice Cream, the Real – Germany

In Germany, the UK, Netherlands and US, and other countries, the regular ice cream is in wide assort. To be called ice cream, the frozen dessert must be at least 10% in milk fat, and the base must not increase in volume by over 100% in the churning process.

In Germany walking the streets in Munich or the pathway by Lake Garda, you will find the ice cream commonly topped with whipped cream, jam or strawberry sauce – Germans prefer it this way.

gelato ice cream month 2019 cuddlynestCream Anmitsu – Japan

A dessert bowl of mochi, fresh fruit, anko, cubes of agar and chestnuts is a traditional Japanese treat. When topped with a scoop of ice cream, you can find it in the streets of Tokyo as Cream Anmitsu.

gelato ice cream month 2019 cuddlynestDondurma – Turkey

Battered Ice Cream, also known as Maraş ice cream, is a type of mistic ice cream distinctive to the Middle East region. Close to Syrian booza dessert, it is made out of cream, whipped cream, salep, mastic, and sugar.

gelato ice cream month 2019 cuddlynestFaloodeh – Iran

When tasting faloodeh (or paloodeh) for the first time, you will find it similar to a sorbet. It consists of thin starch noodles in a semi-frozen syrup containing sugar and rose water. When served, faloodeh is spritzed over with lime juice and sprinkled with ground pistachios.

gelato ice cream month 2019 cuddlynestI Tim Pad- Thailand

The thin rolled ice cream, also stir-fried ice cream, originates in South East Asia and is made on streets of Chiang Mai, Bangkok and Phuket. The ingredient list consists of liquid base, usually cow’s or soy milk and comes in generic flavours, such as vanilla, chocolate, coffee, and strawberry.

gelato ice cream month 2019 cuddlynestSorbetes – Philipines

Distinct from sorbet, the Philippino frozen dessert is made from coconut or ordinary milk, peddled by street hawkers. You will be served it in a small wafer or a bread bun.

gelato ice cream month 2019 cuddlynestAis Kacang – Malaysia

Traditionally made from only shaved ice and red beans, the frozen dessert now comes with different ingredients, like attap chee (palm seed), red beans, sweet corn, grass jelly, roasted peanuts and cubes of agar agar.


Now when you are ready to taste all the different flavours and types of ice creams around the world, make sure you book your trip and share the sweet treat to inspire your Pinterest friends!gelato ice cream month 2019 cuddlynest

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