The Philippines on Budget: Travel to Chocolate Hills Where Sterling Pound is Strong

The Philippines on Budget: Travel to Chocolate Hills Where Sterling Pound is Strong


Philippines: 7,641 islands with sunshine, birds, and Chocolate hills. What not to like?

What to See in Phillippines

Visit Magellan’s Cross

Magellan’s Cross, originally believed to have miraculous healing powers, was planted in 1521 in Cebu. The original cross, however, chipped away.

Chocolate Hills Travel Advice

Chocolate Hills are one of the main attractions for tourists visiting the Philippines. 

Dive into Palengke

Palengke markets are Philippino speciality. From farms to crafts, you can find anything here.

Visit a Butterfly Farm

Butterfly farms in the Philippines are a thing. Go and visit one in 

Go Tarsier-watching

Tasier-watching can become one of the best experiences you will ever have. Tarsius syrichta species can only be found within forests, and going to one of the islands of Bohol, Samar, Leyte, and Mindanao will make you come back for sure.

Learn Diving

Diving in the Philippines is a must. Have you tried yet? The best places to go diving in the Philippines are Barracuda Lake in Coron Island and Puerto Galera in Mindoro.

Try Halo-halo

The sweet dessert – ice cream you that is so common to the Asian world of ice creams, can be tasted on almost any corner shop of your choice. From ice shavings to condensed milk with small chunks of sweet boiled kidney beans, to coconut gel, and tapioca, the dessert is not only sweet and refreshing but also extremely budget-friendly. 

Budget Travel Tips

Budget travel tips to visit the Philippines on a budget are a must if you wish to enjoy the Southern Asian destination not breaking the bank. The British pound here is strong, and travelling here for US citizens does not require a visa, so one can surely say that budget travel is definitely an option – as soon as you get here!

Pack your Hammock

Sleeping in a hammock in the Philippines is allowed, and as long as you can find a beach (of which there is plenty of), there will be no problem with getting your body rested for the night under the starry night sky.

Hitchhike to Beach

Hitchhiking to the beach and back! What could be better than not missing out on meeting locals while taking on hitchhiking?

Avoid Manila Island

Manila island is probably one of the most expensive places you can possibly go to in the Philippines. Avoid the crowds and go for less touristy and posh places.

Eat Lumpias and Shop Local

Eating lumpias is probably one of the best ways to explore the Filipino islands. Make sure you do not overdo it, though!

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