Activities & Adventure 11 MINS READ

11 Best Fun Places To Go With A Friend Around The World

11 Best Fun Places To Go With A Friend Around The World

Activities & Adventure 11 MINS READ

Celebrate the International Day of Friendship by planning a trip to one of the best fun places to go with a friend around the world. Not only do certain locations across the globe make top travel lists due to their attractions, accommodations, and cuisine, but also because of their affordability.

You and your BFF can explore, eat, and travel around the world without breaking the bank. Some of these popular locations on this list may even surprise you. But first, let’s take a look at the history of this special holiday.

International Day of Friendship

best friend vacation at the beach

In 2011, the United Nations General Assembly announced that July 30th would be the official International Day of Friendship. The holiday was created to celebrate the friendship between countries, communities, and people, to inspire unified global peace efforts. Since then, every year global events, activities, and celebrations are held on the 30th of July to encourage respect for diversity and understanding in the global community. Another popular way to celebrate this beautiful international holiday? By traveling and spending quality time with your BFFs.

The 11 Most Fun Places To Go With A Friend

Two best friends taking a selfie during sunset while camping.

Whether you are looking to lounge on some of the best beaches on earth, or explore the world’s greatest national parks, sip on some amazing wine and eat great food: these destinations make the best budget-friendly getaways.

While certain countries instantly come to mind for affordable trips, there are specific locations around the world that make the perfect vacation spot. So don’t think twice and add them to your friend’s travel bucket list of the best trips to take with friends.

And in case you live in one of these locations, then it’s time to plan a memorable friend’s trip! Find out all the best vacation ideas for friends out below!

Fun Places To Go With Best Friends In Europe


best friend vacation in portugal

Portugal is relatively small — slightly smaller than the US state of Indiana. For that reason, a good vacation idea is to rent a car and take and drive from North to South or vice versa. During the summertime, for instance, you can drive from Porto and the Douro Valley, which are up in the North of Portugal, until you reach the Algarve region, which is located in the South. Drive from the Algarve to Porto when traveling to Portugal.

Portugal borders the Atlantic Ocean, which offers travelers a refreshing summer experience within Europe. One of the best trips to take in Portugal is spending a weekend in Porto. The city is a top destination for foodies, so make sure you enjoy the famous Douro Wine and explore some of the region’s best vineyards.

After a weekend of amazing food and wine in Porto, head over to the Algarve. The beautiful Portuguese coastline houses paradisiac sand beaches, which makes this destination perfect for a summer trip. You can stay in cities such as Lagos, Albufeira, or Faro, and drive to beaches like Odeceixe, Dona Ana and Algar de Benagil. Spend some time soaking up the sun on the beach, eating traditional grilled sardines and you’re good to go.

With hostels ranging from 5€ to 20€ a night, you can relax in luxury at a budget-friendly price in one of the world’s most beautiful verdant locations.

Attention digital nomads: Lisbon, is not only a culturally exquisite city, but it is also an amazing location to work remotely in. With over 100 co-working spaces in this destination, you and your pals can extend your European vacation by adding a couple of weeks of exploration and working abroad. The perfect combination of working from “home” and traveling.


best friend vacation in croatia

Summertime calls for a trip to the Balkans. Croatia is not only one of the most beautiful countries to explore in Europe, but it is also very affordable. With meals for as low as 5€ a day and hotels and vacation rentals for as low as 10€ a night you and your pals can have your Mediterranean vacation for under 20€ a day.

This sounds like an excellent plan for us. Book exciting excursions including hiking through Plitvice National Park or taking a boat ride to the nearby Hvar and Montenegro islands. With so many fun things to do and discover, Croatia is one of the best places to go with your friends.

Pro tip: When in Croatia be sure to check out the hidden Game of Thrones film scenes to really discover locations that will transport you and your group of friends to another period of time.

Czech Republic

The 9th-century Prague Castle, located in Hradčany, the Castle District

One of Europe’s most fascinating cities, the Czech Republic is a great alternative to expensive European capitals such as London and Paris, for instance. Located in Central Europe and bordered by Austria, Germany, Poland, and Slovakia, the Czech Republic is also an ideal place for groups to go together.

For first-timers, the ideal destination is Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic. The city is brimming with castles and medieval alleys, and it’s well-known for its stunning architectural landscape.

While walking around Prague, you’ll find architectural gems from the Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque eras that can take you 500 years back in time. An amazing way to uncover the city’s history and learn more about its landmarks, by the way, is to take a free walking tour with a local guide. Prague is quite compact, so you’ll be able to go almost everywhere on foot.

For groups traveling to Prague, a great idea is to book a hostel in the city, which is an excellent budget accommodation option costing around 25€ per person/night.

And you can also add day trips to your Prague bucket list, as there are local trains to nearby attractions like the Karlštejn Castle.


The Gothic-style Florence Cathedral, formally the Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore, in Florence, Italy.

It’s no exaggeration to say that Italy pleases almost every type of traveler. Well located in southern Europe, this destination has some of the most varied – and gorgeous – landscapes in the world. It comprises the southern side of the Alps, which is the perfect ski weekend destination; the long Mediterranean coastline for an idyllic vacation; and charming towns with rolling hills of vineyards.

And even though Italy might not be the cheapest place to go, there are budget-friendly options for when you’re traveling. In small cities like Florence, for instance, you can easily walk around and save money on transportation. You can also find great accommodation options in hostels for around 20€/night. Places like Rome, Milan, and Venice tend to be a bit more expensive.

Florence is also filled with beautiful churches and basilicas, which are usually free to enter, aside from having “piazzas” (squares) of great beauty, where you can sit down and drink a glass of wine and eat some amazing prosciutto.

Also, Italy is one of the cheapest places in the EU to take transport, and Italy’s regional train has some great affordable options for traveling around.

Fun Places To Travel With Friends In Asia


best friend vacation in vietnam

Over the last ten years, Southeast Asia has become increasingly popular especially for millennials. This is both due to the incredible cultural offerings and the most affordable prices. With hundreds of hostels to stay at for less than $20 a night to street food that adds to the experience, one spot stands out from the rest. Vietnam is one of the most unique countries to visit in SEA, as well as one of the cheapest.

Vietnam’s architecture and design are influenced by both indigenous and foreign cultures. You can spend your vacation sightseeing Hoi An’s popular attractions, taking a boat ride through Halong Bay, and indulging in a cooking course in Ho Chi Minh City.

There is something for every pair or group of pals to enjoy in Vietnam at a budget-friendly price. Find the perfect hotel, hostel, or beachside villa for your vacation.


best friend vacation in bali

It’s no surprise that Indonesia makes it high on our list of incredible, budget-friendly spots for your vacation. This destination celebrates life, joy, and all wonders. You can spend the day exploring the stacks of rice fields, and afternoon taking a surf lesson all without spending your life savings. Might we suggest spending the night at a beachside bungalow or hostel near the Ubud Forest?

From eating incredibly inexpensive meals of chicken skewers, mixed vegetables, and homegrown rice, to dancing on the beach, Indonesia offers so much to fall in love with on each of its islands. You will have to go to experience it all.


If you are craving a cultural experience unlike any other, then Turkey is the right choice for you. From coastal cities with beautiful beaches like Ephesus to Cappadocia’s unique fairy chimneys and hot air balloon rides to Istanbul’s rich art and religious influence, Turkey is full of bucket list adventures. And the best part is they are all incredibly affordable.

Turkey has one of the oldest civilizations in the world and it has over eighteen UNESCO World Heritage sites including Göreme National Park, the Great Mosque, and the Archeological Site of Troy. Visiting friends can book a hotel or hostel room, or an entire vacation rental in Turkey for as little as $9/night on CuddlyNest.

Fun Places To Travel With Friends In South America


Two people riding horses on a forested hill in Colombia.

Discover Colombia’s charming hotels in the heart of the jungle and cities throughout this South American getaway. If you have ever dreamed of exploring South America without breaking the bank, then Colombia is a great match for you.

With hotels and hostels for as low as $12 a night, you can save your travel funds to splurge on delicious meals, excursions, and backpacking adventures.

Bogota’s museums will enchant you while the historic streets of Medellin and Cartegena take you to another world. After having a cup of fresh Colombian coffee in the morning, you will be ready to start the day. You can’t miss adding Colombia to your budget-friendly bucket list.


A traditional reed boat on the blue waters of the Lake Titicaca, in Bolivia.

Bolivia is a great place for an affordable and adventure-filled vacation in South America. This destination is mostly known for its mix of dramatic mountainous settings, rich wildlife, and diverse cultures merging together. Located in central South America, Bolivia is dominated by the Andes, the longest continental mountain range in the globe. For this reason, it’s the perfect place for the adrenaline-seekers who love hiking and trekking.

If you decide to go to Bolivia, start by going to La Paz, which is the administrative capital of the country. The city sits on the Andes’ Altiplano plateau at more than 3,500m above sea level, and it’s the highest administrative capital on the planet. In the city, be sure to try the amazing local food by going to the Mercado Camacho market for some delicious empanadas and chicken sandwiches.

From La Paz, you can go to Lake Titicaca, a freshwater lake placed on the border of Bolivia and Peru, home to ruins and said to be the birthplace of the Incas.

You can also visit the Amboró National Park, one of the most botanically rich national parks in the world located 40km west of Santa Cruz, in the Andean foothills of Bolivia. The park has over 830 species of bird, more than the US and Canada combined. In fact, Bolivia is so biodiverse that there are unique species that are being discovered to the present day.

Another perfect destination for you and your friend in Bolivia is the Salar de Uyuni, the world’s largest salt flat at over 10,000 square kilometers.

Fun Places To Travel With Friends In North America

United States

View of some of Grand Canyon’s red-coloured rocks during an orange sunset.

When it comes to great travel options for BFFs, the United States is the place to be. From North to South the USA is home to a range of getaways for all types of travelers.

And in the USA there are also affordable cities, so you won’t have to dig deep in your pocket when taking your dream vacation. Cities like New York City or San Francisco for instance, are known to be some of the most expensive places in the US, and if you’re looking for a budget-friendly destination, you might wanna consider a fun bustling city such as Las Vegas instead.

Nestled in the Nevada desert, the “city that never sleeps” offers more than just casinos and a vibrant nightlife, as it also has amazing restaurants, fine-art galleries, and cool shops. Nature lovers will also be happy with the holiday, as the city is not far away from places like the Grand Canyon and the Red Rock Canyon, which is perfect for hiking.

And there’s one more thing that makes Sin City a great alternative to New York: the city is a great year-round destination, and during the winter the average high is 14°C.

BFFs can also take a road trip to California. Filled with excitement and adventures, road trips are actually a great way to stay closer to your friends. You can rent a campervan or a car, and hit the road listening to your favorite tunes.

Places To Go With Friends In Africa

South Africa

An elephant in front of a safari truck full of people.

For those who love the great outdoors have a wild safari on their list of dream experiences, South Africa is the place for you. Cities including Johannesburg and Capetown are not only ex-pat hubs, but excellent cities to visit to learn about African lifestyle and culture. Hike to the top of Table Mountain to get a full view of the South African coast and visit one of the famous national reserves including Kruger Park to see the big five animals up close.

Although safaris have a reputation of being pretty pricey, we are here to debunk that notion by sharing CuddlyNest’s most affordable South African accommodations. You can go to South Africa and experience it all while staying in a budget-friendly rental or hotel. A rooftop pool with a view of the beach sounds like heaven.

Things to Do with Your Best Friend Bucket List

Need more inspiration on what to do with your BFF — aside from traveling, of course. Say no more! Here’s a bucket list with the top 5 ideas of fun activities with friends.

  • Throw a pool party during the summertime;
  • Try to find the best gelato in your city of choice;
  • Book a spa day;
  • Learn a language together;
  • Play Masterchef and have a fun cooking battle.


Where can I go on a trip with friends?

There are several amazing destinations around the world that are perfect for a vacation with friends. Places like Portugal, Croatia, Vietnam, Indonesia, and the United States are some of the best places to visit.

What should I do with my best friend?

Traveling somewhere different with your best friend is a great experience, as it offers the opportunity to discover new places while spending quality time with your BFF.

What is the cheapest vacation for friends?

There’s a variety of affordable destinations around the world that are suitable for budget travelers. Places like Bolivia, Vietnam, Colombia, and Portugal, and great options for those who want to travel without breaking the bank.

Which country is best to visit with friends?

When it comes to the best country to visit with friends, it all depends on what you’re looking for. Vietnam and Indonesia are perfect destinations for nature lovers, while Portugal and Italy are great matches for foodies. Want a bustling destination for a European summer trip? Then head over to Croatia, which is home to some of the best beaches in the world.

Where should I go for a 3-day vacation?

There are several destinations that are great for a short weekend getaway. Florence, in Italy, Porto, in Portugal, and Prague, in the Czech Republic, are all great for a 3-day vacation.

And don’t forget to find the best-priced hotels and vacation rentals on CuddlyNest. You and your BFFs are just a few steps away from exploring the globe at an affordable price.

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