Hacks & Tips 7 MINS READ

Discover 5 Benefits of Working from Home

Discover 5 Benefits of Working from Home

Hacks & Tips 7 MINS READ
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Are you still adjusting to working from home?

While at first, it may seem challenging, working from home can be one of the best things for your career. The CuddlyNest team are no strangers to the remote life. We have found that not only does having a flexible schedule spark motivation, but it also increases productivity. Working from home provides many benefits for both the employer and employee. What’s the phrase happy employee, happy employer? We sure think so!

From referring to your kids as “coworkers” to creating your own personal space, there are dozens of reasons working from home can be fun, enjoyable, and advantageous. Take a look at some of the benefits of working from the comfort of your own home. These definitely make the top of our list for why we love the at-home, digital nomad, adventurous employee lifestyle.

The Rise of Remote Working

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With people across the world experiences new forms of interaction in response to COVID-19, many companies have transitioned to remote work, and more than half of the global workforce is working remotely. Microsoft, for instance, plans to reopen offices in January 2021 but will allow employees to work from home partially without approval. Google extended its work-from-home policy through June 2021, and Indeed will allow all 10,000 employees to remain remote until July 2021.

In fact, by the end of 2021, 25–30% of the workforce in the USA will be working-from-home multiple days a week according to GWA.

But interestingly enough, that trend was rising way before the pandemic. According to a report from GetApp, a business app and software discovery platform, released in January 2020, one of the most significant tech trends of the past decade involved the increase of remote work, which grew by almost 400%. The report points out that the expansion of remote work happened due to the evolution of supporting technologies, fast internet connections, and cloud-based storage solutions.

So, if either you’re a remote employee, or even considering start working from home, you might wanna know what are the benefits of this work policy. According to studies, there are many, from increased productivity to more work-life balance. Curious? Then find out below what are the top advantages of working from home.

The Top 5 Benefits of Remote Working

1. Flexible Schedule

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Whether you’re an early-riser or love hitting the snooze button, one of the biggest benefits of working from home is having a flexible schedule. According to a study by Buffer, 94% of team members at Dell believe having a flexible schedule positively contributes to the overall company performance.

Being able to create your own routine removes the stress of planning your day with a rigid schedule. If you need to get in a mid-day workout, have a late breakfast, or need to run out to an appointment, as long as you are able to manage your time well, this lifestyle will always work in your favor.

Remote workers can also have the freedom to set up their office spaces and decorate it the way they want it, without having to follow any rules. Having a proper work space is extremely important, so remote workers might wanna take some time to set up a comfortable office which estimulates them and increases their productivicty.

2. Reduces Travel Time and Costs

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We can all agree that time sitting in traffic on the way to work is time wasted. Even if that is when you fit in your podcast or radio show, commuting and having to get to and from the office takes away from the time you can be spending doing something you love. It is also a waste of money on gasoline or transportation. According to Zippia, being able to spend your hard-earned money on things other than travel costs is a motivator and promotes a happier and healthier workforce. We agree! Working from home definitely reduces expense and time for both the employee and employer.

3. Fewer Disruptions and Increase in Productivity

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Are you tired of colleagues running up to you to ask for small favors that could have been asked by email or Slack? Working from home eliminates time wasted on minor disruptions that cause major distractions. Cutting out those interruptions will allow you to get your work done faster and more efficiently. You also have more opportunities to create your perfect workspace. Making your own office at home or packing up your belongings to work at the beach with a beautiful view will help you feel more comfortable and productive.

And there are event studies that prove the positive impacts that working remotely has on employers’ productivity. According to FlexJobs’ annual survey in 2019, 65% of professionals think they would be more productive working from home. And a survey conducted by Gallup indicates that 60% of U.S. workers who have been working from home during the pandemic would prefer to be working remotely in the future.

One of the most famous studies on how working remotely affects productivity was conducted by professor Nicholas Bloom, from Stanford University, in 2013. The 9-month study had the participation of 16,000 call center employees and showed a 13% performance increase in their work. A study conducted at Best Buy indicated a 35% increase in employee productivity when the company introduced a flexible work program.

That is of course unless you have a furry friend begging for your attention. 

4. Better Balance Between Work and Your Personal Life

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Having uneven work and personal balance can be one of the most disruptive factors for an employee and employer. Entrepreneur, Philip Green, says “It’s all about the quality of life and finding a happy balance between work and friends and family.” It is just as important to
accomplish your career goals as it is to take care of your physical and mental well-being.

Fortunately, remote work a lot of times comes with more flexible schedules, which can make employees less stressed and anxious. Also, remote workers can skip the stress of commuting every day and staying stuck in traffic, they can wear more comfortable clothes and even spend more quality time with their family during the week. Another advantage of working from home is being able to fit appointments into the routine.

5. Reduces Environmental Impact

A youn man working on his laptop on a cabin wood deck.

It might sound surprising, but when working from home employers also reduce greenhouse gas emissions and fuel usage. Since workers are not commuting or commuting less, they reduce their carbon footprint, reducing traffic and, of course, pollution. Plus, offices can generate very expensive bills, as well as wasted electricity.

When working from home, employers are usually more aware of the energy consumption, since they’re the ones responsible for paying for the energy used. So, at your home office, remind yourself to keep the environment’s health a top priority, and make sure to turn off lights and don’t leave your computer running without necessity. This also applies to other office resources, such as paper, and disposable items, like paper cups.

The United Nations defined 17 primary goals within their “plan of action for people, planet, and prosperity” in their 2030 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Six of the goals are connected to increasing and supporting remote work opportunities.

Tips for Remote Work

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If either you’re already a remote worker or considering remote work for the near future, there are a few tips that can help you nail it.

The first one is to try to set and stick to a routine. When you’re working from home, employees have more flexible schedules, but without a set routine, it gets easier to mix work with personal life. Try to wake up at the same time every day, and have a proper worktime. This will make you more motivated, and organized.

Also, avoid working in your pajamas or in bed. We’re not saying that you shouldn’t get comfortable by all means. But, sometimes, staying in your pj’s all day can make you feel like you’re not actually working. Psychologically speaking, dressing properly will put you in the right mindset for a great work from home day.

Another great tip for remote workers is to stay connected and check-in with your co-workers. Sometimes when working from home, employees forget the importance of staying in touch with their colleagues, which is extremely important for status updating, discussing eventual blockers, and even socializing.

Taking shory breaks is also important for employees who work from home. These breaks can increase creativity and productivicty, as they’re a great way to ease your mind and eyes for a few minutes. For every hour you work, try to take 5 or 10 minute breaks, and you’ll see the results.

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