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What Is A Staycation? The 10 Benefits Of Staycations

What Is A Staycation? The 10 Benefits Of Staycations

Stays You'll Love 7 MINS READ
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Staycations are the perfect way for worldwide adventurers and curious explorers to experience a different type of travel. The benefits? Endless — from spending real quality time with your family to planning more cost-efficient trips.

Already dreaming of your next domestic getaway? Then read the full post to find out about staycations and their top benefits. Get ready to irrevocably fall in love with your home country!

What Does It Mean To Staycation?

You might have seen the word “staycation” popping up quite a few times over the past year. But this is not a new concept at all: the word actually originated back in 2008 to describe a vacation spent at home or nearby.

There is a generous array of creative Staycation ideas for travelers who are in need of a restful respite. From spending a relaxing weekend at a nearby spa-hotel to rediscovering your own backyard and falling in love with a city within your own country: the options are seemingly endless!

The Top Benefits Of A Staycation

reading a book during staycations

As destinations from across the world, including offbeat destinations within the European Union, begin to form travel bubbles to boost tourism, a new opportunity to experience the benefits of staycations arises. And while we could list hundreds of benefits of a staycation, here are the top 10 that will make you wanna travel locally and explore lesser-known marvels within your country!

1. Staycations Are Affordable

Two backpackers, a boy, and a girl, waiting for a train on the platform.

Whether it’s domestic travel or international travel, if there’s long-haul transportation involved, your travel bill will probably spike very quickly. By taking a staycation, you can skip the heavy costs that come with international travel, including booking flights, accommodation for long periods of time, transportation, and surprisingly expensive meals in a city you don’t know very well.

And since staycations are more cost-effective, you can use that saved money to indulge in fun amenities and activities. No to mention that staycations usually have a shorter length, which also means…more money saved!

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2. They Have Reduced Travel Time

Young traveler checking the timetable at an airport at night.

Now that you don’t have to hop on a long-haul flight to get to your final destination, you can focus on the most important part of your trip: enjoying your vacation!

Reduced travel time allows for more relaxing, adventuring, and fulfilling moments during your trip, whether it’s treating yourself by going to a nearby spa or hiking at your country’s stunning national park.

Traveling internationally also requires a lot of planning and organization beforehand. You have to budget your expenses, learn about the destination’s culture, look for accommodation, research convenient flights, pack accordingly for a long trip…the list could go on and on.

All of this planning can, sometimes, add a little bit of stress to your trip. On the other hand, when going on a staycation, you can be more relaxed about planning or not plan at all!

3. Your Pet Can Come Too

pet-friendly trips

Although many hotels and vacation rentals strive to be more inclusive towards pet visits, when you opt for staycations, that is one thing less to worry about. You can rest easy and comfortable knowing that whatever experience you embark on, your pet can come along with you.

Did you know there are certain countries that even boast and encourage pet-friendly travel? If you live in the US, Germany, or Japan, for instance, then you’re in the perfect spot to staycation with your dog or cat.

4. They Support The Local Economy

eco-lodge to visit for staycations

Is there a new restaurant in your city that you have been craving to go to? Or a new eco-friendly boutique hotel within driving distance from your home? If so, a staycation is a perfect opportunity to support the local economy by uncovering nearby tourist attractions.

During your “stay-at-home holidays”, you visit local food markets, try out trendy new cafes, and even book a nearby comfy accommodation, which will certainly boost your city’s revenue and sustainable travel efforts.

5. You Can Staycation From Anywhere In The World

Happy girl with her arms wide open in front of the Florence Cathedral, in Italy.

Whether you’re originally from Rome and have never visited Florence, or from Hawaii and have never been to Waikiki Beach, your very own country can offer you a delightful maze of experiences worth living. And you don’t even have to go far away and fly across your country during your staycation! Travelers can very much ditch the airport and spend a relaxing week exploring their own city.

6. There’s No Jetlag

A young man looking through the window on an airplane during the day.

One of the worst parts of taking long flights is definitely the jet lag. This unpleasant disorder happens when you fly across one or more time zones and can not only affect your sleep cycle but also cause a lack of appetite and overall weakness.

And while jet lag isn’t something you should worry too much about, it can definitely play an impact on your trip, making you tired and grumpy.

Fortunately, if you travel somewhere nearby, you won’t be crossing any time zones, which means you’ll probably feel well-rested and ready to enjoy your vacation days.

7. You Can Be A Tourist In Your Own Country

Adventurous-couple sitting and contemplating a a gigantic verdant mountain.

The thing is: sometimes we’re so caught up in going abroad, that we forget about how beautiful our own country can be.

This is why going on a staycation might give you the precious chance to feel like a tourist, without having to travel somewhere far away. You can appreciate things through a new perspective, and discover hidden gems you didn’t know existed: a trendy bar with exceptional craft beer, a bakery with the most delicious croissant in town, a new art gallery, or a lush verdant park ideal for a picnic with the family.

8. You’ll Feel Refreshed And Recharged Afterwords

Men relaxing at a wooden deck at dawn by a river.

Do you know that feeling of coming back home more tired than when you left for a trip? Well, on a staycation that’s unlikely to happen. First: you won’t have to deal with any jet lag or suffer from accumulated pre-travel stress. Not to mention that you probably won’t be waiting for your bags at the airport, or worrying about missing your flight.

Second: when you travel locally, holidays usually happen at a slower pace, as you don’t feel that intense urge of seeing and doing everything. Since you’re already close to home, you can just enjoy and relax on a nice trip, without having to worry too much about checking off all the items on your bucket list.

9. It’s A Great Fit For Short Breaks

Two friends on a conversible car during a road trip.

Almost everyone knows that urge of wanting to escape from the world, and just go somewhere different for a few days. But, unfortunately, going on a holiday is not always possible — especially if you have to work. But this is exactly where a staycation comes in handy.

In case you’re desperate for some traveling (but can’t skip work) a good idea is to get away just for the weekend. You don’t even have to go far from home. Just book at a cozy hotel boutique with a spa, pamper yourself with lots of room service and spend a few days disconnecting from everything. Plus, these short breaks will do wonders for your mental health!

10. You Can Have More Quality Time With Family And Friends

Two kids playing with bodyboards on a sandy beach during a clear afternoon.

Whether you’re going on a road trip with your kids, camping with friends, or spending a romantic weekend at a boutique hotel, a staycation is a great way of reconnecting with your loved ones. Because you spend less time stressing about flights, planning, car rentals, and currency exchanges, you can focus more on having quality time with the special people in your life.

Top Staycation Ideas For Your Next Vacations

A group of four friends contemplating a mountainous National Park after hiking, at dawn.

It doesn’t matter where in the world you live, there’s probably a great destination for your next staycation. The best tip to have a great vacation is to be creative and understand what you’re looking for.

  • During the summertime, why not rediscover the allure of your own backyard? When the nice weather descends, you can set up a tent, and spend the weekend glamping outside. Barbecues and picnics are also great ideas that kids will love, by the way.
  • If it’s fall or winter, ditch the house with the swimming pool and go to a cozy cabin in the woods for the weekend. Play your kid’s favorite board games, and curl up by the fire while drinking hot chocolate.
  • Families can also go on a hotel staycation in their own city. This type of short break still offers the excitement of a new place, without the hassles that sometimes come with traveling abroad. And there’s a multitude of hotels that suitable for family-friendly vacations, offering a set of amenities and seasonal activities that the little ones will love.
  • In case you’re craving a romantic vacation with your significant other, a great staycation idea is a book a room at a nearby spa hotel. Make sure to enjoy some rejuvenation treatments, and leave all the worries behind you.
  • Anything that involves food is pretty much amazing, right? And a great vacation idea for foodies is to book a home in a nearby destination and spend the weekend enjoying cooking battles and hosting or themed dinners.
  • Adrenaline-seekers: why not make your move into the wilderness and go hiking or trekking at the closest National Park? You can engage in your favorite outdoor activities and dose up on some adrenaline.

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