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A Guide To The Best Shopping In Japan

A Guide To The Best Shopping In Japan

Activities & Adventure 5 MINS READ
Shopping streets in Japan

Shopping is perhaps one of the most exciting things to do in Japan. Nevertheless, it can be a bit intimidating to shop here. The country has so much to offer! That’s why we carefully curated a list of the best places to shop.

Most of them are located in the heart of Japan – Tokyo. This vibrant city is dotted with high-end fashion boutiques, the best electronic stores, and mouthwatering sweet shops. Ready to shop ’til you drop?

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A Guide To The Best Shopping In Japan



Known for having a unique underground culture, the area around Akihabara Station is a great shopping destination for everyone. This place is packed with electronic stores and shops selling manga, anime items, and games.

The buzzing Electric Town is also close to Keio and Odakyu’s large department stores. For the best offers head to Yodobashi Camera, Akihabara Gamers, Radio Center, Sega, Don Quijote, or Mandarake.

Location: Tokyo, Japan

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Ginza district, Prada store

Ginza is the ultimate place for upscale shopping. Chuo Dori is about 1km long and it’s famous for being Ginza’s main shopping street. It’s closed to traffic on the weekends so people can stroll around freely. You’ll come across the most amazing luxury brand stores like Chanel, Gucci, and Louis Vuitton. There are also shops like Zara, H&M, and GAP.

Another great place to shop is a new shopping mall called Ginza Six. It’s home to flagship stores such as Vivienne Westwood, Fendi, Yves Saint Laurent, and Alexander McQueen. The 6-star shopping experience spot also has spaces for offices, restaurants, bars, Noh Theater, and a charming rooftop garden.

Location: Tokyo, Japan


Odaiba mall

Located in Tokyo Bay, Odaiba is an artificial island filled with exciting shopping malls. For example, Aqua City Odaiba has over 100 shopping facilities and offers an incredible view of the Rainbow Bridge and the Statue of Liberty.

For anime attractions, souvenirs and luxury shops head to DiverCity Tokyo Plaza. It’s recognized for its massive Gundam statue in front of the main entrance. There’s also a bowling alley, karaoke bar, and arcade.

Are you a huge Hello Kitty fan? Then you must visit the iconic Hello Kitty Japan store. It’s found on the 2nd floor of DiverCity Plaza and sells adorable plush dolls and merchandise. Who can resist?

Location: Tokyo Bay, Japan

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Shinjuku City

Shinjuku City street

Shinjuku City is a special ward of Tokyo and a vibrant shopping area. Everywhere you turn, you’ll find famous brands and large shops.

We suggest you go to the Isetan Shinjuku Department Store if you’re into high fashion. It’s one of the trendiest stores in the whole country. Keio is another great department store that offers a variety of products: homeware, cosmetics, clothes, toys, and more. You could also explore the Shinjuku Subnade underground shopping mall that boasts over 100 shops: fashion boutiques, amazing restaurants, coffee shops, and services.

Location: Tokyo, Japan

Nakamise Shopping Street


The busiest shopping district in Asakusa is Nakamise – full of souvenir shops, mouthwatering street food stalls, and irresistible sweet shops. The charming street is situated right by the Sensoji Temple from the 17th century. Nakamise name stands for shops that are lining a passageway on the grounds of shrines or temples. So, this isn’t Japan’s only Nakamise, but it’s one of the oldest and most recognizable ones.

Location: Tokyo, Japan

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Takeshita Street

Takeshita Street

Harajuku’s best shopping street is definitely Takeshita. This narrow street is packed with colorful shops selling clothes, accessories, and sweets. You’ll find world-famous brands here like The Body Shop, 7-Eleven, and McDonald’s. There are also several shops that have a rock-punk or cosplay style. With such a fun and energetic atmosphere, you could easily spend an entire day here.

Location: Tokyo, Japan

Omotesando Street

Omotesando, Japan

Stretching between the Meiji Shrine entrance to Aoyama-dōr, Omotesando Street is an excellent luxury shopping destination.

For cutting-edge fashion and fantastic restaurants head to Omotesando Hills. The complex was designed by Tadao Ando and has over 130 shops. If you’re looking to bring a nice souvenir home, it’s best to visit the Oriental Bazaar. There are items like tea cups, soup bowls, kimonos, and books. This amazing spot is currently under renovation but is scheduled to re-open soon. Check out their website for more information.

Additionally, there are several vintage clothing stores in Harajuku, including WEGO at La Foret Harajuku. Moreover, there’s a large toy store called Kiddy Land Harajuku with 4 different levels. It features Japanese and American toys: mascots, plush toys, and action figures. Kids and adults will both love it here!

Location: Tokyo, Japan

Sannomiya Center Gai Shopping Street

A girl shopping in Japan

A stone’s throw away from the Sannomiya Station, a large Sannomiya Center Gai Shopping Street stretches from Flower Road to Koigawa-suji Street. The bustling area caters to everyone’s interests with a wide range of fashion, book, home decor, and special food stores. You can find anything you need here!

Location: Kobe, Japan

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What are the best department stores in Japan?

Some of the best department stores in Japan are:

  • Nihombashi Mitsukoshi Main Store;

  • Mitsukoshi Ginza;

  • Daimaru Tokyo;

  • Odakyu Department Store Shinjuku;

  • Keio Department Store Shinjuku;

  • Isetan Department Store;

  • Takashimaya.

What are the best flea markets in Japan?

The best flea markets in Japan are:

  • Tokyo City;

  • Mottainai;

  • Shinagawa Intercity;

  • Aoyama Weekly Antique;

  • Senda Wasshoi Matsuri;

  • Toji Temple;

  • Akihabara;

  • Kawaguchi Daifurugi Matsuri;

  • Tenjin-San;

  • Yoyogi Park;

  • The Oedo Antique Markets.

Are there any good shopping areas in Japan?

Japan is an incredible place for shopping! The best areas for shopping are Ginza, Shinjuku, Shibuya, Akihabara, and Harajuku.

What to buy in Japan?

  • Sake;

  • Electronics;

  • Japanese cosmetics;

  • Matcha;

  • Japanese lucky charms;

  • Chopsticks;

  • Ceramics;

  • Japanese knives;

  • Maneki-Neko (a welcoming cat figure);

  • Kit-Kats (unique flavor combinations).

What is Japan’s biggest electronic store?

Yodobashi-Akiba is a huge department store full of hi-tech equipment. Yodobashi is the country’s famous electronic chain and the Akihabara location is home to its biggest store.

What product is Japan famous for?

Japan is famous for kimonos, tea and sake sets, Kokeshi Doll, Lucky Cat, and Haiku poetry printed on notebooks or calendars.

How many shops are in Tokyo Station?

The Yaechika Shopping Mall is directly connected to Tokyo Station and has approximately 180 shops.

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