The Complete Guide To Visiting Disneyland In Hong Kong

The Complete Guide To Visiting Disneyland In Hong Kong

guide to visiting disneyland in hong kong

The second-largest Disneyland in Asia is located in Hong Kong on Lantau Island in the heart of the Hong Kong Disneyland Resort. Visiting Hong Kong Disneyland while in the city is an absolute must whether you’re traveling as a couple, in a group of adults, or as a family with young kids.

It makes for the perfect day out, and this expansive theme park is not too far from central Hong Kong, making commuting here very easy. There’s also an ocean park right next door but we recommend spending a whole day at Hong Kong Disneyland specifically, as there are so many cool things to explore.

Even though this is one of the smallest Disney parks in the world, it’s still extremely large and vastly spread. Most of the park’s visitors are from Mainland China, however, tourists and Hong Kong residents also make their way to the park quite frequently.

The Hong Kong government had ordered the closure of the park during the pandemic, but, it has since reopened in April 2022.

From enjoying delicious Disney-themed food, and taking pictures with your favorite Disney characters, to exploring the new Hong Kong Disneyland Castle of Magical Dreams, there is no end to the amazing experiences you can have here.

This castle was renovated and launched in 2020 as part of the park’s 15th-anniversary celebrations. It is the one and only Disney castle that celebrates all the Disney princesses, including Snow White, Cinderella, Aurora, Ariel, Belle, Mulan, Rapunzel, Moana, Elsa, and several others. It previously used to be known as the Sleeping Beauty Castle.

Rides like the Mystic Manor ride and the Toy Soldier Parachute Drop are not to be missed! This park is truly the dream of every Disney fan.

The park itself is divided into seven themed magic lands for you to explore – Main Street USA, Adventureland, Fantasyland, Tomorrowland, Toy Story Land, Grizzly Gulch, and Mystic Point.

Hong Kong Disneyland Guide On The Things To Do When You Visit


Image Credit: Hong Kong Disneyland

You should definitely book Hong Kong Disneyland tickets online prior to going there as this would help you avail any available discounts. If you’re planning to stay in one of the hotels in Disneyland Hong Kong, then the ticket booking process is a bit more convenient and while you can contact your hotel’s front desk for help with park tickets, the deals are still usually better online.

You can either get a one-day pass or a two-day pass (which is what we recommend so you can explore the park in a relaxed and leisurely manner). You can also buy meal passes that can be availed in the theme park – in the variants of 1 meal + 1 snack or 2 meals + 1 snack.

Arriving At Hong Kong Disneyland

Image Credit: Hong Kong Disneyland

You can travel to Hong Kong Disneyland by bus, by car or taxi, by ferry, and by the MTR metro rails, which is the most convenient option as there’s a Disneyland Resort Line that you can take from anywhere on the Tung Chung Line to the Sunny Bay Station which takes you straight to the park! It’s about a 20-minute drive from the Hong Kong International airport and easily accessible from any part of Hong Kong.

You would be entering the park through Main Street USA and need to cross it to get to the other lands in the magic kingdom.

The theme park’s timings are: Monday to Friday – 10.30 am – 8 pm

Saturday and Sunday: 10.30 am – 8.15 pm

Most of the rides and attractions open around 11 AM and begin to close around 7:30 PM. We recommend arriving early to beat the crowd as much as you can. Going on weekdays during the off-season (non-holiday season) is your best bet to avoid lengthy waiting times for the different attractions.

We also recommend downloading the Hong Kong Disneyland app on your mobile phone as this really helps with things like looking at the map, seeing the different attractions and food options, etc.

Staying At A Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel

Image Credit: Hong Kong Disneyland

There are three Hong Kong Disneyland Hotels in total at this Disney resort, namely the Disney Explorers Lodge, the Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel, and the famous Disney Hollywood Hotel.

There are several benefits of staying in a Disney hotel as they provide you with priority admission passes that you can use to cut ahead in line for rides, a separate entry gate to the park, and reserved seats to different shows such as “Festival Of The Lion King” and “Mickey And The Wondrous Book”.

Disney Explorers Lodge offers a truly rustic-lodge feeling to guests with themed gardens and gorgeous artwork and is the best hotel to stay in if you’re traveling with kids. The things they would want to explore in this hotel are unending! The hotel feels like an expansive, vast resort and is the mid-range hotel of the three in Disneyland Hong Kong. Restaurants such as World Of Colour and Dragon Wind here offer exciting character dining breakfast and lunch buffets that kids would love!

The Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel can be summed up in two words – elegant and charming! It would certainly remind you of classic Victorian architecture with a lovely front lawn and luxury rooms and suites. This hotel is the highest-priced luxury hotel of the three and offers unique experiences like the Enchanted Garden, which is an upscale dining option. This hotel is also where the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique is located currently which is a must-visit!

Disney’s Hollywood Hotel is the most budget-friendly accommodation of the three hotels but is just as great and has an amazing luxury feeling to it with an emphasis on Art Deco architecture and grandeur! Be sure to arrive at the breakfast buffet early to meet Chef Mickey Mouse here.

The Best Attractions To Visit And Rides To Go On

Image Credit: Hong Kong Disneyland

These are some of the Hong Kong Disneyland rides that you absolutely must go on:

  • Toy Soldier Parachute Drop (Toy Story Land)
  • Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars (Grizzly Gulch)
  • Iron Man Experience (Tomorrowland)
  • Hyperspace Mountain (Tomorrowland)
  • RC Racer (Toy Story Land)
  • Ant-Man And The Wasp: Nano Battle (Tomorrowland)
  • Mystic Manor (Mystic Point)
  • Dumbo The Flying Elephant (Fantasyland)
  • Mad Hatter Tea Cups (Fantasyland)

These are some of the top experiences and Hong Kong Disneyland attractions that you must visit:

  • Jungle River Cruise (Adventure Land)
  • Magic Dreams Castle (Fantasyland)
  • Festival Of Lion King (Adventure Land)
  • Mickey and the Wondrous Book (Fantasyland)
  • Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique (Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel)

Food At Hong Kong Disneyland

Image Credit: Hong Kong Disneyland

Hong Kong Disneyland has some absolutely delectable food options. The Explorer’s Club Restaurant in the Disney Explorer’s Lodge hotel is known to be the most famous restaurant in the park and has some delicious Asian food with different order counters for Japanese, Korean, Southeast Asian, and Indonesian food. Their Hainanese Chicken Rice is particularly popular.

The different Disney hotels also have some lovely restaurants such as the Crystal Lotus restaurant in the Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel which serves the famous Disney character-shaped dim sum. You can also meet your favorite Disney characters while dining in these restaurants if you’re lucky!

For American-style food, head to Skylight Diner in Tomorrowland for a good burger or chicken fingers. And, to try out Disney’s signature Turkey legs, head to the snack carts in Adventure land.

When you visit Hong Kong Disneyland, it’s best to stick to Asian food as it’s the most famous here. The Royal Banquet Hall in Fantasyland is also known for its good Asian options including sushi.


How many days do you need at Hong Kong Disneyland Park?

While one day is enough to experience some of the most popular rides and attractions, we recommend getting a 2-day pass even if you aren’t staying in one of the Disney hotels, to truly be able to get the complete experience.

Is Disneyland Hong Kong worth visiting?

Disneyland Hong Kong is definitely worth visiting if you’re traveling to Hong Kong or near there. It’s not too far from the city center at all, easy to access, easy to navigate, and a whole lot of fun whether you’re a Disney fan or not.

Is 1 day enough at Hong Kong Disneyland?

One day is enough to experience the major rides and attractions in the park, however, this also depends on the crowd during the time you visit as this would determine the wait time for the different rides. We ideally recommend a 2-day pass that you use on weekdays to get the whole experience of Disneyland.

What is the best month to visit Disneyland Hong Kong?

November to April is probably the best time to visit Hong Kong Disneyland as it’s quite warm and not too crowded during this time. However, we would advise against going in the last two weeks of December and the first week of January as this is the peak holiday season.

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