Brighton 3 MINS READ

A Guide To Visiting The Royal Pavilion In Brighton

A Guide To Visiting The Royal Pavilion In Brighton

Brighton 3 MINS READ
The Royal Pavilion in Brighton, UK

The Royal Pavilion in Brighton is a breathtaking palace influenced by Indian and Chinese design. It was built for King George IV and features vibrant colors, stunning decorations, and a captivating green garden. Here’s all you need to know about visiting The Royal Pavilion!

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A Guide To Visiting The Royal Pavilion In Brighton

An Overview Of The Royal Pavilion In Brighton

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The Royal Pavilion Brighton was a former seaside pleasure palace of George, Prince of Wales. He later became Prince Regent, and then King George IV. Queen Victoria and William IV, George’s successors, also used the Royal Pavilion. However, Royal Pavilion was eventually sold to the city of Brighton as Queen Victoria chose Osborne House as a new seaside residence. Many years later, the Pavilion was used as a hospital for soldiers and was the first Indian hospital in Brighton.

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The Making Of A Seaside Pleasure Palace

an entrance to the palace

When it was purchased, The Royal Pavilion was a lodging house. Therefore, in 1787, the Prince commissioned architect Henry Holland to extend the building. This part was the Marine Pavilion which had a neo-classical style with paintings by Biagio Rebecca.

Between 1815 and 1822, Architect John Nash was responsible for redesigning the Pavilion and Frederick Crace and Robert Jones were in charge of the interior design. The look of the building was heavily influenced by Indian and Chinese architecture.

Visiting The Royal Pavilion

Royal Pavilion at night, with colored dome

Before you enter the Royal Pavilion, spend some time in the stunning Royal Pavilion Garden, which is a part of the Royal Pavilion Estate. It’s a great spot for taking a walk, going on a picnic, and having a cup of delicious coffee.

Inside, visitors can see the banqueting room with shimmering chandeliers, the great kitchen with modern technology, the breathtaking saloon, a music room with a domed ceiling, royal bedrooms, and an Indian Hospital Gallery.

Location: 4/5 Pavilion Buildings, Brighton BN1 1EE, United Kingdom

Opening Hours: from Monday to Sunday 10 am-5:30 pm

How To Get To The Royal Pavilion

a part of the palace

You can get to the Royal Pavilion in 6 ways: by foot, bus, train, car, coach, and bike. Local buses stop near the Pavilion on Old Steine, Brighton Railway Station is only 15 minutes away, and Pool Valley Coach Station is 5 minutes away.

If you go by bike, know that the Pavilion is on Cycle Route 2 and you can find bike racks nearby. On the other hand, if you choose to go by car, you must be aware that there are no onsite parking facilities in the center of Brighton where the Pavilion is located.

Royal Pavilion Tickets

side of the Royal Pavilion

Here are the prices of Royal Pavilion tickets: 5-18 years old £10.50, adults £17.00, family 1 (1 adult + 2 children) £27.50, family 2 (2 adults + 2 children) £44.50. Make sure to purchase your tickets ahead!


Does Brighton Pavilion still exist?

Yes! If you’re in Brighton for the first time, you should definitely visit it.

Is Brighton Pavilion open to the public?

Yes, Brighton Pavilion is open to the public.

What is Brighton Pavilion used for now?

Today, Brighton Pavilion is a Regency museum.

How far away is Royal Pavilion from Buckingham Palace?

It takes about 2 hours to reach Buckingham Palace from the Royal Pavilion.

How far away is Royal Pavilion from Windsor Castle?

It takes about 1.5 hours to reach Windsor Castle from Royal Pavilion.

What else to visit in Brighton?

  • Brighton Museum & Art;

  • Hove Museum of Creativity;

  • Preston Manor & Gardens;

  • Booth Museum of Natural History.

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