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Vacation rental amenities that will make guests fall in love with any host

Vacation rental amenities that will make guests fall in love with any host

Florida 4 MINS READ

As a vacation rental manager/owner, how do you expect people to find your signal in all the noise?

Amenities like free WiFi, Netflix subscription, or a hot tub can add a kick to your vacation home, and that’s what you need to hook the guest. In a previous article, we wrote that in order to get consistent bookings for your vacation rental, it is important that you add sufficient amenities for guests. Here’s a list of amenities that can help you stay organized while providing a superior guest experience.

A small, regional gift for breakfast

Guests notice even the tiniest of details. You’d fare better than the competing hosts if you add a local delicacy to the breakfast (even if the breakfast is not on you, they’d love your caring gesture). If you’re from Orlando, you can’t go wrong by placing great local honey, homemade pasta, baked goods, or an Amish deli from Clemons Produce. Irrespective of your city, just hit your local Whole Foods Market and grab something. You may get it wrapped or put the produce in a cane basket, guests will be pleased by the personal touch you give to the item you want to add as an amenity.

Local craft brews

Your beer-snob guests will love a local variety that you’ve purchased with care and placed it in their room. Anything made by Ommegang or a good, solid, superbly crafted IPA (India pale ale) by Bear Republic Brewing Company won’t break your bank.

Flowers from your garden

If you have a well-kept garden, make a bouquet of flowers and place it in the vase next to the bed or the reading table. Nothing pleases a tired soul more than the freshness of scented flowers.

A handy guide book about your city

Large cities can overwhelm even the most adventurous visitor. This is where a printed city guide book will help them navigate the ins and outs of your city. The book will serve as an opinionated guide for the curious traveler and make the visitor’s stay outstanding. Don’t forget to wrap it with a card on top mentioning that it is a gift by you (and they need not return it).

Local organic snack bars

Imagine your guests finding a Blueberry grunt or a Choco berry bliss lying on top of their bedside drawer. They’d be pleased and think of you as a sensitive and caring person. And who knows they have kids who will have a good time with a couple of bars. If you have a Miami vacation rental listing, you’d find it easy to buy U RAWk Energy bars, a specialty of Miami.

Golf cart (yes, even if you don’t have a golf-course)

Place a golf cart because nobody will have to walk to the ocean. (Only if you happen to have your vacation rental property near a beach, just as one of our hosts has her vacation rental listing in the Long Beach area, 17 blocks away- with a guarded bay beach).  Having a golf cart for your guests will make it a breeze getting the kids back and forth from the beach.

Beach kit

Get some chairs, umbrella, sarong, paddle ball, ice chest, cards, children’s toys and football and place it near your guest room. Label it as “Beach kit” and let your guests’ imagination run wild.

Mosquito kit

A repellent, citronella candles, repellents and insecticides makes a good mosquito kit (only if your short-term rental space is near a rain forest, or you have listed a tree-house on CuddlyNest.) If you live away from the ‘mosquito’ zone, don’t place such a kit as it may freak out the guests 🙂

You can also place a floating/swinging bed if your vacation home is adventurous in nature,

Perishable food items

You can hardly go wrong with milk or fruits, unless your guest is lactose intolerant in which case milk is not a good idea.

Unique amenities

You can start a book exchange with your guests (make it unconditional, like your guests need not necessarily give back a book). This will help them remember you beyond their stay at your vacation home.

Or just leave a card with a personalized message, like where to look for help in case you are not around.

Coffee Machine & more

Make a coffee machine available to them—even a little welcome that includes chocolates, candies and cookies is much appreciated.

The ideas discussed in this article are just a starter, you can think of many scenarios that you can build to help the guests have a personalized touch to their vacation at your home. Small gestures go a long way in building trust and repeat business.