Destination Deep-Dive 10 MINS READ

The 11 Best Budget-Friendly Places to Visit With Your BFF

The 11 Best Budget-Friendly Places to Visit With Your BFF

Destination Deep-Dive 10 MINS READ

Celebrate the International Day of Friendship by planning a trip to one of the places to visit with your BFF. Not only do certain destinations across the globe make top travel lists due to their attractions, accommodations, and cuisine, but also because of their affordability. You and your BFF can explore, eat, and travel around the world without breaking the bank. Some of these popular locations on this list may even surprise you. But first, let’s take a look at the history of this special holiday.

Note: Make sure to double-check COVID 19 precautions, protocols, and operating hours before you visit any of these sites.

International Day of Friendship

best friend vacation at the beach

In 2011, the United Nations General Assembly announced that July 30th would be the official International Day of Friendship. The holiday was created to celebrate the friendship between countries, communities, and people, to inspire unified global peace efforts. Since then, every year global events, activities, and celebrations are held on the 30th of July to encourage respect for diversity and understanding in the global community. Another popular way to celebrate this beautiful international holiday? By planning a trip to spend quality time with your best friends.

Note: Make sure to double-check COVID 19 precautions, protocols, and operating hours before you visit any of these sites.

The Top Destinations To Go With Your BFF

Two best friends taking a selfie during sunset while camping.

Whether you are looking to lounge on some of the best beaches on earth, or explore the world’s greatest national parks, sip on some amazing wine and eat great food: these destinations make the best budget-friendly getaways.

While certain countries instantly come to mind for affordable trips, there are specific places around the world that make the perfect vacation spot. So don’t think twice and add them to your bucket list of the best trips to take with friends.

And in case you live in one of these locations, then it’s time to plan a staycation with your BFF. Find out all the best vacation ideas for you and your friend out here:



best friend vacation in portugal

Portugal is relatively small — slightly smaller than the US state of Indiana. For that reason, a good vacation idea is to rent a car and take a road trip from North to South or vice versa. During the summertime, for instance, you and your best friends can drive from Porto and the Douro Valley, which are up in the North of Portugal, until you reach the Algarve, which is located in the South. Take a road trip from the Algarve to Porto when travelling to Portugal.

Portugal borders the Atlantic Ocean, which offers travellers a refreshing summer experience within Europe. Some of the best trips to take in Portugal is spending a weekend in Porto. The city is a top destination for foodies, so make sure you enjoy the famous Douro Wine and explore some of the region’s best vineyards.

After a weekend of amazing food and wine in Porto, head over to the Algarve. The beautiful Portuguese coastline is home to paradisiac beaches, which makes this destination perfect for a summer trip. You can stay in cities such as Lagos, Albufeira, or Faro, and drive to beaches like Odeceixe, Dona Ana and Algar de Benagil. Spend some time soaking up the sun on the beach, eating traditional grilled sardines and you’re good to go.

With hostels ranging from 5€ to 20€ a night, you can relax in luxury at a budget-friendly price in one of the world’s most beautiful verdant locations.

Attention digital nomads: Lisbon, is not only a culturally exquisite city, but it is also an amazing location to work remotely in. With over 100 co-working spaces in the country, you and your pals can extend your European vacation by adding a couple of weeks of exploration and working abroad. The perfect combination of combing work from “home” with travel.


best friend vacation in croatia

Summertime calls for a trip with your best friends to the Balkans. Croatia is not only one of the most beautiful places to explore in Europe, but it is also very affordable. With meals for as low as 5€ a day and hotels and vacation rentals for as low as 10€ a night you and your pals can have your Mediterranean vacation for under 20€ a day. That sounds like an excellent plan for us. Book exciting excursions including hiking through Plitvice National Park or take a boat ride to the nearby Hvar and Montenegro islands. There is so much to do and discover on your Croatian getaway.

Pro tip: When in Croatia be sure to check out the hidden Game of Thrones film scenes to really discover locations that will transport you and your friends to another period of time.

Czech Republic

The 9th-century Prague Castle, located in Hradčany, the Castle District

One of Europe’s most fascinating destinations, Czech Republic is a great alternative to expensive European destinations such as London and Paris, for instance. Located in Central Europe and bordered by Austria, Germany, Poland and Slovakia, the Czech Republic is also an ideal place for best friends to go together.

For first-timers, the perfect destination is Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic. The city is brimming with castles and medieval alleys, and it’s well-known for its stunning architectural landscape. While walking around Prague, you’ll find architectural gems from the Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque eras that can take you 500 years back in time. An amazing way to uncover the city’s history and learn more about its landmarks, by the way, is to take a free walking tour with a local guide. Prague is quite compact, so you’ll be able to go almost everywhere on foot.

For groups of friends travelling to Prague, a great idea is to book a hostel in the city, which is an excellent budget accommodation option costing around 25€ per person/night.

And you can also add day trips to your Prague bucket list, as there are local trains to nearby places like the Karlštejn Castle.


The Gothic-style Florence Cathedral, formally the Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore, in Florence, Italy.

It’s no exaggeration to say that Italy pleases almost every type of traveller. Well located in southern Europe, this destination has some of the most varied – and gorgeous – landscapes in the world. It comprises the southern side of the Alps, which is the perfect ski weekend getaway; the long Mediterranean coastline for an idyllic vacation; and charming towns with rolling hills of vineyards.

And even though Italy might not the cheapest place to go, there are budget-friendly options for when you’re travelling with your best friends. In small cities like Florence, for instance, you can easily walk around and save money in transportation. You can also find great accommodation options in hostels for around 20€/night. Places like Rome, Milan, and Venice tend to be a bit more expensive. Florence is also filled with beautiful churches and basilicas, which are usually free to enter, aside from being home to gorgeous “piazzas” (squares), where you can sit down and drink a glass of wine and eat some amazing prosciutto.

Also, Italy is one of the cheapest places in the EU to take transport, and Italy’s regional train has some great affordable options for travelling around.



best friend vacation in vietnam

Over the last ten years, Southeast Asia has become increasingly popular especially for millennials. This is both due to the incredible cultural experiences and the most affordable prices. With hundreds of hostels to stay at for less than $20 a night to street food that adds to the experience, one place stands out from the rest. Vietnam is one of the most unique countries to visit in SEA, as well as one of the cheapest.

Vietnam’s architecture and design are influenced by both indigenous and foreign cultures. You and your best friends can spend your vacation sightseeing Hoi An’s popular attractions, taking a boat ride through Halong Bay, and indulging in a cooking course in Ho Chi Minh City. There is something for every pair or group of pals to enjoy in Vietnam at a budget-friendly price. Find the perfect hotel, hostel, or beachside villa for your trip.


It’s no surprise that Indonesia makes it high on our list of incredible, budget-friendly places for your vacation. This place celebrates life, joy, and all wonders. You can spend the day exploring the stacks of rice fields, and afternoon taking a surf lesson all without spending your life savings. Might we suggest spending the night at a beachside bungalow or hostel near the Ubud Forest?

From eating incredibly inexpensive meals of chicken skewers, mixed vegetables, and homegrown rice, to dancing on the beach with both old and new friends, Indonesia offers so much to fall in love with on each of its islands. You will have to go to experience it all.


If you and your best friends are craving a cultural experience unlike any other, then Turkey is the place for you. From coastal cities with beautiful beaches like Ephesus to Cappadocia’s unique fairy chimneys and hot air balloon rides to Istanbul’s rich art and religious influence, Turkey is full of bucket list adventures. And the best part is they are all incredibly affordable.

Turkey has one of the oldest civilizations in the world and it has over eighteen UNESCO World Heritage sites including Göreme National Park, the Great Mosque, and Archeological Site of Troy. Visiting best friends can book a hotel or hostel room, or an entire vacation rental in Turkey for as little as $9/night on CuddlyNest.

South America


Two people riding horses on a forested hill in Colombia.

Discover Colombia’s charming hotels in the heart of the jungle and cities throughout this South American getaway. If you have ever dreamed of exploring South America without breaking the bank, then Colombia is the best place to start. With hotels and hostels for as low as $12 a night, you and your friends can save your travel funds to splurge on delicious meals, excursions, and backpacking adventures. Bogota’s museums will enchant you while the historic streets of Medellin and Cartegena take you to another world. After having a cup of fresh Colombian coffee in the morning, your group of best friends will be ready to start the day. You can’t miss adding Colombia to your budget-friendly bucket list.


A traditional reed boat on the blue waters of the Lake Titicaca, in Bolivia.

Bolivia is a great place for an affordable and adventure-filled vacation in South America. This destination is mostly known for its mix of dramatic mountainous settings, rich wildlife and diverse cultures merging together. Located in central South America, Bolivia is dominated by the Andes, the longest continental mountain range in the globe. For this reason, it’s the perfect place for the adrenaline-seekers who love hiking and trekking.

If you decide to take a trip to Bolivia with your best friends, start by going to La Paz, which is the administrative capital of the country. The city sits on the Andes’ Altiplano plateau at more than 3,500m above sea level, and it’s the highest administrative capital on the planet. In the city, be sure to try the amazing local food by going to the Mercado Camacho market for some delicious empanadas and chicken sandwiches.

From La Paz, you can go to Lake Titicaca, a freshwater lake placed on the border of Bolivia and Peru, home to ruins and said to be the birthplace of the Incas. You can also take a trip to the Amboró National Park, one of the most botanically rich national parks in the world located 40km west of Santa Cruz, in the Andean foothills of the country. The park is home to over 830 species of bird, more than the US and Canada combined. In fact Bolivia is so biodiverse that there are unique species that are being discovered to the present day.

Another perfect destination for you and your friend in Bolivia is the Salar de Uyuni, the world’s largest salt flat at over 10,000 square kilometres.

North America

United States

View of some of Grand Canyon’s red-coloured rocks during an orange sunset.

When it comes to great travel destinations for BFFs, the United States is the place to be. From North to South the USA is home to a range of getaways for all types of travellers.

And in the USA there are also affordable destinations, so you won’t have to dig deep in your pocket when taking your dream trip. Cities like New York or San Francisco for instance, are known to be some of the most expensive places in the country, and if you’re looking for a budget-friendly trip, you might wanna consider a fun bustling city such as Las Vegas.

Nestled in the Nevada desert, the “city that never sleeps” offers more than just casinos and nightclubs, as it also has amazing restaurants, fine-art galleries and cool shops. Nature lovers can also benefit from taking a trip to Las Vegas, as the city is not far away from places like the Grand Canyon and the Red Rock Canyon, which is perfect for hiking. And there’s one more thing that makes Las Vegas a great alternative to New York: the city is a great year-round destination, and during the winter the average high is 14°C.

BFFs can also take a road trip to California. Filled with excitement and adventures, road trips are actually a great way to stay closer to your friends. You can rent a campervan or a car, and hit the road listening to your favourite tunes. During a road trip do California, you can stop by places like the Big Bear Lake and hike the San Bernardino Mountains, to the Joshua Tree National Park, in southern California, and Pismo Beach.


South Africa

An elephant in front of a safari truck full of people.

For best friends who have a safari trip on their list of dream experiences, South Africa is the place for you. Cities including Johannesburg and Capetown are not only ex-pat hubs, but excellent cities to visit to learn about African lifestyle and culture. Hike to the top of Table Mountain to get a full view of the South African coast and visit one of the famous national reserves including Kruger Park to see the big five animals up close.

Although safari and other tourist experiences have a reputation of being pretty pricey, we are here to debunk that notion by sharing CuddlyNest’s most affordable South African accommodations. You can go to South Africa and experience it all while staying in a budget-friendly rental or hotel. A rooftop pool with a view of the beach sounds like heaven.

Find the best-priced hotels and vacation rentals on CuddlyNest. You and your BFFs are just a few steps away from exploring the globe at an affordable price.

Browse. Book. Stay.

CuddlyNest provides all accommodations to all travelers at the best price. Find unlimited travel inspiration on our blog and social media channels

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Croatia 7 MINS READ

Fun Facts About Croatia: 50 Things You May Not Know

Fun Facts About Croatia: 50 Things You May Not Know

Croatia 7 MINS READ

One of Europe’s most beautiful coastal countries, Croatia has many things to offer visitors. But what do we really know about Croatia? We know it has incredible food, dreamy landscapes, and some of the friendliest people. We know it is one of the most famous film locations and is very well-known for its picturesque red-roof houses and crystal blue waters.

But there is still so much to learn before packing your bags and heading off to the Dalmatian Coast. That’s why we are sharing with you the most interesting fun facts about Croatia, that you cannot find anywhere else. Whether you have or have not visited this Balkan country, there is so much to discover, that you’ll want to visit again and again.

What is Croatia known for?

fun facts about croatia with a view

Croatia has one of the most fascinating histories, cultures, and environments of all the European countries. With incredible outdoor attractions and historic monuments, it’s important to learn all the interesting and fun Croatia facts, and more to plan the perfect getaway. Let’s dive in, starting with the history of this Balkan country.

Quick Croatia Facts

Official LanguageCroatian
Country Code+385
Currencykuna (HRK)
Time ZoneUTC +1
FlagThe Tricolour (Trobojnica)
Population4.076 million (as of 2019 report)
LocationSouthern Europe
Area56,594 km2
Neighbouring countriesSlovenia, Hungary, Serbia, Montenegro,
and Bosnia and Hezergovina
AnthemLijepa naša domovino (“Our Beautiful Homeland”)

Croatia’s History

View of the historic buildings in the coastal city of Rovijn, in Croatia.

Fact 1:  The country of Croatia was inhabited as early as the Paleolithic Age. The Croats then arrived in the 6th century.

Fact 2: On June 7, 879, Croatia was internationally recognized as an independent state. 46 years later, Tomislav became the first king in 925. Croatia thus became a kingdom and maintained its sovereignty for two centuries.

Fact 3: After years under different rules including the Kingdom of Yugoslavia, Croatia finally gained its full independence on June 25, 1991.

Fact 4: Zagreb is the capital and largest city in Croatia. It became the capital of the Balkan country in April 1941. and is 247 square miles (641 square kilometers). It is home to a fifth of the country’s population.

Fact 5: Croatia is also home to an original Egyptian sphinx. In 297, twelve sphinxes were brought to Split, Croatia. Currently, only a black granite one remains and is standing at the Peristyle.

Fact 6. The Pula Arena in Pula, Croatia is the only remaining Roman amphitheater in the world to maintain its four side towers. It is one of the remaining three pieces of Roman architecture to keep its architectural integrity.

Did you know any of these fun facts about Croatia?

Croatian Geography & Cities

croatia cathedral in zagreb

Fact 7. Croatia borders five countries. Hungary to the north, Bosnia, and Herzegovina, as well as Serbia to the east, Montenegro to the south, and Slovenia to the west. The Adriatic Sea borders the majority of Croatia’s southwest region. While it does not directly border with Italy, the two countries share a maritime border.

Fact 8. Croatia may be one of Europe’s smaller country’s but it is actually the 127th largest country in the world.

Fact 9. There are nearly as many Croatians living outside of the country as there are living there. The current population is a little over 4 million people. 

Fact 10. Croatia has more than 1,200 islands, islets, and crags off the coast of the mainland. However, only 48 are inhabited. Hvar and Korcula receive the most visitors of all the islands.

Fact 11. The largest island in Croatia is Krk, with a surface area of 405.78 square meters. 

Fact 12. Croatia has a heart-shaped island, Galešnjak, which is also known as the Island of Love or Lover’s Island.

Fact 13. The city of Dubrovnik, in Croatia, had one of the first medieval sewer systems in Europe.

Fact 14. The world’s smallest town is in Croatia. The town of “Hum” is so small its population is only between 17 to 23 people.

Fact 15. Vinkovci in eastern Croatia is one of the oldest towns in Europe. It has been continuously inhabited for more than 8,000 years!

Fact 16. Zlatni rat beach changes in shape and color depending on the wind. This beach is in Bol, on the island of Brac. Its nickname is the Golden Horn.

Fact 17. Dubrovnik was the main film location for King’s Landing in the popular HBO show Game of Thrones. The city of Split was also used as one of the film locations.

Fact 18. Croatia’s capital, Zagreb, used to be known by the name Agram.

Fact 19. Every first weekend in August since 1715, the Croatian town of Sinj hosts a knight tournament named Sinjska Alka. During the chivalric tournament, knights ride horses along the main street, aiming lances at an iron ring.

Fact 20. The 108 meters high Zagreb Cathedral on Kaptol is the largest building in Croatia.

Croatia’s Culture

dalmatian dog and child in croatia

Fact 21.  Croatia is the home of the popular dog breed Dalmatians. The breed dates back to the 17th century. The coast is named after the breed.

Fact 22. The Croatian military first wore knotted neckties in the 1600s, thus many historians believe the necktie was invented in Croatia.

Fact 23. Croatia is very well known for its delicious cuisine, including specialties like Peka and Pag Cheese.

Fact 24. There are names of two Croatian’s on the map of the Moon. Scientists J.R. Boskovik and A.Mohorovicic.

Fact 25. Nikola Tesla was born in the northern Adriatic region of Lika.

Fact 26. The world’s first torpedo was constructed by Rijeka native, Ivan Lupis.

Fact 27. Croatian innovator, Slavoljub Penkala, invented the very first mechanical pencil. The name pen comes from his surname.

Fact 28. While the popular film Mamma Mia 2  takes place in the Greek Isles, it was actually filmed on the Croatian Island, Vis.

Fact 29. The main exports of Croatia consist of textiles, transport equipment, foodstuffs, chemicals, and fuels.

Fact 30. On the Island of Susak, in Kvarner, women are known for wearing the shortest folk costumes in Europe.

Fact 31. The Croatian currency, the Kuna, is named after the pine-marten, a cat-sized mammal that’s part of the weasel family. This is because, in the past, pine marten’s fur was used for trading.

Fact 32. Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night was set in Dalmatia, a historical region located on the east shore of the Adriatic Sea, in Croatia.

Fact 33. The Croatian alphabet is also a form of the Latin script, but it has 30 letters in total. Their alphabet does not contain the letters q, w, x and y, but it has the following additional letters č, ć, dž, đ, lj, nj, š and ž.

Fact 34. The longest Croatian word is “prijestolonasljednikovičičinima”, which means “heirs to the throne”.

Fact 35. Croatia has the highest number of UNESCO Intangible Goods of any European Country. In addition to our Croatia interesting facts, there are also 10 sites in Croatia listed on the UNESCO World Heritage site list. The list includes the Historical Complex of Split with the Palace of Diocletian, Dubrovnik city, and Plitvice Lakes National Park.

Fact 36. The Irish author James Joyce worked and lived in Istria, a peninsula located at the Adriatic Sea and shared by three countries: Croatia, Slovenia, and Italy.

Fact 37. Lord Byron, British Romantic poet, was said to have called Dubrovnik, in Croatia,” the pearl of the Adriatic”.

Fact 38. The traditional Zagreb Advent was voted the best Christmas Market in Europe for 3 years in a row.

Croatia’s Food

Fact 39. The medieval Croatian town of Motovun, in Istria, is known as the ‘land of truffles’.

Fact 40. One of the largest truffles in the world weighing 1.31 kg was found in Istria by Giancarlo Zigante and his dog, Diana. The truffle was listed by the Guinness World Records.

Fact 41. In Croatia, there are nearly 300 wine regions with a strict classification system for quality check. 

Fact 42. The peninsula of Istria, in Croatia, is a big producer of award-winning olive oils. The region is often referred to as the ‘new Tuscany’.

Fact 43. In 2016 the village of Jaškovo, in Croatia, has entered the Guinness World Records for being home to the world’s longest strudel, which was 1,479 metres long.

Croatia’s Great Outdoors

Plitvice Lake National Park Croatia

Fact 44. Croatia’s highest mountain is the Dinara peak which over 6,000 feet (1,831 meters).

Fact 45. Croatia is one of the most verdant and green countries in the world. 10% of the country is home to 11 Nature Parks, 8 national parks, and 2 nature reserves. One of it’s most famous national parks is Plitvice Lakes National Park.

Fact 46. Croatia enjoys 2.715 hours of sunshine a year. That’s more than Sydney, Australia. The Hvar Island, located off the Dalmatian Coast, receives the most with almost 2,800 hours of sunshine. 

Fact 47. According to Alfred Hitchcock, the city of Zadar has “the most beautiful sunset in the world, more beautiful than the one in Key West in Florida, applauded at every evening.”

Fact 48. Aside from having the most beautiful sunset in the world, the Croatian city of Zadar is home to a Sea Organ. Designed by Nikola Basic, this experimental sound object captures the movement of the waves and transforms it into music.

Fact 49. The national flower of Croatia is the iris.

Fact 50. Croatia has the richest collection of remains of Neanderthal people in the world.

Extra fun fact: Croatia has some of the best vacation rentals and hotels found on CuddlyNest. Plan your dream vacation in Croatia!

Now that you know the most interesting and best facts about Croatia, it is time to plan your getaway. Let us know what destinations you can’t wait to visit first, and we will help you find the perfect place to stay in Croatia.

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Stays You'll Love 9 MINS READ

Staycations: 10 Benefits of Vacations Near Home

Staycations: 10 Benefits of Vacations Near Home

Stays You'll Love 9 MINS READ

This fall is an amazing opportunity to embark on a staycation. You heard that right. Staycations allow travelers to explore their own cities, states, or countries and discover what their own backyard has to offer. As domestic tourism continues to rise this year, the tourism industry is helping create the idea that just because you can’t travel far does not mean you can’t travel. So let’s find out what our home away from home can teach us about the world, and why you need to embark on a staycation this summer.

What it Means to Staycation

This trending style of vacationing is actually not a new concept at all. Many times when people want to have a quick getaway without going very far, a staycation has provided the perfect solution. Maybe a new hotel opened up down the road from your house that you would love to stay at. Maybe you just bought an RV that you would love to take to the nearby national park. The benefits of taking a staycation are endless, and we will share with you some of the best ones.

And now staycations have become more popular than ever. Due to travel restrictions, border closures, and flight cancellations, going abroad might not be possible or safe. But having been homebound for almost a year, people are craving some escape time to go somewhere new and exciting. And this is exactly where staycations come as the ideal solution for travelers. Instead of hopping on an airplane and going to the other side of the world, people are willing to keep their Wanderlust alive by rediscovering the beauty in their own countries.

The benefits of taking a staycation are endless, and we will share with you some of the best ones.

The Benefits of Staycations

reading a book during staycations

As countries around the world — including Australia and New Zealand —, offbeat destinations within the European Union and more begin to form travel bubbles to boost summer tourism, a new opportunity to experience the benefits of staycations arises. While we could list hundreds of the benefits staycations provide, here are the top 10 that truly make the case for why taking a vacation near home is the perfect solution for travel.

1. Staycations are Affordable

Two backpackers, a boy, and a girl, waiting for a train on the platform.

Whether domestic travel or international travel — if you have long-haul transportation involved — your travel bill can spike very quickly. By taking a staycation you can skip the heavy costs that come with traveling across the country or internationally, such as booking flights, accommodation for long periods, transportation, and surprisingly expensive meals at a city you don’t know very well, and more.

And since staycations are more cost-effective, you can use that saved money and focus on indulging in fun amenities and activities. Staycations also have a shorter length, and you can also fit them into your weekend, which also means: more money saved.

Find the perfect stay on CuddlyNest at the best price, so that you can indulge in a nearby getaway without having to break the bank.

2. Reduced Travel Time

Young travelers checking the timetable at an airport at night.

Now that you don’t have to hop on long-haul transportation to get to your destination, you can focus on the most important part of your trip: enjoying your vacation. Reduced travel time allows for more relaxing, adventuring, and fulfilling moments during your getaway. Whether that’s treating yourself to a nearby day spa or hiking at your county’s national park, when you don’t have to worry about getting there, stress is eliminated very quickly.

There’s also the fact that traveling across the country and internationally requires a lot of planning and organization beforehand. And this can be even more exhausting when you’re going to a foreign country. You have to plan your expenses and learn about the local currency, get all the necessary information about the destination’s culture, look for good accommodation, look for flights, learn a few words in the local language and so much more. This can, sometimes, add a little bit of stress to your trip, while with a staycation you can be more relaxed about planning or not plan at all!

3. Your Pet Can Come Too

pet-friendly trips

Although many hotels and vacation rentals strive to be more inclusive towards pet visits, when you opt for staycations, that is one thing less to worry about. You can rest easy and comfortable knowing that whatever experience you embark on, your pet can come along with you. Did you know there are certain countries that specifically boast and encourage pet-friendly travel? If you live in the US, Germany, Japan, and several others, then you’re in the perfect spot to staycation with your pet.

4. Boost Sustainable Travel in Your Neighborhood

eco-lodge to visit for staycations

Is there a new restaurant you have been craving to visit? How about a new eco-friendly boutique hotel? Staying near home will not only benefit you but also your local economy. Check out the local food markets, places of interest, and accommodations to help boost your neighborhood’s revenue and sustainable travel efforts. Staycations can contribute directly to businesses that rely on tourism and ecotourism in your area. You can help them economically, make a difference, and feel amazing about your getaway for being sustainable.

5. You Can Staycation From Anywhere in the World

Happy girl with her arms wide open in front of the Florence Cathedral, in Italy.

While some countries like Australia, the UK, Brazil, Germany, the US, and more are more well-known for their domestic tourism, you can take a staycation from anywhere in the world. Whether you’re originally from Rome and have never visited Florence, or are from Hawaii and have never been to Maui, your very own place can offer you experiences you can’t get anywhere else.

As hotels, vacation rentals, and businesses begin to open up to welcome visitors again, be sure to check with your local governments and policies to ensure that your staycation is not only the best yet, but extra safe and secure.

6. No Jetlag

A young man looking through the window on an airplane during the day.

One of the worst parts of taking long flights is the jet lag. It may make it hard for you to fall or stay awake, which can make you tired and crampy during your trip. Jet lag happens when you fly across one or more time zones and can also cause a lack of appetite and weakness. And even though the jet lag isn’t something serious to worry about, it can definitely play an impact on your trip.

Fortunately, if you travel somewhere nearby, you won’t be crossing timezones, which means you’ll probably feel well-rested and ready to enjoy your vacation days.

7. Rediscover the Beauty in Your Country

Adventurous-couple sitting and contemplating a a gigantic verdant mountain.

The thing is: sometimes we’re so caught up in going abroad and traveling somewhere far away, that we forget about how beautiful our own country or city can be. This is why going to a place nearby might give you the chance to feel like a tourist in your own place. You can appreciate things through a new perspective, and discover hidden gems you didn’t know existed: a bar with exceptional craft beer, a bakery with the most delicious croissant in town, a new art gallery, or a lush verdant park ideal for a picnic with the family.

8. You’ll Feel Refreshed and Recharged

Men relaxing at a wooden deck at dawn by a river.

Do you know that feeling of coming back home more tired than when you left for a trip? Well, on a staycation that’s unlikely to happen. First of all, because you won’t suffer from jet lag and accumulated pre-travel stress. Second, because a vacation to a nearby city usually happens at a slower pace, as you don’t feel that intense urge of seeing and doing everything. Since you’re already close to home, you can just enjoy and relax on a nice trip, without having to worry too much about checking all the items on your bucket list.

9. Great Fit for Short Breaks

Two friends on a conversible car during a road trip.

Almost every traveler knows the feeling of wanting to get away from the world, and just go somewhere different for a few days. The thing is: traveling is not always possible when you have to work, and this is where a staycation comes in handy. In case you’re desperate for some traveling, but can’t skip work, a good idea is to get away just for the weekend. You don’t even have to go far away from home. Stay at a cool hotel, order room service, and spend a few days disconnecting from everything.

10. More Quality Time with Family and Friends

Two kids playing with bodyboards on a sandy beach during a clear afternoon.

Whether you’re going on a road trip with your kids, camping with friends, or spending a romantic weekend at a boutique hotel, a staycation is a great way to reconnect with loved ones. Because you spend less time stressing about flights, planning, car rentals, and currency exchanges, you can focus more on having quality time with the special people in your life.

Great Staycation Ideas

A group of four friends contemplating a mountainous National Park after hiking, at dawn.

It doesn’t matter where in the world you live, there’s probably a great destination for your next staycation. The best tip to have a great vacation is to be creative and understand what you’re looking for.

If what you want is to have a memorable vacation with family, you might wanna take the kids on a road trip to a nearby city. During the summertime, you can rent a big house with a pool and a big backyard, and cook some of your family’s favorite dishes. How about having a picnic or a Sunday barbecue? If it’s fall or winter, you can ditch the house with the swimming pool and go to a cozy cabin in the woods for the weekend. Play your kid’s favorite board games, and curl up by the fire while drinking hot chocolate.

Another idea for families is to go to a hotel staycation in your own town. It still offers the excitement of a new place, but it saves you from the hassles of an international trip. And there’s a multitude of hotels that suitable for family-friendly vacations by offering a set of amenities and seasonal activities which kids will like.

In case you need to get away from it all for some recharging and relaxation time, a great vacation idea is a book a room at a nearby spa-hotel. You can leave the kids at home and go by yourself, take a few friends or go with your significant other. Make sure to enjoy some rejuvenation treatments, and leave all the worries behind you.

Anything that involves food is pretty much amazing. And a great vacation idea for foodies is to gather with friends and book a home in a nearby city, where they can cook their favorite dishes during the weekend. You can also organize a cooking battle or themed dinners with your friends.

Adrenaline-seekers: why not make your move into the wilderness and go hiking or trekking at the closest National Park? You can engage in your favorite outdoor activities and dose up on some adrenaline.

Traveling within your country doesn’t have to be boring, and you don’t have to feel like you’re constantly stuck at home. There are several vacation options suitable for every type of travelers. You can either stay at a hotel within a walking distance of two blocks from your home or rent a big apartment in a town located miles away from where you live. The possibilities are infinite.

Plan Your Next Steps

As July begins and travelers prepare to explore again, CuddlyNest wants to remind all wanderlusts to practice safe travel and continue to follow CDC and WHO guidelines and recommendations. Tour and sightseeing company, Headout is providing travelers with up to date information on what attractions are reopening, and where, allowing you to plan things to do during your staycation and future long-distance vacation. We can’t wait to travel the world with you again.

Looking forward to planning a summer staycation with CuddlyNest? Let us know where you are from and we will help you find the perfect staycations at the best price.

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8 Countries That Boost Pet-Friendly Travel

8 Countries That Boost Pet-Friendly Travel

Hacks & Tips 6 MINS READ

When planning a getaway there is a question that every pet owner has to ask themselves: to bring or not to bring our four-legged friend? Well, we are here to help you make that decision a little bit easier by sharing the top 7 countries that boost pet-friendly travel. It’s no surprise that travelers all over the globe would rather bring their pets with them along for the adventure. Especially, if the alternative is leaving them at home or at an over-night kennel.

Note: Make sure to double-check COVID 19 precautions, protocols, and operating hours before you visit any of these sites.

Tips For Traveling With Your Pet

Before choosing the right travel destination, a good idea is to do some research and learn everything you can pet travel. You can look up what airlines offer the best conditions for pets, what are the ones that allow them to travel in the cabin, and what are the most dog-friendly airlines if this is the case.

Once you have an idea about the best airlines, learn the basics about pet travel, especially about the bureaucracy. You might need to bring your pet’s medical records, and even get an ID for your animal, so it’s better if you learn about that in advance.

Before your travel, also be sure to look up accommodation that allows pets, and book it in advance. In many cases, pet-friendly hotels only have a limited amount of rooms available for travelers and their pets, so it’s best if you get all the necessary information about it beforehand. You should also find out if the hotel offers any pet-sitting service, just in case you need to go sightseeing in a specific place and not allowed to bring your furry friend.

Pet-Friendly Destinations

When planning your future trip to these locations, you won’t have to worry about that at all. The memories you make with your special companion will last a lifetime. While taking a trip tomorrow is not possible everywhere, we can use this time to plan the perfect adventure. Check out the top countries for pet-friendly travel in the Americas, Asia, and Europe to start preparing your itinerary for you and your pet, today.


woman and her dog

The Swiss really go the extra mile to ensure that your pet-friendly experience is of the highest quality. Restaurants even make it a priority to offer your dog water and treats. Have you heard of the fondue tram? Well, your dog can even enjoy this delicious and cheesy experience with you too, for a small fee of course. Enjoy hundreds of hikes in the Alps to walks around the stunning cities such as Zurich and Geneva. Your furry friend will adore your trip to Switzerland together.

The United States

man and his dog

It’s no surprise that with over 60 parks protected by the National Park Service, the United States is one of the best places to go with your four-legged friend. From road trips to outdoor monuments and sight-seeing in pet-friendly cities like Chicago, Seattle, and San Diego. To beach getaways in Florida, from coast to coast there are thousands of travel destinations to visit with your pet. Pick the perfect pet-friendly accommodation on CuddlyNest, and start planning the adventure you and your furry friend have always dreamt of.


Black and white dog running on a green park during the day.

The doors of almost every establishment are open to pets in Germany. Known as one of the most pet-friendly countries in the world, Germany takes a lot of pride in their animals and is a global example of how to treat pets with care and respect. In fact, Berlin is home to the largest animal sanctuary in Europe. By following their pet-friendly policies you and your pet can visit the country and have a one-of-a-kind experience amongst the resident pet. You may even want to consider adopting another furry friend after learning about the adoption possibilities in Germany.


A wet German Shepherd dog standing by a lake at the foothills of the North Shore Mountains, in Vancouver, Canada.

British Columbia’s city, Vancouver, is known worldwide as one of the best places to bring your pet in North America. While there are hundreds of pet-friendly vacation rentals and hotels to visit, Canada also boasts epic road trips filled with nature fun for you and your pet. From visiting Lake Banff to taking the pet-friendly Canadian ferries where your pet will travel in ultimate comfort, there are so many ways to explore Canada with your dog or cat by your side. He or she will love traveling by both land and sea.


Dog looking at the Eiffel Tower on a cloudy autumn day in Paris.

Does your pup want a seat at the dinner table? If yes, then take your pet on a French escape. France has a pretty relaxed policy when it comes to traveling with your pets because this country deserves to be visited by everyone and everything. Looking for the perfect destination to mix fun and exploration? Take your furry friend to the Pyrennees where they can roam freely while you sit back, relax, and enjoy your holiday break.

The Netherlands

White and brown chihuahua on a bicycle carrier.

What’s one of the best parts of visiting the Netherlands with your pet? They can ride on any public transport for free, and on trains for just 3€ for an all-day pass either in your lap or in a carrier, depending on their size. While like all destinations your pet will require the proper paperwork and vaccines to visit, The Netherlands is a great place for you and your dog to explore the many open-air outdoor attractions including parks, the Amsterdam canals, the charming neighborhoods, and more. Amsterdam was even named the most animal-friendly city in the Netherlands in 2019. We can’t wait to visit with our own pets.


Kitten up on a cherry blossom tree, in Japan.

While the busy streets of Japan’s larger cities, including Tokyo, may not seem like the best place to visit with your pet, the country has actually made major strides to promote a pet-friendly culture and atmosphere for both its residents and tourists. With almost 1,000 pet-friendly hotels, pet-friendly offices, and spacious parks, there is so much to do, see, and explore, with your pet pal. He or she will also love visiting Japan’s beautiful beaches where they can run and enjoy the water. Be sure to check Japan’s passport rules for animals before jet-setting off to the country to avoid any issues upon arrival.


Woman walking with her unleashed white poodle in Vienna, Austria.

From Vienna to Salzburg, Austria is home to many places for you to explore with your furry friend. In the capital city, you can take your pet on a cruise along the Danube river, stroll with your dog in the Ring Road and go to the famous Naschmarkt, Vienna’s outdoor market, with 120 food stalls and restaurants. Vienna also has a multitude of pet-friendly cafes and restaurants, and dogs are allowed on public transport. Small dogs traveling in a container or in a fully-enclosed bag are free of charge. Other dogs have to leash and muzzled and have a half-price ticket.

Salzburg, the Austrian city located on the border of Germany, is also a perfect pet travel destination. The city is more compact and walkable than Vienna, so you won’t have any problems strolling around with your dog when exploring the history of Salzburg by wandering around the narrow alleys of Salzburg’s Old Town.

So where will you plan your first pet-friendly getaway?

With so many places to explore, you and your pet will have a full itinerary ready for future trips. Be sure to check the pet-friendly travel policies and guidelines for both you and your pet before making any travel plans, including paperwork and vaccines. Always take the extra time to make sure you have everything, so you can avoid pre-trip mishaps and focus on the experience with your best pal.

We can’t wait to hear what are the travel destinations you plan to visit. Let us know and we will provide you with the perfect pet-friendly accommodation on CuddlyNest. Find more information about pet-friendly travel on our blog.

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