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The Best Time To Visit San Diego, California

The Best Time To Visit San Diego, California

Destination Deep-Dive 7 MINS READ
Surfer walking in the La Jolla beach in San Diego, California.

It’s not hard to see why San Diego was nicknamed “America’s greatest city”. This delightful California city treats visitors and locals with gorgeous beaches, family-friendly theme parks, lush urban gardens, and luxury oceanfront hotels. Not to mention that San Diego offers luminous year-round weather, boasting over 100 days of sunshine a year!

However, deciding the best time to visit the city can be tricky, as there are many factors to consider.

To help you plan your trip, we’ve created a comprehensive guide breaking down the best times for visiting San Diego. Whether your focus is to save money, or enjoy the city’s beaches and outdoor attractions we’ve got the answer you’re looking for. Have a look!

Find Places to Stay in San Diego, California

The San Diego Weather

Aerial view of the San Diego Marina filled with boats.

San Diego has a semi-arid climate that borders on the Mediterranean type. This type of climate is characterized by its mild year-round weather, with short, warm, and arid summers, and long, relatively rainy, and cloudy winters.

Thanks to San Diego’s location on the coast of California, on the border with Mexico, the climate is tempered by the Pacific Ocean air, keeping the summers cool and the winters relatively warm. So expect mild, spring-like weather most of the year.

San Diego has on average 146 sunny days and 117 partly cloudy days a year.

Late summer and early autumn are typically the hottest times of the year with an average high of 26 °C in August and 25 °C in September.

The average annual precipitation is less than 30 cm, and rainfall is strongly concentrated in the cooler half of the year, particularly between December through March

The cool season lasts for 4.1 months, from November to April, with an average daily high temperature below 19ºC.

The Seasons in San Diego


San Diego's city skyline.

Spring in San Diego runs from March to the end of June, and it’s characterized by mild and pleasant weather. This season brings average high temperatures of 17ºC, and less rainfall compared to the winter months.

Over the course of the spring in San Diego, the length of the day is very rapidly increasing, bringing an average of 10 hours of sunlight per day.


San Diego's Coronado Beach.

Summer is the warmest time of the year in San Diego. During the summer months, expect minimal rainfall and average temperatures hovering around pleasant 25ºC. Lows sit at a comfortable 17ºC.

The hottest months of the summer are August and September, with average temperatures reaching a high of 25ºC.

During the months of May and June, overcast days occur often, so much so that locals designate the months as “May Gray” and “June Gloom.”


La Jolla in San Diego, California.

At the end of September, fall officially arrives in San Diego, bringing chillier temperatures. The season starts with mild and comfortable temperatures with average highs of 23ºC. October often brings Santa Ana winds that, blow hot, dry air from the desert in the east towards coastal Southern California.

In November, as the season progresses, temperatures gradually decrease, but still hover around pleasant 19°C.

Low temperatures during the fall usually stay at around 15º.

Rainfall is still minimal in October but increases towards the middle of November.


Skyline of Downtown San Diego, San Francisco, California.

Winter is the coldest season in San Diego. However, temperatures are rarely too cold, so don’t expect a traditional winter in this California city.

During the winter in San Diego, the average temperature rests in a pleasant 19ºC, while lows can drop into a bearable 11ºC.

The winter is also San Diego’s rainy season, with January typically receiving the greatest rainfall, with an average of 2.28 inches annually. The rains are typically light and don’t last long.

The rainy season lasts from November to March, and there are many days of sunshine sprinkled in between during these months.

The Best Time To Visit San Diego

For The Best Weather

A couple sitting on the grass in San Diego's Waterfront Public Park.

San Diego is known for its pleasant weather year-round, so you can’t go wrong with any season.

However, summertime brings luminous warm weather, the longest daylight hours, and minimal rainfall. This creates the most perfect conditions for a beach vacation, and for enjoying San Diego’s outdoor attractions.

During the summer, some of the activities available include harbor cruises, blue whale watching, duck boat tours, sunbathing in Coronado Beach, and exploring the world-class San Diego Zoo.

Since the weather is warm and the rainfall is minimal, you’ll find it easier to explore San Diego and its outdoor attractions during the summer.

Just remember that Memorial Day Weekend to Labor Day Weekend is the summer peak season in San Diego, which means thick summer crowds and higher hotel rates and flight fares.

For the Lowest Prices & Fewer Crowds

Young woman watching the sunset in San Diego, California.

Since spring and summer are the most popular times to visit San Diego, you’ll find that these months are typically the tourism high season in the city. This means higher rates for flights and accommodations, as well as local attractions packed with tourists.

The cheapest time to visit San Diego is during the winter months (excluding the holiday season). This is San Diego’s low season, which means you’ll likely benefit from flight and hotel deals. Plus, San Diego’s attractions are less crowded during this time of year!

For Bucket-List Activities

A couple whale watching on a boat.

Since San Diego sees comfortable weather throughout the entire year, you’ll be able to enjoy a range of bucket-list activities whenever you visit the city.

Visit San Diego during the spring in case you want to see the city covered in colorful blooming flowers. From March to May, the city’s streets, gardens, and parks are covered in beautiful flower displays that are a treat for sore eyes. Must-visits during this season include Flower Fields at Carlsbad Ranch, the Botanical Building, and the serene Japanese Friendship Garden in Balboa Park.

If you’re a sports fan, be sure to visit San Diego at the end of March. This is the opening day game of the San Diego Padres, which competes in Major League Baseball, happens. The inaugural game of the season is held at Petco Park, a magnificent baseball stadium located in Downtown San Diego.

Both the spring and the summer months are the best time to enjoy the San Diego beaches. In the summer, travelers can also go on scenic cruises to see the spectacular migration of blue whales.

The summer weather also makes it a joy to visit La Jolla, a vibrant seaside area that provides a gorgeous backdrop for an idle walk on a sunny day. Visit La Jolla Cove, a picturesque beach Nestled between sandstone cliffs; La Jolla Shores, a 1-mile-long beach with gentle waves, and the La Jolla tide pools.

Visiting San Diego during the fall? Then be sure to visit Point Loma, a seaside community filled with nature trails and tide pools, and home to the historic Old Point Loma Lighthouse.

And while the winter months don’t provide luminous beach weather, they’re ideal for exploring San Diego’s stellar museums. Must-visits include the Maritime Museum of San Diego, home to the world’s oldest active sailing ship (Star of India), the San Diego Natural History Museum Natural History, the Museum of Man, and the San Diego Museum of Art.

Winter is also the whale-watching season in San Diego. Mid-December through April is the best time to see the gray whales migrating from Alaska to Mexico and back.

For Amazing Events & Festivals

Fireworks in San Diego, California, at nighttime.

San Diego has a variety of bustling events citywide running throughout the year. So, it really doesn’t matter when you visit America’s finest city — you’ll certainly find incredible festivities to keep you on your toes.

Here’s a list of all the top events happening in San Diego throughout the year.

Spring: Coronado Flower Show (April), San Diego Restaurant Week (March, April), Fiesta del Sol (May)

Summer: San Diego Blues Festival (September), San Diego County Fair (June, July), Miramar Air Show (September)

Fall: San Diego Beer Week (November), San Diego Bay Food and Wine Festival (November)

Winter: San Diego Bay Parade (December), San Diego Museum Month (February), December Nights (December)


What is the best time to visit San Diego?

Visiting San Diego from May through early October is the best bet. During this time of year, the weather is mild (average high temperature is 24ºC), making it a joy to enjoy enjoying the beach and outdoor attractions.

What is the cheapest month to go to San Diego?

The cheapest time to visit San Diego is in January, during the winter. During this time of year, hotel prices and flights are usually cheaper.

When is the rainy season in San Diego?

The rainy season in San Diego lasts from October 25 to April 22. The month with the most rain in the city is February, with an average rainfall of 2.3 inches.

What is the hottest month in San Diego?

The hottest month of the year in San Diego is August — temperatures average 25ºC.

Which season offers the best weather in San Diego?

Spring and summer months offer the best weather in San Diego. Temperatures average 23ºC, and there’s limited rainfall, which creates the perfect conditions for sightseeing.

What is the sunniest month in San Diego?

July is the sunniest month of the year in San Diego.

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