Activities & Adventure 7 MINS READ

9 Incredible Things To Do In Key Largo, Florida

9 Incredible Things To Do In Key Largo, Florida

Activities & Adventure 7 MINS READ

Key Largo is a vital part of the Florida Keys and is a magnificent island paradise famed for its stunning blue seas and pure coral reefs. It is the perfect getaway from hustle and bustle of Florida and makes for a popular vacation spot for many domestic and international travelers around the year. While visiting Key Largo, you can enjoy a variety of sights and activities, whether you are interested in marine life, scuba diving, fishing, or simply resting on the beach.

It is renowned for its abundant marine life, making it a popular site for scuba diving, fishing, and snorkeling. The upper Florida Keys, an archipelago of islands ranging from Florida’s southern tip to Key West, begin with this little island. Exploring the Marina Del Mar, touring the diving museum at the National Marine Sanctuary, adopting a bird at the Wild Bird Rehabilitation Center, and riding on the African Queen Canal Cruise are just a few of the Key Largo activities that will make you want to stay forever!

Here are just a few of the top things to do while visiting Key Largo:

9 Fun Things To Do In Key Largo

Visit Everglades National Park

Everglades National Park Night Sky

Everglades National Park is truly a sight for sore eyes. There are several places in the national park that you can explore by foot, and we highly recommend visiting because this is one of the most biodiverse national parks in the US. It preserves a terrain that has the unique ability to be able to support endangered and rare species of animals like the American Crocodile, the Florida Panther, and the Manatee. This park  is a renowned World Heritage Site and International Biosphere Reserve that is even home to numerous bird species. 

Take A Tour Of The Port Largo Canals

Port Largo Canal

Key Largo is a stunning island that has a unique and distinctive network of canals that weave through it. These canals are man-made and they serve the perfect opportunity to take a soothing boat ride and explore Key Largo purely through its canal system. You can also go kayaking or paddleboarding by yourself. Watch out for the occasional display of wildlife like the jumping of dolphins, schools of unique fish, and even several manatees. 

Relax At Harry Harris Park

Harry Harris Park
Image Credit: TourScanner

On the Atlantic ocean side of Key Largo, Harry Harris Park has a long expanse of sandy beach and crystal blue seas. It’s a public park that has a beach, picnic spots, and a playground. It’s also a terrific place to go swimming, sunbathing, or simply relax on the beach. There is also a playground, picnic spots, and a small fishing pier in the park.

Go Scuba Diving At The Jules Undersea Lodge

scuba diving

Key Largo is recognized for its fantastic scuba diving prospects, and diving at the Jules Undersea Lodge, a unique underwater hotel, is one of the most unique experiences you can have. The lodge, which is located 30 feet below the surface, is a fully functional hotel that allows guests to sleep and dine underwater. It is also an excellent snorkeling location. Scuba divers may enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime experience at Key Largo, which is a terrific opportunity to explore the underwater environment and sea life.

Go On The African Queen Canal Cruise

The African Queen Canal Cruise
Image Credit: The African Queen Canal Cruise

A voyage aboard the African Queen, a completely restored canal barge featured in the classic film of the same name, transports you back in time. While cruising around Key Largo’s canals, you’ll gain a unique viewpoint on the island and learn about the history and culture of the Florida Keys. This canal trip is available at John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park.

Admire The Coral Reefs At John Pennekamp State Park

John Pennekamp State Park

The world’s only alive coral reef system is present in Key Largo, and there is no better place to explore it than the John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park. The park offers a variety of aquatic activities such as snorkeling, diving, and glass-bottom boat tours. This underwater park is also home to several unique species of marine life. You’ll see a variety of colorful fish and coral, as well as learn about the need of maintaining this one-of-a-kind and vulnerable ecosystem.

Grab A Drink At The Florida Keys Brewing Company

Florida Keys Brewing Company
Image Credit: Florida Keys Brewing Company

Want to get a taste of Key Largo? Visit the Florida Keys Brewing Company, a local brewery that serves a wide range of delectable craft beers. The brewery, housed in a former hardware shop, offers a relaxed and pleasant ambiance, and the beers are all made on-site using locally sourced ingredients. Take a brewery tour or simply stop in for a pint and some live music. This historic brewery would have a lot of folks drinking beer.

Take A Glass-Bottom Boat Tour At The National Marine Sanctuary

coral reef

The Key Largo National Marine Sanctuary in Florida is a protected area with significantly unique marine life and the world’s only live coral reef. This is one of the largest protected marine areas in the United States and is managed by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). As a result, it is a popular scuba diving and snorkeling site. The refuge is home to a wide variety of aquatic species, including fish, dolphins, sea turtles, and manatees. The coral reefs of the sanctuary are also home to a diverse range of plants and animals, including sponges, coral, and a variety of invertebrates. A glass-bottom boat tour of the region is also available to visitors.

One of the largest protected marine areas in the USA, the National Marine Sanctuary in Key Largo is significant for being home to several unique and endangered marine species, and also the only alive coral reef in the world. Managed by the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration, there’s a lot of effort that is being put into the maintenance of this region. You can go scuba diving and snorkeling here and have a life-changing experience because you can’t see live coral reefs anywhere else. They have a scuba diving museum, as well. There are lots of dolphins, unique fish species, sea turtles, and manatees here, as well. An experience we absolutely recommend you to have is going on a glass-bottom boat ride and admiring the gorgeous marine ecosystem beneath you. You can also book a fishing charter and explore the region.

Key Largo Art Gallery

Image Credit: Key Largo Chamber Of Commerce

For anyone who’s keen to learn about the local art and culture of Key Largo and wants to understand how the art in this region evolved, you must visit the Key Largo Art Gallery. It’s the perfect place to experience artwork made by local artists in various mediums, from oil paintings to sculptures. There are also several different genres of art, including classical and modern so there would definitely be something that you would love. Head over here to discover fresh art talent and learn about the heritage of the Florida Keys. While you’re here, check if they have any workshops or classes that you can attend and engage in creating art yourself.


What is Key Largo best known for?

Key Largo is a stunning island paradise located in the Florida Keys, known for its crystal clear waters, beautiful coral reefs, and laid-back island vibe. It is known for its marine life, making it a popular destination for activities such as scuba diving, fishing, and snorkeling.

Is Key Largo worth a visit?

With so many things to do, it’s no wonder Key Largo is a popular vacation destination for those seeking a taste of paradise. Key Largo offers a wide range of attractions and activities for visitors to enjoy, whether they are interested in marine life, scuba diving, fishing, or simply relaxing on the beach. It is most definitely worth a visit!

Does Key Largo have a boardwalk?

The Mangrove Swamps Trail forms a boardwalk that runs through a swampy area through the tropical hardwood hammocks.

Is Key Largo worth a day trip?

Key Largo is quite close to Fort Lauderdale and Miami, making it the perfect day trip to get a taste of the famous Florida keys island life before deciding if you want to visit some of the other key islands.

What is the prettiest beach in Key Largo?

John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park, Far Beach, and Harry Harris are some of the best beaches in Key Largo.

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