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Spain Travel Best Apps 2019

Spain Travel Apps are most probably the least exciting part of planning your trip to Barcelona or Sevilla in July 2019. Still, to ease your travel planning, here is a list of apps you must download. Most of them are also available for  Android and iOS devices.

Midsummer Day in Europe

Midsummer Night is traditionally celebrated by the pagan countries in the Northern Hemisphere of Europe. But the shortest night and the longest day is, in fact, also popular in Spain. In Christian tradition called after San Juan, it resembles what Northern Europeans know as St John’s Day (British), Jāņu diena (Latvians), Jaanipaev (Estonians) or Midsommardag (Swedish). But instead of decorating the house with wildflowers, and singing around bonfires all night long, Spanish celebrate Midsummer differently.

Hogueras de San Juan Midsummer Celebration History

The name of the festival “Hogueras de San Juan” translating into “Bonfires of St John” finds the roots in pre-Christian era. As far, it is just like its Northern varieties. On June 24t, when it is the longest day and the shortest night of the year people gathered to celebrate. In ancient times, they lit bonfires on the Midsummer night. Collecting herbal plants of various species like fern, rue and rosemary, and dipping them into water collected from seven different springs to give them the most power on the Midsummer Eve. Then, at night, the bonfires were lit to scare off the evil spirits flying around once the sun turns towards the south. Later on, in medieval times, the bonfire lighting was attributed to scaring away witches.

What to Do on San Juan 2019

Today, you can see people drinking and dancing on the streets of Valencia, where Los Barueccos is celebrated, or burning large monumental figures in Valencia, where the traditional Fallas was coupled with the San Juan in 1928. More than everything else, the San Juan celebrations now feature wild parties on the beach on the Spanish coast. From Malaga to Barcelona and Estepona, you can take part in dancing around bonfires all night long almost anywhere.

Where to Go on San Juan 2019

Some of the largest celebrations in 2019 will take place in Granada towns, like Almuñécar, Andalucia region on June 23rd night. You will see bonfires burning continuously, and around midnight, muñecos or dolls are burnt. Once representing Judas Iscariot, the religious aspect of tradition is much less relevant now.

We also advise you to visit Gran Canaria (read on which island suits you the best!) or Alicante for San Juan. However, the largest celebrations take place in Barcelona, Madrid and Valencia, where this year you will see the fire burned is specially brought from the sacred mountain in the Pyrenees, from the peak of Canigou.

Spain Travel Best Apps for Midsummer Trip

Best Offline Navigation and Maps App for Spain CityMaps2Go

Bests offline Spain map and navigation app is hands down CityMaps2Go. With this free app, you can plan your trip easily,   your destinations, bucket lists and city guides into trip selections. Added bonus? Apart from organizing your wishlists, you can access it all offline.

Runner-by: Guides by Lonely Planet.

Spain Travel Best Transportation App 2019 BlaBlaCar

Best Spain transportation App for getting around is BlaBlaCar. While we understand your appeal to GoEurope for finding the fastest, cheapest or most convenient transportation mode, or Skyscanner for getting on the cheapest flight, the sustainable ridesharing platform BlaBlaCar works wonders both in and urban areas and countryside. Want to get from Barcelona to Madrid? Or go on a day trip to Sevilla? There is no need to stick to bus schedules anymore. Popular routes work the best.

Spain Travel Best Weather App for Spain ElTiempo

What works best in Spain is ElTiempo. Try it and you will see. When it says it rains, it does. No tricking here.

Spain Travel Best Museums, Culture, Event App

With Prado, the Reina Sofía and the Thyssen-Bornemisza, three of the world’s leading museums, is located on the same boulevard of Madrid, you cannot say otherwise: best museum guide is also the most useful one; visiting the three world’s leading museums will be no problem. Download the app Passeo del Arte.

Spain Travel Best App for Restaurants in Spain The Fork

Best travel food app in Spain goes to The Fork. The app lets you book restaurants and finds special offers even when you are blind-guessing the restaurant prices on your trip to Barcelona, Madrid or Huelva.

Runners-by: Spontaan, EatWith, ForSquare

Spain Travel Best App(s) for Safety 2019

Food Allergy Cards will let everyone know what works for you and what does not, in any language you need. But whilst on the beach, find out where jellyfish are hiding! Use app Infomedusa and never run into problems with jellyfish bites (again).

Want to learn more which tech gadgets and apps to use on your next backpacking trip?

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cusslynest blog travel blog croatia vacation beaches holidays in europe spain florida naples dubrovnik granada alicante valencia san sebastian zaragoza madrid barcelona travel guides

10 Short Daytrips from Naples in Florida

Naples Florida Vaction Homes CuddlyNest Beach Houses Holidays Rentals CondosBest Day trips from Naples Florida

Naples Florida travel guide cannot be included in a single blog post. But you can go on a short day trip from Naples in just any direction. No matter your interests, the surrounding area is rich in history. Diverse leisure activities cater to both adventure junkies, foodies as well as art enthusiasts.

Day trips for Shopping near Naples Florida

If you want to bring back of visiting a real store having a chit chat with sales assistant while looking for the perfect scarf instead of chatting with a bot on Amazon or eBay, shopping can be a cure for the soul. There are several small shops located in  Naples you can visit for a heart-warming second-hand shopping experience, like Audrey’s, or True Fashionistas, but if you are looking for all-in-one shopping mall, your best bet is to go to Bonita Springs, or straight to the outlet in outskirts of the Naples city to Estero.

Bonita Springs

Gulf Coast beaches and parks, Little Hickory Island Beach Park and Bonita Beach Park, with its sand dunes, and the Northern Lovers Key State Park mare popular visitor hotspots in Bonita Springs, and rightly so. But this is not all; Bonita Springs, located 15 minutes ride away from Naples, also features one of the best shopping malls in the area.

Where to go? Springs Plaza has it all;  Promenade Store is for a unique shopping experience.


If you seek sales and want to get a new shirt in some of the best Naples outlets, Estero is a place to visit. From Coconut Shopping Mall Naples to Miromar Outlets with more than 140 designer and brand name outlet stores under roof, to smaller shopping malls, like Corkscrew Village Naples FL, Estero has it all.

Florida Naples Best Beaches for Family with Kinds Shelling Snorkelling Travel FL Naples Everglade Marco ISland Budget Luxury Vacation Homes CondosBeach Family Day Trips from Naples Florida

Naples Florida is famous for its The Naples Pier, stretching 1,000 feet into the Gulf of Mexico. While you shall not miss watching sunset there, also try to spot a dolphin in the morning! Visit the infamous Naples beaches with calm waters and fine white sand. In Clam Pass Park and Delnor-Wiggins Pass State Park, there are several Naples getaways for family day trips near Naples FL.

Fort Myers

30 minute ride away, Fort Mayers is a fairly large town. It offers beautiful beaches and family leisure activities. Make sure to go to Fort Myers Beach which has both educational centres, The Ostego Bay Marine Science Center, showcasing local marine life, as well as leisure activities for both adults and kids, like parasailing in Estero Island and hiking in wildlife in Bowditch Point Park.

Sanibel Island and Captiva Island

Located a bit further, 45-minute drive away, the islands is a great place to go if your kids are of school age, as the sand is shell-strawn, and it takes a bridge to cross.

To get to Sanibel Island, you must go by Sanibel Causeway, which is a 3-mile long wooden bridge (toll: $6 for motor vehicles ($3 per additional axle), free for bicycles). When on the island, go and explore the wildlife and see the Sanibel Lighthouse.

As for Captiva Island, shelling is one of the most popular leisure activities for families. To relax, apart from collecting shells while watching the picturesque sunsets you can also go on a cruise to watch dolphins on the South Seas Resort, or learn to sail on Offshore Sailing School.

Florida Naples Best Beaches for Family with Kinds Travel FL Naples Everglade Marco ISland Budget Luxury Vacation Homes CondosWhat Historical UNESCO Places to Visit near Naples Florida


Meaning “my home” in the Seminole language, spoken by the ancient Calusa tribe who were the early occupants of the area, Immokalee Florida is a small town, filled with migrant workers from all over Latin America, and as such, a great place to visit to learn and explore the history of Florida. Fun and with great flair, the city offers authentic Mexican food, traditional farmer’s market and you can visit the Immokalee Pioneer Museum to learn about the history of Florida.
Want to go wild? Visit Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary to walk marshlands, birdwatch and see alligators in the swamp.

Florida Naples: Culture and Art Scene

Matlacha and Pine Island

An hour ride from Naples lies Matlacha and Pine Island. Just imagine a hippie dream of painted camper life, art all around and sun and beach to swim less than a few feet away. Sounds like a plan? Then go and visit Leoma Lovegrove Gallery & Gardens,  and Wild Child Art Gallery. Matlacha has its own nature reserve, and nature and art still rule the lifestyle here, Visit while you can!

Everglades City and the Florida Everglades

No wonder the city is enlisted as a UNESCO World Heritage site; the

Located 45 minutes to an hour south outside of Naples, The Florida Everglades is one of the great natural treasures of not only the United States but of the world, with its listing as a UNESCO World Heritage site. Founded in 1920s as the Collier County seat, Everglades City offers you kayaking, canoeing, experimenting with paddle boarding, or go fishing, but that is not all.

Florida Naples Fine Dining REstauurants Where to Eats Daytrips FL Naples Everglade Marco ISland Budget Luxury Vacation Homes CondosGourmet Travel Guide and Fine Dining in Naples Area Florida

Naples is one of the wealthiest cities in the US. It sports the second place just after New York in millionaires per capita. And naturally, where money flows, good food follows. Fine dining near Naples is not a problem, but there are some must-visits. Especially, if you are going on a gourmet journey!

Marco Island

Located 30-minute ride away, Marco Island can be a life-changing experience. Watching the sun collide with the waves and the blood orange sky. Nevertheless, after spending a day in Tiger Tail Beach or walking the Lagoon, you will enjoy the taste of good wine. Coupled with wine, freshly cooked vegetable dishes are the speciality in Sale e Pepe or Marek’s Restaurant.   

Cape Coral

Located about 31 miles north of Naples, Cape Coral offers it all. From Northern Italian restaurant Ariani Ristorante serving pasta (and steaks for its American audience) to Roadhouse Cafe offering private dining rooms and great service, to fondue place The Melting Pot,  you can allow yourself to go on a journey of taste.

Naples Florida: How to Get Around

To get around Naples, a car is a necessity. This is the only way to get to natural attractions, like  Everglades National Park’s Gulf Coast entrance in Everglades City. Drive the Interstate I-75 north-south known as Alligator Alley going between Naples Florida and Fort Lauderdale. U.S. 41, known as the Tamiami Trail, links Naples and Miami. REcommended for ones seeking a beautiful scenery is the Tamiami Trail, especially when driving through Everglades.

If you do not Have a Car, we recommend renting a car. You can also get around Naples taking the tourist two-hour tour trolley to get a feel of the city. Running daily from 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., it will not, however, be a budget option, with tickets priced at $27 for adults and $13 for kids.

Where to Stay in Naples

Stay in vacation condo just like Bret Baier’s from FOX News Channel in Naples! Look up the best deals HERE.


And now, count again, Was it 10, or 9 places to visit?
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25 Most Instragrammable Europe Places to Visit this Summer

AlsoEurope travel in 2019? One thing for sure, the Instagram stakes are now high. Believe it or not, we also crave that perfect vacation Instagram shot!

Here is what to plan and do for Europe visit. Look up our travel Instagram Destination Guide! It will help you to decide on your next Europe destination with ease. From Portugal to Turkey, from Italy to Estonia in the North. We prepared you the most Instagrammable spots in Europe in 2019: best photo spots in Rome, photo guide London and Cinque Terre Italy Instagram-friendly travel route. Scroll down to see the most amazing places to plan your trip around!

Europe: Visit The Tower Bridge, London

Or Just About any Place in Paris, France

Also Europe: Visit The Plaza Espana in Sevilla, Spain


And Nothing Hill in London.

Still Europe: Visit Capela das Almas in Porto, Portugal.

Or Fischmarkt in Köln, Germany


Also a European Visit: The Colosseum in Rome, Italy

As well as Casa Batlló – Gaudí in Barcelona, Spain

And Glamorous Galeries Lafayette in Paris, France

Of course, Fisherman’s Bastion in Budapest, Hungary

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Soaring over the city // Случалось ли у вас такое, когда непонятно, чего от вас хочет другой человек? Когда можно раскидывать своим серым веществом сколько угодно, но при этом так и не приблизиться к разгадке? И как потом больно/неудобно/язвительно смешно понять, что ошибался? Идеальный мир для меня – где люди искренне рассказывают то, чего они хотят друг от друга. Где обсуждают все с самого начала. Знакомишься с новым человеком, и он, как только определяет это для себя, делится с тобой своими намерениями и пожеланиями. Объясняет правила игры. И дальше уже тебе решать – принимать эти условия или отойти в сторону. Никаких липовых предложений, недомолвок, непонимания и расхождений в показаниях. Кристальная ясность. Деловое сотрудничество или дружба? Извлечение выгоды или реальное желание помочь? Свидание на одну ночь или серьезные отношения? Ради денег или по любви? Полное подчинение или разделение сфер обязанностей? И никаких «я хотел(а) другого» постфактум. Решаете на месте и баста. Быть может, большинство бы показало свою алчность, жестокость, бессердечие. Любая утопия антиутопична по своей сути: рано или поздно миражи рассеиваются и обнажаются реалии. Возможно, этот мир был бы ужасным. Зато таким простым! P.S. Жалею лишь об одном. Скорее всего, мы бы лишились «Великого Гэтсби». #ЧехЗадание_на_мышление #pochekh_венгрия

A post shared by Полина Чех✨ПРИНЦЕССА-ПИСАТЕЛЬ (@pochekh) on

And Drachenburg Castle near Bonn, Germany

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Многие слышали про теорию шести рукопожатий. Мол, через знакомых-знакомых-знакомых-знакомых-знакомых можно достучаться до любого человека на земле (длина цепочки варьируется). ⠀ Мне больше нравится это называть Теорией Созвездий – это не научный термин, только мой неологизм. Просто рукопожатие ассоциируется больше с разовой акцией. А расстановка звезд – с судьбой. ⠀ (я ж закоренелый фаталист) ⠀ И чем больше круг знакомых, тем чаще меня забавляют их Созвездия. ⠀ Дисклеймер: любые совпадения имен с реальностью случайны. ⠀ Случай 1. Паша находит в соцсетях Лизу и ухаживает за ней. Она зовет его на батл Саши, с которым тесно дружила, но они давно-давно перестали общаться. И где-то посредине танцев парочка встречается с Ксюшей, нынешней девушкой Саши – и оказывается, что Ксюша и Паша когда-то были помолвлены. ⠀ Случай 2. Соня, которую фотографирует Оля, оказывается троюродной сестрой Кости, лучшего друга олиного бывшего, но познакомились Соня с Олей вообще через живущую в другой стране Кристину, когда та просто скинула подруге объявление о съемке (это предложение напоминает мне песню “я оглянулся посмотреть не оглянулась ли она…”😅). ⠀ Десятки известных мне историй. Если бы по ним выпустили сериал в восьмидесятые, то “Санта Барбара” потеряла бы все рейтинги. Индийские закосы в новых “Фантастических тварях” (“я твой брат – нет я твой брат”) и рядом не стоят со “случайностями” реальной жизни. ⠀ ⠀ Как на небе есть точные локации для расположения звезд, которые астрономы связывают незримыми линиями, так же, мне кажется, есть места и связи у людей. И я в толк не возьму, как мир, с миллиардами миллиардов личных событий, переплетающихся в дикой формы клубок, умудряется существовать в этой хаосной гармонии на протяжении тысячелетий. ⠀ Не понимаю. Но верю, что в моей жизни это созвездия, а не разовые рукопожатия. ⠀ А в вашей? Были такие «случайные случаи» (тавтология намеренная🙈)? ⠀ P.S. Немного фактического материала среди разговоров о вечном: звездный потолок сверкает над винтовой лестницей в замке Драхенбург (Германия). За голубое платье (а также красное с предыдущего поста и серое с расшитым верхом) – огрооомное спасибо @olga.maslennikova 💙. В сториз новые до-после!

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Afterwards Go to Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, Netherlands

King’s Landing in Dubrovnik, Croatia

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Anzeige // When you find one of the last hidden spots in Dubrovnik 😍👌🏽⚓️🇭🇷 (which is actually not quite easy since it became GOT famous) _________ ⟡ Wild heart, happiness, ocean lover or bomb shell – they have all these amazing combinations of bracelets by @purelei_ ⟡ also the beach towel is by them & NEW in stock PURELEI X TODAYSHETRAVELS X CROATIA Werbung weil Markennennung* Use the CODE Julie20 for your personal discount 🙂 __________ “Happiness is not something you postpone for the future; it is something you design for the present.” —Jim Rohn _____ Wishing everyone a HAPPY FRIDAY from Kings Landing! What are you up to on this weekend? Let me know I’m curious what weekend plans couldlook like 😍 . .
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Before, Go to St. Mary’s Basilica, Krakow in Poland

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Heute mal aus Krakau ☀️ 👋🏼 Kind regards from Kraków, Poland with 🎒 @grafea #grafea . . This picture was taken in front of st Mary’s church in the city center, in the old town of Kraków 🙂 Church of Our Lady Assumed into Heaven is a Brick Gothic church adjacent to the Main Market Square in Kraków, Poland. Built in the 14th century, its foundations date back to the early 13th century and serve as one of the best examples of Polish Gothic architecture. The most beautiful moment if you ask me is when the typical sound is playing, which is called ‘Hejnał’. . . Have you ever been to Poland? 👍🏼 🇵🇱 (oh and btw if you count all pigeons correctly, I will pay you 5€ 😂) . *Werbung Markennennung *ad not paid . #krakow #poland #polska #cracow #Krakau #love #travel #topkrakowphoto #travelpoland #IGpoland #IGkrakow #iamtb #beautifulmatters #womenwhotravel #ladiesgoneglobal #globelletravels #wearetravelgirls #dametraveler #femmetravel #citizenfemme #sheisnotlost #sidewalkerdaily #darlingescapes #cbviews #bestcitybreaks #passionpassport #wetravelgirls

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Also visit Míkonos, Greece, Europe

And Wander Manarola in Cinque Terre, Italy

But Remember to Visit and Explore Warsaw University of Technology in Poland, Europe

And Quinta da Regaleira in Sintra, Portugal while Europe Travel

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Yet another uni exam session is right around the corner, and I'm dreading it so much. On a more positive side, I only have a few subjects to pass before I can finally get my Bachelor in Journalism and communication science. 🙌 whoop whoop … … Where are you at? Are you currently a student, have you already finished..? Curious to know! 🤗 … … BG| Поредната сесия чука на вратата, а на мен толкова не ми е до това. От друга страна ми остават само още няколко предмета  докато завърша бакалавърската си степен по журналистика и комуникационни науки. 🙌 … … А вие следвате ли? Или може би вече сте завършили, или пък никога не сте следвали? Споделете в коментарите! 🤗

A post shared by Lyubomira | Travel blogger (@bulgarianonthego) on

Also, Visit Stari Most, in Bulgaria, while Europe Travel

Europe Travel 2019

And, when deciding on your next vacation spot, also ensure to not to miss out on great deals. Keep track of budget vacation homes in Spain. Or, select your favourite beach villas in Croatia as well as modern rental apartments in London, and Paris or Rome for your stay in Europe.

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Game of Thrones Spain Roadtrip

Game of Thrones Spain. GOT and Spain. Sounds like it does not go together? Sunny Spanish culture and Game of Thrones winter and wars may seem like an odd combination but is nevertheless true.

 Ever wanted to find yourself at Dragonstone or visit Dorne, the Water Palace of Sunspear? We already set you up for a guided visit to Dubrovnik, Croatia, where the majority of scenes for the King’s Landing is set. Want to explore the realities of the Seven Kingdoms and wander around Game of Thrones Season 7 shooting locations? Ee prepared a 7-day tour to Spain for you. Now, you will be able to visit all filming locations in just 1 week. So, let’s start from here!

Days 1 and 2. Game of Thrones Spain: Visit Seville 

There is no wonder directors chose to shoot series in Seville – it is one of Spain’s most beautiful and historically rich cities, with architecture ranging from the Gothic cathedral to Mudéjar (Moorish) palaces to churches in baroque style. If you have no time, then visit at least María Luisa Park and Plaza de España – these two wonders tell the story of Andalusian capital throughout the centuries.

Game of Thrones (film still)

Royal Alcazar of Seville, Game of Thrones Spain Dorne

Series are set in the very centre of Sevilla, the Royal Alcazar of Seville. To shoot here, the film crew had to get special permission to close half of the palace for the time being, which is not an easy task, as the palace is the tourist hotspot and the general policy is against movie shooting here.

Game of Thrones (film still)

Game of Thrones (film still)

However, the Dorne scenes were shot here, capturing the summers of royal Martell family. Before you go to Seville, watch Season 5 starting Episode #2 showing the Water Garden. From there on, you can see almost every corner of the Dornish Palace. From Ambassador’s Hall where Jamie Lannister, Doran Martell and Ellaria Sand are resting on the royal couches, to the Golden Ceilings which Jamie Lannister passes. You can also climb down to the Moorish Baths of the Alcazar where Myrcella Lannister was killed by Ellaria and Sand Snakes.

Game of Thrones (film still)

Game of Thrones (film still)

Open from 9.30 am to 5 pm daily, the palace is the top attraction for tourists. We suggest you go there in the early hours to have enough time and skip the crowds taking over the palace from noon.

Look up more information on the museum website.

Game of Thrones (film still)

Italica,Game of Thrones Spain Dragonpit

Just outside Seville, in the ancient amphitheatre ruins with some columns and beautiful floor mosaics dating back to Roman times in Iberia, the production of Game of Thrones season 7 and season 8 is set. In series, you can recognize the amphitheatre as a King’s Landing Dragonpit. Once served to 25,000 spectators, this indeed a must-visit for all GOT fans, especially if you want to take a short break from the tourist crowds in Sevilla.

How to get here?

Get on a bus from Sevilla Villanueva Serena to Santipoce. The ticket costs 10,34€ – you can buy it from the company website or get on the bus.

Day 2. Visit Osuna and Castillo de Almodóvar del Río

To continue the exploration of the Game of Thrones filming locations, go to Osuna and Castillo de Almodóvar del Río, which you will recognize as Daznak’s Pit and Highgarden.

Game of Thrones (film still)

Osuna, Daznak’s Pit

About an hour ride from Seville lies Osuna, a small but extremely beautiful historic town. In the series, the bullring hosts a scene where Daenerys settles a score with Meereen slave masters in the Dance of Dragons.

You will be able not only to visit the scene where the crew spent 12 days to shoot the scene, requiring hundreds of re-shoots but also immerse yourself in Spanish bullfighting tradition, brought to Spain by Moors. On feast days, Moors would kill the bulls riding on horseback. Modern-day Matador style bullfighting, though, came around only in the 18th century. Contrary to popular belief, the tradition is not banned entirely but has lost its popularity with 93% of youngsters being against.

Game of Thrones (film still)

How to get here?

Take a train to Almeria from Sevilla Santa Justa to Osuna. The train runs every hour and costs Є11.50. We suggest planning the early arrival, so you can take your time in Osuna and make it to Highgarden shooting location the same day.

Game of Thrones (film still)

Game of Thrones (film still)

Castillo de Almodóvar del Río, Highgarden

The 8th-century medieval castle serving as Highgarden in series will disarm you with its magnificent sights. First screened in season 7, the castle hill finds itself under Lannister rule.

Just as in series you can see it from far away – the castle hill stands out in the landscape, as it is the only hill in miles. There is an easy and scenic trail, and you can climb the towers to see the views.

Game of Thrones (film still)

We recommend to come here either by bus or – if you rent a car – then parking space is limited and will cost you Є 9.00. The castle is open on weekends from 11 am to 8 pm, but beware the weekdays – the Spanish siesta takes place from 2.30 om to 4 pm, and the castle is open to visitors only in mornings and evenings.

Game of Thrones (film still)

Day 3. Visit Game of Thrones Spain Los Barruecos

The nature reserve Los Barruecos is located just near Caceres, 3-hour drive away from Madrid. The Loot Train attack was shot here. As for series, you can recall how for the first time Daenerys released her dragon against the Lannisters.

To get from Highgarden here, we suggest you to go on BlaBla car and get a ride-share through Merida. Or, you can skip the public transport hassle and head straight to Castillo de Zafra via Madrid.

Game of Thrones (film still)

Days 4 – 5. Long stop in Madrid and Castillo de Zafra

Either coming from Caceres or Cordoba,  there is no way to avoid Madrid, the capital of Spain, on your way to Castillo de Zafra where Tower of Joy appearing first in Season 6 is located. Located between Madrid and Barcelona, the Tower of Joy homes Prince Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark after their secret wedding. It was also a birthplace of Jon Snow.

The Zafra Castle – Bastion of Molina Manor is a magnificent 12th-century building and one of the strongest castles in the kingdom by the 16th century. Originated as an Arab fortress, the castle is only open to visitors from outside.

Game of Thrones (film still)

Days 6 – 7. Stay in Zaragoza and Game of Thrones Spain Bardenas Reales

As the Bastion of Molina Manor is located near to Zaragoza, we encourage you to share a ride on BlaBlaCar to Zaragoza, visiting its beautiful city centre, and then ride to the Bardenas Reales. Going by car, it takes around 1 hour to get to the breathtaking landscape. After seeing the soaring canyons, sandstone cliffs and rocky outcrops, there is no wonder why the film crew chose the location to shoot the Dothraki Sea. The Spanish badlands made from clay, chalk and sandstone have been moulded by water and wind for centuries, and you can see it just like another planet once again on Season 6.

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Best 5 Vegan Restaurants in Alicante, Spain

Travelling to Italy or Spain, as well as Portugal may be at times burdensome for those thriving on vegan diets. Vegan restaurants Alicante does not spot on every corner. Sure, there is plenty of fresh fruit, plenty of vegetables and salads available, but what about something more substantial?

There are very few places to find your morning croissant made out of vegetable oil in France, and even less if you find yourself in a place one cannot call a metropolis. Such as Alicante, Spain, for example.
The pristine beaches and mind-blowing paradise-like waters are amazing, but when it comes to vegan restaurants, one can count them on one hand.

For this particular reason, we at CuddlyNest visited the few to give you a first-hand approach to all of them.

Where to Eat Vegan in Alicante Spain 2019

Vegan Restaurant Alicante: Purpura Project

Unlike the mainstream in Spain, Purpura Project will be a great place to take your kids if you are unsure about their table manners. The food you will eat with hands, and the restaurant serves you wide variety of salads, tasty main courses and desserts. Added bonus? Craft beers and house wines are on the menu. Definitely worth a try!

How to get to Purpura Project?

To get to Purpura project, you will have to walk about 30 minutes up the city, so plan your lunchtime ahead.

What are the opening hours?

Open on through Monday to Wednesday for diners from 6 pm to 11 pm. On Thursday to Saturday the restaurant is open for lunch from 1 pm to 4 pm and dinner from 7 pm to 11 pm. On Sundays from 1 pm to 4.30 pm.

Our recommendation

The staff is always friendly and recommend you the freshest food, but we loved the Battered ‘squid’ sandwich for early lunch and green rice (arroz verde) and tiramisu for our dinner.

El Embrujo

While you would expect the restaurants to have a set menu, this vegan restaurant has 3 courses available. There are 2 options for each course, and they are rotating day by day. You have to order in Spanish, though, so beware! To get what you are looking for, you should speak at least some basic Spanish. Apart from the main menu (salads, risotto, crepes), there are options for a pudding. You are likely to end up with $20 per 2 persons (including wine).

How to get to El Embrujo?

The restaurant sits about 20 minutes ride away from the historical centre of Alicante in a town named Elche. To get there, take a train from for about 30 minutes, or get in a car or taxi to get to Elche.

What are the opening hours?

The restaurant is open in lunchtime from 1 pm to 3 pm and for dinner from 8 pm to 11 pm every day, except for Mondays.

Our recommendation to the menu in vegan restaurants Alicante

Apart from getting the main course, we suggest you to take a pudding as well – after all, there will be almost no other place on the street where you can get a vegan sorbet – and not a gelato – for your sweet tooth.

Vegan Restaurant in Alicante: Tres Semillas

Tres Semillas will cater your sweet tooth for a fresh start of the day. Serving cakes, pastries, cookies, croissants and everything else you may crave for. Get a freshly squeezed juice, and this vegan cafeteria may become your daily breakfast place (it almost did for us!)

How to get to Tres Semillas?

You will find Tres Semillas on Avenida de la Constitucion, 16 in the centre of Alicante. No wonder why everything is so tasty – the patisserie is located right across the central food market Mercado Central de Alicante.

What are the opening hours?

The cafeteria is open all day long on weekdays from 7.30 am to 8.30 pm, from 8.30 am on Saturdays and from 9 am on Sundays.

Our recommendation

When visiting, we could not help but get two treats for everyone – everybody loved their choices. However, some of our team’s favourites were the almond croissant for breakfast with the freshly squeezed juice. Also, we must mention lemon mousse and Spanish empanadas. 

Vegan Restaurant Alicante: Natura Gourmet

Natura Gourmet is a fusion restaurant, turned vegan since 2016. Open for lunchtime, this eaterie serves you burgers, pasta, croquetas, and even imitation shrimps. Wide variety of options and take-away are added benefits when you are in the centre of the city, hungry.

How to get to Natura Gourmet?

The place is in the centre of Alicante, García Morato street 4. Get here by foot, there is no need to take transportation.

What are the opening hours?

Open on Sundays and other weekdays for lunchtime 13:30-16:00. On Fridays and Saturdays for evening meals from 8.30 pm to 11.30 pm. Overall, the restaurant serves a large variety of tasty vegan food, one of the best of vegan restaurants Alicante ever saw.

Our recommendation to vegan restaurants Alicante menu

Get yourself a vegan alioli or enchilada – these are just amazing! But other than our recommendations, follow the cook – they know what’s the best on that day.

Where to Eat Vegan in Alicante: Eat Vegan Anywhere

You may also get some vegan tapas in the regular tapa bar. Look on our previous post for what is tapa! Vegan tapas available in most bars are gazpacho soup, baked potatoes and risotto. Just let your waiter know that you are a vegan. And you will be served delicious salads, risottos, and freshly squeezed juices.

Print it out or remember by heart:

Soy vegana Sin lácteos, sin huevos, sin productos animales, por favor.

Happy travels!


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15 Reasons to Visit Balkans this Summer

What are Balkan Countries

The Balkan region is countries located in southeastern Europe. Culturally diverse, yet historically connected, the region consists of a bunch of small countries. It includes Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Kosovo, Montenegro. Also North Macedonia, Romania, Serbia, Greece, and Slovenia.

 1. Your tastebuds will be forever grateful for trying Croatian Pag Cheese

2. You will learn that good wine does not have to be expensive

man diving in the water

3. You will learn how to swim (in case you cannot, yet)

4. You will discover that eggplant can be tasty when on bread – taste Ajvar

5. You will learn to dance crazy by Balkan music rhythms

Woman Standing Near Group of People

6. And you will never forget the parties at Belgrade floating party boats

7. Summer music festivals are cheap and good

8. You will get to Eat Burek when visit Balkans summer 2019

clear glass cup on brown wooden surface

9. Drinks here are good and cheap and turn white when mixed with water – try Rakia

10. You will learn where democracy was born when visit Balkans summer 2019

11. You will discover the generosity of people

12. And, you will discover the cultural differences between East and West

shallow focus photography of clear glass jar

13.You will be in a region where you can’t guess the word and will learn to adapt when visit Balkans summer

14. Fresh foods will make you want to change your diet for good

15. Turquoise see will make you wonder leaving your daytime job for a life in paradise to visit Balkans summer 2019

Still wondering when and where in Balkans to go this summer?
Check out our other posts on Croatia travel: foods, movie travel and check out the options for your holiday stay.
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Best Croatia Beaches for Family Holidays

Croatia is famous for its wild beaches and resorts, it’s wine and the pristine blue Medditarean sea. Best Croatia beaches are well known, yet not all are very suitable for large families, or families with small kids. Here are some of the best sandy stretches for your family and you to enjoy a relaxing and fun day by the sea.

Already planned your summer holiday for this year? No worries – Croatia is best enjoyed in early September or even the start of October, hence, on the shoulder season.

Croatia Beaches for Family Holiday

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Croatia Sakarun Beach, Dugi Otok

Croatia beaches cannot look any more paradise-like than this gets. Sakarun beach is well known as one of the best beaches in Dalmatia coast (read: why you should visit Dalmatian coast) of Croatia.  And it is no wonder, as it is included in the Croatian ecological network to protect the biodiversity.

The little bay is just like heaven. You get the turquoise and calm water, white sand and sun most days in the summer will allow you to relax. The beach is also not extremely crowded, which means your kids would have space for the play while you can pick up a book to read facing Zadar archipelago Tri Sestrice, Sestrunj, Molat, Zverinac), and the lighthouse Veli Rat.

How to get to Sakarun Beach?

The beach is located on the west side of Dugi Otok.

If you are in Zadar, take a tourist train from Hotel Maxim in Zadar to the beach in the summer, afterwards taking ferry.

However, you can also take a ferry from Zadar city on Croatia’s Dalmatian coast. Ferries are going daily year-round, and it takes approximately 1 hour 20 minutes for you to get to the beach.

Dražiča Beach, Biograd na Moru

The sun and shade make this the perfect beach for families with younger kids.

This short gravel beach is fun and offers lots of sports activities, so you can relax while keeping kids occupied.

How to get to Dražiča Beach?

The beach is just 10 minutes walk away from the centre of Biograd, and you can reach it by pathway.

Slatina beach, Martinšćica, Cres Island

Located near camp with the same name, this is one of the most beautiful beaches in Cres-Lošnij archipelago. Unlike other beaches, Slatina water is very warm and clean, and it looks green due to its sandy bottom. The beach itself is partially sandy and partially concrete, making it a  good choice for those seeking the happy middle between wilderness and family-friendly infrastructure.

The beach has a restaurant, showers, changing rooms and a lifeguard’s tower, as well as sports and animation centre just in walk’s reach.

How to get to Slatina Beach?

The beach is located on the Kres Island, so if you are in Opatija, and wish to visit Slatina for the weekend, get in the car, drive the beautiful coastal motorway and get to the beach by ferry. 

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Zaton Beach near Zadar

While Zatar is one of the top choices for families visiting Croatia exclusively for beach holidays, Zaton and Nin are famous for their sandy coasts. Zaton Beach stretches more than 1.5 km. It is on premises of Zaton Holiday Resort, a family vacation paradise. You will see many musement parks and water attractions here. Other attractions, like bars and restaurants, are also available serving delicious Croatian food. For your comfort, the beach offers with outdoor showers, cabins, sports shop. Also, beach chair and umbrella rental, public toilets and a grocery store. The coastline water pools are safe and the coast area is shallow, making it perfectly safe for younger ones as well.

How to get to Zaton Beach

Either you are residing in Zadar, or make your way from Dubrovnik or Split for a day by the beach by car. You can get around by both public and private transport.
If you are staying in Zadar, you can take a suburban bus running between Zaton and Nin. The ticket will cost you 13 kuna (EUR 1.75)  one-way.
If you are coming with your family from Split or Dubrovnik, the Game of Thrones film set, we suggesting hiring a car and driving the picturesque coastal road on your way to the beach.

Where to stay near Zaton Beach

You can stay in Zadar country houses, beach villas and condos with your family. Here are some of our favourites.

Family House with Private Pool

Private Villa with Pool

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Vela Beach, Baška, Krk Island

As we already wrote, Krk island is amazing purely to experience the Croatian winemaking tradition,  but you may as well enjoy the beachside at the daytime.

Vela Plaza is the most popular beaches on Krk island, and you are likely to find yourself between crowds of Croatian, Italian and German tourists whilst sunbathing. The water is calm in the perfect turquoise shade, making it seem just like a postcard.

Visiting Vela beach with kids will fit both; those who love making sand castles as well as those preferring pebble stone fortresses. That said, the beach has it all – white sand and gravel alike, supplied with a couple of beach bars and opportunities to keep one active playing sports. You can rent a volleyball and play it in with friends, or get on a pedal boat and enjoy the blue sea from waves.

How to get to Vela Plaža, Krk island

If you find yourself on the island, the beach is just near the centre of town Baska. If, however, you are visiting Krk island from the mainland, you can either take a bus or walk your way on the bridge, as there are no ferries linking Krk with the mainland directly.

Buses from Rijeka to Krk town are running daily, and the journey lasts around 1 hour and costs EUR 9. You can look up the bus schedule on Autotrans website. If you are coming from Zagreb, it will take 3 hours and cost EUR 19. You can take a bus run by Autotrans or Croatia Bus.

What to Keep in Mind Visiting Best Croatia Beaches

While we strongly encourage you to enjoy your family beach holidays when your schedule allows to, the best times to visit Croatia is nevertheless the shoulder seasons, that is May and September – October.

Although speaking only English is not going to be a barrier, as 81% of Croatians speak English, practising German is not a bad idea, either, as German and Italian are both popular languages as well.

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