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Diriyah Gate Development Project, Saudi Arabia: What You Should Know

Diriyah Gate Development Project, Saudi Arabia: What You Should Know

Destination Deep-Dive 4 MINS READ

Crown Prince HRH Mohammad bin Salman has announced the Diriyah Gate Development Authority (DGDA), a mega-project to enhance Saudi Arabia’s tourism status.

Integrating modern urban design with the traditional Najdi architectural typology, the mixed-use urban development revitalizes Diriyah, the historic city, and makes it Saudi Arabia’s new cultural center. The Project is evidence of the kingdom’s dedication to maintaining its rich cultural heritage while bringing in a new phase of development and modernity.

In addition, Saudi Vision 2030 states that the DGDA project intends to be “one of the world’s foremost lifestyle destinations for culture and heritage, hospitality, retail, and education, and will become one of the world’s great gathering places.”

This ambitious endeavor seeks to transform the historic Diriyah area into a vibrant cultural and lifestyle destination, blending the past with the present in a harmonious fusion.

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  • What is the Diriyah Gate Development Authority (DGDA) project?
  • Cultural Renaissance
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What is the Diriyah Gate Development Authority (DGDA) project?

An ambitious tourism project in Saudi Arabia, the Diriyah Gate Development Authority (DGDA) project aims to attract tourists worldwide in the next few decades. This project, situated outside of Riyadh, the capital, is focused on Diriyah’s historic district and the At-Turaif UNESCO World Heritage Site, an iconic mud-brick city with roots that go back to the 15th century. However, the DGDA project aims to breathe new life into this historic district, meticulously preserving its heritage while introducing modern amenities and infrastructure.

But what is At Turaif? The Saudi dynasty’s first capital was At-Turaif, and despite a period of hundreds of years since its construction, the site has remained impressively intact. Here, guests may discover Saudi Arabia’s past and closely look at its palaces and structures.

In addition, the DGDA is leading a project under the Public Investment Fund’s Vision 2030 initiative, aiming to attract 27 million visitors by 2030. Activating and promoting the Kingdom’s most significant heritage assets, Diriyah Gate will join other giga-projects, NEOM and The Red Sea, in elevating the Kingdom’s profile as a major worldwide tourist, culture, and leisure destination. Situated in the province of Riyadh, the town is undergoing construction to become a mixed-use landmark featuring hotels. These residences honor Saudi Arabian history and cultural facilities.

Cultural Renaissance

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The DGDA project aims to promote a vibrant cultural scene that showcases Saudi Arabia’s rich artistic heritage and traditions. The historic city, the original capital of the modern Kingdom and the birthplace of the ruling Al Saud family, is being preserved and protected to maintain nearly 300 years of Arab history.

What additional amenities will this project have? The project will include galleries, museums, performance spaces, and educational facilities. This will allow local and international artists to show off their skills and interact with tourists worldwide.

Furthermore, the project will incorporate traditional craftsmanship and architectural styles, seamlessly blending historical authenticity with contemporary design principles. Visitors can explore restored heritage sites, participate in cultural events, and immerse themselves in the vibrant tapestry of Saudi culture.

Fatima, a resident, says, “The addition of museums, art galleries, and recreational facilities will make Diriyah a hub of activity, drawing visitors from all corners of the globe. It’s a source of pride for our community and a shining example of progress done right.”

Economic Opportunities

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Diriyah Gate aims to enhance tourism and promote culture, heritage, and history while strengthening the economy and supporting local communities through empowering initiatives, increasing employment opportunities, and living standards.

Moreover, the project aims to attract domestic and international tourists, positioning Diriyah as a premier destination for cultural tourism in the Middle East. Also, the development helps to boost economic activity, enhance infrastructure, and contribute to the kingdom’s sustainable growth and diversification through its strategic location and rich history.


Is Diriyah worth visiting?

Yes, Diriyah is worth visiting! With its rich historical significance, meticulous restoration efforts, vibrant cultural scene, and numerous attractions, Diriyah offers a unique and immersive experience for visitors interested in exploring Saudi Arabia’s heritage and traditions.

Which hotels will open near Diriyah Gate?

Hotels from Hyatt Place, a Montage Hotels & Resorts property, Radisson RED, The Langham, and a Waldorf Astoria hotel, as well as Marriott’s The Luxury Collection, Park Hyatt, Rosewood, The Ritz-Carlton, and Four Seasons, will be open in the area.

How big is the Diriyah project?

The Diriyah project will span a total area of 14 square kilometers in Riyadh after adding spaces for housing, universities, and other projects.

What are the mega projects in Saudi?

The following are mega projects in Saudi Arabia:



The Red Sea Project

Qiddiya Entertainment City


King Abdullah Financial District

Jeddah Tower

Riyadh Metro Project

Triple Bay Marina

King Salman Park

Green Riyadh

The line Saudi Arabia

Al Widyan

Al faisaliyah center

King Abdulaziz International Airport

AlUla, World’s largest living museum

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