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Visiting New York Ranked Attractions

Visiting New York Ranked Attractions

Activities & Adventure 4 MINS READ

Visiting New York? Check Out The Most Ranked, Iconic Tourist Attractions

Taking a trip to New York City is on the “to-do list” for many. It’s true that it’s the “city that never sleeps.” There’s just so much to do there. It’s important to know what the city offers and what the most popular attractions are so you can prioritize what you want to see. There’s no reason to walk around not knowing where to go or what to do next. Consider these top attractions and choose which you must see during your next trip.

  1. Times Square

This attraction is one of the most well-known places for tourists, so it’s very likely you’ve heard of it. Tourists usually love this place for Broadway and 42nd. Nothing draws you in more than the ginormous billboards and huge crowds.

Tip: Avoid commuting during peak hours (9 AM and then again from 5-7 PM. Keep your guard up no matter who approaches you. Don’t be suckered into discount tour deals. New York City isn’t cheap and that selfie you may be tempted to take with Elmo is not going to be free.


  1. Ellis Island and The Statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty comes in at a whopping 305-feet. It’s also a well-known symbol in America. If you’re into the city’s immigrant history, do yourself a favor and venture to the Tenement Museum, located on the Lower Eastern portion.

Tip: Take a different route. Luckily, you will be able to see The Statue of Liberty just by standing right on the Staten Island Ferry deck – and this one costs nothing to ride – One other option is to try out the IKEA water taxi, located at Pier 11, and travel to Red Hook, Brooklyn.

  1. The Empire State Building

To take advantage of this incredible view, you may want to avoid peak times, such as summer, weekends, and during sunset. This attraction is well-known for being a romantic and popular site – you can visit to be the judge of that.

Tip: If you decide to go, make sure you go early. Between sunrise and 11 AM, there will be a crowd and you could be in line for at least a couple hours. If you are really ambitious about seeing The Empire State Building, you can skip the line and purchase an $80 VIP express pass or a $100 sunrise pass.

  1. Rockefeller Center and Top Of The Rock

The view you will receive from standing on Top of The Rock in NYC is amazing and you can even get your much-needed view of the Empire State Building in photos. You may have heard of the Rockefeller Plaza as it’s famous for the airings of the Today Show. If you go during winter, you will be able to see the giant Christmas tree. If you go during really cold months, you can venture out to the skating rink.

Tip: To avoid paying for the 70th floor observatory, go to the Rainbow Room’s Bar SixtyFive, and purchase a cocktail for $20 – It will get you a similar view – and you’ll only be five floors below.

  1. Grand Central Terminal

Although New Yorker’s aren’t incredibly impressed with Grand Central Terminal, just because that’s their transportation to work every morning – Tourists are excited to check it out as it’s a well-known and famous transit hub.

Tip: To truly make this stop time worthy, head over to the Campbell Apartment to grab a martini. You can even stop by the Grand Central Oyster Bar during happy hour – During happy hour, you can take advantage of $1.25 freshly shucked oysters.

  1. Coney Island

Coney Island is New York City’s original beach hangout, which is jam-packed with people of every age. Tip back some sugary but booze-free frozen pina coladas. Then take a ride on some antique roller coasters. To get into Coney Island, it won’t cost you, and if you bring your own lunch and beach gear, it makes for a cheap day with your friends and/or family. If you do happen to forget your gear or food – no worries – the beach has plenty to offer.

Tip: All of the trains (Q, N, F, and D) that connect in Brooklyn and Manhattan bring you right to Coney Island. To avoid a large line to ride the most famous ride of the park, The Coney Island Cyclone, go to it at 11 AM or right after sunset.


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