Activities & Adventure 5 MINS READ

Best Eastern Europe Festivals to Attend

Best Eastern Europe Festivals to Attend

Activities & Adventure 5 MINS READ
eastern europe music festivals 2021

Have you already soaked up the energetic vibes of music festivals across Europe in the early months of summer? Fear not, the rhythm continues! August has arrived with a new wave of excitement and musical euphoria. For music aficionados and festival enthusiasts, Eastern Europe emerges as a hidden gem, boasting an array of thrilling events that celebrate both the heart-pounding beats of electronic music and the soul-stirring melodies of a diverse range of genres. Join us on a captivating journey as we delve into the exhilarating world of Eastern Europe festivals, where the spirit of celebration and music come together in perfect harmony.

Image source: Sziget

Sziget Festival | Hungary

When: 7-13 August 2019
Genres: Electronic dance music (EDM), indie, rock, pop, rap
Location: Budapest

Nestled in the heart of Budapest, Sziget Festival stands as a testament to the vibrant and ever-evolving Eastern Europe festival scene. What once emerged from the remnants of the Soviet Union has now blossomed into an iconic music extravaganza that beckons festival-goers from around the world. As you traverse the festival site, an island paradise within the bustling capital city, you’ll be serenaded by an eclectic mix of genres, from the captivating melodies of indie and rock to the electrifying beats of EDM and rap. Between the performances of world-class musicians, immerse yourself in the charm of Budapest’s city streets and revel in the exuberance of a celebration like no other.

Image source: Untold

UNTOLD Festival | Romania

When: 1-4 August 2019
Genres: Various pop, rock, and EDM
Location: Cluj-Napoca

In the heart of Romania’s Cluj-Napoca, the UNTOLD Festival emerges as a symbol of the Eastern Europe music festivals’ rise to global prominence. Against the backdrop of scenic landscapes, this festival resonates with the heartbeats of various genres, creating an irresistible allure for music enthusiasts. Romania’s warm hospitality finds a harmonious partnership with the exhilarating performances of world-class artists, ensuring that each attendee becomes a part of the festival’s narrative. Among the lush gardens of the central park, immerse yourself in the melodies of pop, rock, and EDM, and celebrate the spirit of unity that permeates every corner of this enchanting event.

Image source: Defected Croatia

Defected Festival | Croatia

When: 8-13 August 2019
Genre: House
Location: Tisno

Croatia’s scenic beauty takes center stage at the Defected Festival, a harmonious fusion of electronic music festivals and captivating coastal landscapes. As the Adriatic Sea’s gentle waves kiss the shores of Tisno, festival-goers find themselves immersed in an intimate and transformative experience. This boutique festival, celebrating the captivating genre of house music, invites you to unleash your inner rhythm on the dance floor or sway gently in the breeze as you relax in a hammock by the sea. At Defected, the festival site becomes a canvas where electronic music intertwines with nature’s splendor, creating an atmosphere of pure euphoria.

Image source: Sea Dance

Sea Dance Festival | Montenegro

When: 30 August – 1 September 2019
Genres: Electronic dance music (EDM), electronic, house, techno
Location: Budva

Montenegro’s pristine beauty and Eastern Europe’s music festival scene converge at the Sea Dance Festival. Against the backdrop of Budva’s stunning coastal vistas, the festival’s stages come alive with the beats of EDM, electronic, house, and techno. This fusion of genres sets the tone for an unforgettable dance journey on the iconic Buljarica Beach. As the sun dips below the horizon and the moon rises over the shimmering waters, surrender to the magnetic pull of the music and the serenity of the surroundings, creating memories that linger long after the festival ends.

Image source: Awake Festival

Awake Festival | Romania

When: 15-18 August 2019
Genres: Drum’n’bass, hip-hop, indie, soul, punk
Location: Teleki

Romania’s Awake Festival transcends the boundaries of traditional music festivals, offering a holistic experience that engages the senses and nurtures the soul. The captivating melodies of drum’n’bass, hip-hop, and more resonate within the walls of the baroque castle of Teleki Estate. As the music fills the air, the festival transforms into a haven of interactive theatre, enlightening talks, and wellness activities. Here, the festival site becomes a sanctuary for exploration and self-discovery, where electronic music converges with other artistic expressions to create a tapestry of culture and creativity.

Image source: Uprising Festival | Europe Music Festivals 2019

Uprising Festival | Slovakia

When: 23-24 August 2019
Genres: Reggae, dancehall, ska, Latino, hip-hop, jungle, drum N bass
Extras: Half-pipe, yoga, capoeira (Afro-Brazilian martial art), dance workshops, street art, Jamaican food
Location: Bratislava

Slovakia’s Uprising Festival stands as a testament to the resilience of Eastern Europe, commemorating the historic Slovak National Uprising of 1944. Set in the midst of a serene natural park with a lake, this festival showcases the power of unity through reggae, dancehall, and an array of other genres. The festival site becomes a canvas for artistic expression, where traditional costumes blend with modern music, and masquerade games intertwine with captivating performances. Engage in half-pipe thrills, discover your inner rhythm in dance workshops, and savor the flavors of Jamaican cuisine as you celebrate history and culture.

Discover More Eastern Europe Festivals

Beyond the ones mentioned above, Eastern Europe hosts an array of festivals that cater to diverse musical tastes and cultural experiences. Explore the heart-pounding beats of Electronic Dance Music (EDM) at Electric Castle in Romania, bask in the energy of Exit Festival in Serbia, or immerse yourself in the rhythmic world of hip hop and electronic music at Outlook Festival in Croatia. Dive into the rich cultural tapestry of Eastern Europe during the Eastern Orthodox Easter celebrations or let the melodies of Dimensions Festival in Croatia transport you to a world of electronic enchantment. Whether you’re dancing aboard boat parties or losing yourself in the performances of renowned artists like David Guetta, Eastern Europe’s music festival scene promises an unforgettable adventure.

Embrace the Melody of Eastern Europe

As August unfolds, Eastern Europe emerges as a treasure trove of musical experiences that celebrate the spirit of unity, diversity, and artistic expression. From the iconic stages of Budapest to the shores of Montenegro and the historic streets of Bratislava, the region offers a canvas for music enthusiasts and festival-goers to create memories that resonate deeply. Pack your bags, gather your friends, and embark on a musical journey that transcends borders and cultures, all while celebrating the universal language of music. Eastern Europe’s festival scene invites you to embrace the rhythms of life and savor every moment of a summer that promises to be truly unforgettable.

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