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The 20 Best Travel Podcasts To Listen In 2023

The 20 Best Travel Podcasts To Listen In 2023

Hacks & Tips 7 MINS READ
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If you, just like us, were born with a severe case of Wanderlust, tuning in to travel podcasts could be a delightful way to keep your sense of adventure alive between trips. All you need is your smartphone, a good wifi connection, and a dash of curiosity.

Ready? So buckle up, because in a matter of seconds you’ll be learning about the travel packing hacks, getting updates about the latest travel trends, getting precious travel tips firsthand, and embarking on captivating journeys around the world. Just close your eyes and let yourself wander through impeccably preserved historic cities, sky-high mountains, glinting glaciers, spectral rainforests, and idyllic beaches.

From fastidious foodies and beach hoppers to culture buffs and packing freaks, we’ve got the scoop on the best travel podcasts for each and every type of traveler. Have a look below!

Best Travel Podcasts To Listen In 2023

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The TravelPulse Podcast

Now solely hosted by Executive Editor Eric Bowman, TravelPulse Podcast brings you insightful information on the latest trending topics in the travel industry. While listening to this highly informative podcast, you’ll learn everything and more about subjects like the future of guided tours, the do’s and don’ts of animal tourism, and the best tips for online booking, just to name a few.

REI’s Wild Ideas Worth Living

In Wild Ideas Worth Living, host and journalist Shelby Stanger chats with people who “took the path less traveled and brought their wildest ideas to life”. From backcountry skiers to writers and filmmakers, Shelby interviews a robust lineup of adventurers who’ll tell you about how they took a leap of faith to make their craziest dreams come true.

Wander Woman

Brought to you by award-winning travel writer, photographer, and presenter Phoebe Smith, Wander Woman is the first travel podcast to take on a magazine-style — rather than the format of an interview. In each episode, Phoebe will take you on a thrilling behind-the-scenes journey to a different destination with vivid and detailed descriptions to make listeners feel like they’re traveling as well. Bonus? The podcast features a section called “Travel Hack of the Month”, with tips that efficient travelers will certainly love!

Women Who Travel

Blond woman with headphones on, a laptop on her lap, sitting on the windowsill and looking at New York's skyline.

“A woman’s place is wherever she chooses”. These are the words that sum up Woman Who Travel, a podcast by Condé Nast. Featuring over 100 stories by real female adventurers, Woman Who Travel is hosted by editors Lale Arikoglu and Meredith Carey, who dissect the realities of traveling as a woman today. From how travel can teach one to love their body, to prioritize traveling solo, WWT covers a broad array of interesting topics, to which women all across the globe will relate.

Eye On Travel With Peter Greenberg

Peter Greenberg, a multiple Emmy-winning reporter and praised front-line travel news journalist, is the host of Eye On Travel, a travel news podcast originating from a different location every week. For Greenberg, the show is all about providing his audience with the information they can’t find anywhere else. “There are three things people want to know about: health, finance, and travel”, says Peter.

Amateur Traveler

Craving to see the world, but not sure where to start? Then Amateur Traveler is the podcast for you! Tune in every week to listen to host Chris Christensen in an insightful interview with either a destination expert or a traveler who has been to an exciting destination recently. Featuring more than 700 episodes for you to choose from, the show will help you decide where to go next.

The Travel Diaries

Ever wanted to know what travel experiences shaped other people’s lives? If so, the Travel Diaries is the right podcast for you. Hosted by the charismatic Holly Rubinstein, the show features weekly interviews that will take you on a raucous tour around the world. “Listening to this podcast is a great opportunity for people to be transported to far-off lands from the comfort of their homes. It’s wanderlust guaranteed!” says Holly.

RV Miles Podcast

Smiling girl in earphones listening to music on her smartphone.

“We like to think of ourselves as the ‘Today Show’ for RVers and other road travelers,” says podcast host Abigail Trabue. Covering interviews, useful tips and tricks, and campground reviews, this podcast has something for anyone who’s itching to hit the open road. Abigail and her family are full-time RV travelers, calling everywhere they explore “home”.

The World Nomads

The World Nomads is the go-to podcast for travelers who love listening to real-life stories and testimonials about the most amazing destinations around the world. During the pandemic, The World Nomads has suspended their regular destination episodes, and will instead be sharing the thoughts of travelers who are shaping the future of the industry post-COVID 19

Indie Travel Podcast

Full-time travelers Craig and Linda Martin created the Indie Travel Podcast in 2006 to share the things they’ve learned on the road, interesting stories from inquisitive adventurers, and practical advice from every continent around the globe. While listening to Indie Travel Podcast, expect to learn about how to pack light, the best tips to create a killer day-before-you-travel checklist, and how to eat healthy on the road, just to name a few.

JUMP with Traveling Jackie

What if you could explore the world without breaking the bank? Well, now you can! Jackie Nourse gives incredible tips for budget-friendly adventures on her podcast JUMP With Traveling Jackie, formerly known as The Budget-Minded Traveler. Not to mention that Jackie is positive and upbeat, so if you’re looking to feel empowered before your next adventure, JUMP with Traveling Jackie is the best travel podcast for you.

Armchair Explorer

Relaxed Man Listening To Podcast Sitting On Modern Chair Against Window Indoor

“No long-winded interviews, just straight to the heart of the action”. This is how the host and award-winning travel writer, and journalist describe Armchair Explorer. Carefully made in a documentary-style format, this podcast features stories of otherworldly trips told by the most adventurous travelers. Set to music and cinematic effects to create an immersive storytelling experience, the podcast will take you to the most unimaginable places, from a 53,000-mile bike journey around the globe to a wild expedition in South America.

The Dish

Mixing three of our favorite things —food, fun, and travel—, this podcast perfectly satisfies our thirst for new experiences. “The Dish” is hosted by Tommo & Megsy, two food and travel bloggers who have visited 95 countries seeking the best “Food Worth Traveling For”. Get ready to take your tastebuds on a global tour while learning about the host’s favorite dishes from around the world and the insane adventures they had to go through to find these delicacies.

Extra Pack of Peanuts

Extra Pack of Peanuts is a fun-filled podcast hosted by Travis and Heather, a couple who has been obsessed with traveling the world since 2010. Aside from teaching you everything you need to know about budget travel, Travis and Heather also interview some of the world’s most renowned travelers and give practical advice on how to use frequent flyer miles, find cheap hotels, and travel on a budget. A brand new episode of this travel podcast is released every Tuesday.

The Thoughtful Travel Podcast

“A show for travel lovers”. This is the best way to describe the Thoughtful Travel Podcast by Amanda Kendle. In each episode, Amanda shares travel stories from fellow travel addicts on a range of interesting topics, which will take you on a journey around the world. From traveling with grandchildren to the best writing retreats around the world, these will surely feed your Wanderlust spirit and put you in the mood for some travel adventures!

Travel With Rick Steves

Rick Steves is the United State’s leading authority when it comes to European travel. He’s a travel writer who encourages people to explore less-touristy destinations and to fully become immersed in the local way of life. Since 2005, he has been running his own travel show Travel with Rick Steves, which also has a podcast version where Rick brings you a weekly interesting conversation about travel, cultures, and people from around the globe.

How I Got Here

Young woman listening to music with headphones on while sitting at the grass at a park.

How I Got Here is a weekly podcast presented by PhocusWire and Mozio. Each episode features an interview with startup founders and innovators, to give you an inside scoop of the stories behind the travel and transportation sectors. Season Two of How I Got Here is now complete and available!

Flight Or Fancy

In Flight Or Fancy, host Ben Groundwater talks of all things travel for those with a “thirst for seeing the world”. In weekly one-hour conversations with guest experts, Groundwater covers a robust array of travel-related subjects, from the ultimate guide to surviving airports, to the secrets of a great road trip.

Zero To Travel

Hosted by Jason Moore, the Zero To Travel podcast provides listeners with inspiring and life-changing perspectives. In each episode, Moore and his interviewers dig deep into big questions surrounding travel, offering actionable advice for every kind of adventurer.

Travel Tales Podcast

In this lighthearted podcast, comedian Mike Siegel highlights the best and worst experiences that travel has to offer. Every episode, Siegel chats with a different guest to hear their true travel tales — some pretty, some not —from around the world.

We hope you enjoyed tuning in with us! We can’t wait to hear what travel podcasts you listen to. Don’t forget to let us know.

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