You Can Still Have Fun With These End-Of-Summer Things to Do Across America

The sandy, sunny memories of swimming at the beach faded away faster than you would have liked. The crackling of the Fourth of July fireworks came and went just as fast. You may be upset summer is over. You may think, “You can only do so much when it’s not hot out anymore.” Luckily, that’s not true. You don’t need to be dipping your toes in the sand to have fun. In fact, here are a list of end-of the-summer things to do across America.

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How does camping with ponies sound?

Venture out to Maryland’s Assateague Island to experience one of the best end-of-summer camping trips along the Eastern seaboard. Rather than visiting Ocean City, Maryland where it’s almost always crowded, go 10 miles south to Assateague Island, which is a Maryland state park, where you can find a colony of wild horses. A bonus is the cool temperatures so you don’t have to camp in scorching heat.

*Tip* – If you are planning on camping here, make sure to reserve a campsite ahead of time. If you are going just to have some fun, this island is spectacular for hiking, biking, kayaking, fishing, and crabbing.

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Experience the Power of the Chicago River

Chicago won’t disappoint when it comes to phenomenal views and heights. To take advantage of this great power, you would need to kayak the Canyon of Skyscrapers along the Chicago River. The Riverwalk has shops and several restaurants, as well as a winery. There’s even a place to dock so you can enjoy wine tasting and some nice live music.

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Saddle Up Along the Wyoming Frontier

What’s better than being in the wide-open West? You can either enjoy a scenic respite, go out for a horseback riding adventure, or just kick back and relax in your very own “dude ranch.” Experience rustic cabin lodging, real-life cowboys, hiking, swimming, fishing, and trail rides during your visit.


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Do You Like to Party? Head Out to San Francisco

If your version of a party and having fun includes some alcoholic beverages, you’re in luck if you visit San Francisco’s Dolores Park. Skip the “tall boy” drink you usually turn to and reach for “Cutty Bang”. Check out the back of the fridge in a corner store and you’ll find a Ziploc bag pack of airplane-sized bottles that contain liquor, usually mixed. The variety of alcohol is worth the look.

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Get Active by Mountain Biking Through Utah

If you would rather escape the crowd, head 100 miles outside of Moab in Utah where you will stumble upon an overlooked desert wonderland, called Goblin Valley. There’s usually nobody else around. Once you reach the sandstone formations, you’ll want nothing more than to explore. Head over to the park’s biking trail system and have a blast by yourself or with some friends. If you stay until nighttime, you will experience a fantastic view of one of the darkest skies in America.

Check out all the listings in these areas at CuddlyNest for an ultimate experience of comfort and fun.

Check Out These New, Cool Things Worth Your Travels This Month


Summer means travel for many people. With the summer months quickly leaving, there is still reason to travel. In fact, early fall is one of the best times of the year to take a road trip. Not only can you avoid scorching hot temperatures during this time, but there will be less people out and about, leaving many locations nearly empty so you can enjoy yourself more. Below you will find several awesome deals and events that are worth your time to take a trip.

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Offers & Deals

Spend Thanksgiving Out of Town This Year

Let your long-distance family know you’re on your way

Although September is two months away from Thanksgiving, it’s not too early to book your tickets now. Historic data through Skyscanner shows that September is the cheapest time to book flights for Thanksgiving.

Eat a Delicious Miami Meal For Only $39

Find value in Miami

The Miami Spice event is where 200 of the best restaurant offer three-course menus for just $39. This event is a steal because usually these restaurants are out of most people’s budgets. It’s worth the trip in just the savings in eating a savory meal.


Venture to BBQ Boot Camp at The Best Steakhouse in California

Visit Solvang, California for some unforgettable steak

The Hitching Post is known as the best steakhouse in California. Visit October 25-27 for a BBQ Boot Camp. The location will be the Alisal Guest Ranch in Solvang. Frank Ostini, owner of The Hitching Post, will be hosting several seminars on barbecue equipment, spice blending, and grilling methods. Not only will you be able to go home with some fabulous grilling techniques, but you will also be able to play golf and participate in horseback riding.


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Brand-New Waterfront in DC Finally Open

Waterfront views in Washington, DC

This new opening will be of Southwest DC on October 12th. You can expect the District’s very first rum distillery, as well as a two-story tavern at Potomac Distilling Company. With a range of new restaurants, there will be something to eat for everyone.


Check Out The New Ship Wreck Diving Attraction

Take a dive in Pompano Beach, Florida

The latest addition just appeared at the scuba diving attraction, Shipwreck Park. Explore the 107 foot KT-1970 Okinawa that recently sunk. The wheelhouse is visible from the surface, with a dive bar feature.

Workers aboard the Richard L. Becker, at rear, look on as the ship named Lady Luck is sunk to create a new artificial reef, Saturday, July 23, 2016, off the shores of Pompano Beach, Fla. As one of the most accessible major dive sites in the nation, Lady Luck is expected to lure approximately 35,000 divers each year. Tom DiGiorgio, the chairman of the Economic Development Council of Pompano Beach, said that after a 10-year search for the right vessel, Pompano Beach has finally found an economic engine for Florida’s tourism industry. (AP Photo/Wilfredo Lee)

Is it Possible to Run a Successful Vacation Rental Company Without Impacting Your Personal Life?



Running a successful vacation rental company takes work, time, and patience. Is it possible to do this without negatively affecting your personal life? Can you really separate the two? Let’s find out.


  1. Don’t Worry About Giving Customers Consistent Support While You Run Your Business

While it’s important to provide excellent customer service, there’s such thing as going overboard. For example, some companies make the mistake of letting themselves be available 24/7 and that’s where your business will end up affecting your personal life.

There’s a way you can still be there for your customers without devoting yourself to them all day and all night. Come up with a certain time where you are not to be reached, such as 7 PM. Next, maybe implement an affordable secretary service that is automated and list common possible scenarios, such as wifi password, directions, or what to do if they get locked out.) If it’s not an emergency they shouldn’t be calling all hours of the night. You won’t have to worry about negative reviews if you go about your business like this. There’s no reason you need to be on call 24/7 and your guests will appreciate the automated help for common issues.

  1. You Might Think It’s Your Job to Make Guests Happy – It’s Not. It’s Theirs

While you still want to offer a comfortable place for your guests, you can only do so much to ensure that they will be happy. The rest is ultimately up to them. Think of it like this – As a property manager or vacation house owner, it’s your job to implement superior customer service. It’s your guest’s job to decide if they are going to be happy or not. By setting this type of boundary with yourself now, you won’t go crazy after hours trying to think of ways to make your guests happy when you’ve already done everything on your end and that type of worry can cut into your personal time.


  1. Make Sure Your Work/Life Balance is Sorted Out

If you’re a workaholic, you must pay close attention to this. You have to set only a specific amount of numbers you want to work each day and do not go over, unless an emergency arises. It’s great that you’re so into your business. It does show your dedication. However, you must give that dedication to yourself and your family as well.  Working countless hours will cut way too far into your personal time. Not only is taking time off essential but it will allow you to go back to work with a clear mind. You will actually be more productive by taking the necessary time off.

  1. Process Out Your Business

The best way to grow your business is to process out things for yourself and your staff. By having several processes in order, it makes it easier to replace yourself over time without making any huge sacrifices. This step will allow you to focus more on your family, hobbies, vacations, and spiritual life.

By having no processes in order, you can be sure that your vacation rental business will be dragged down and you will have no quality of life, which can burn you out fast.


  1. Be Willing to Learn From Competition

On your way to success, you will find many curveballs. There may even be times you feel like giving up completely. Pay close attention to your competition. While you don’t want to copy every move they make, you can learn some valuable ideas and strategies from other companies. Don’t skip out on conferences and presentations – that’s where you will learn from others. Don’t assume you know everything about your area of business. There’s always room to grow. There’s always room for more education.

  1. If You Have a Business Partner, Keep Your Relationship Strong

Sure, there are going to be disagreements along the way. But you must try your best to work through each day and never give up on your business partner. You’re in this together and to achieve success, you both must be on the same page. During the hardest days, figure out a way to come to an understanding and figure out how to move forward.

6 pristojnih načina kako odbiti rezervaciju

Mnogi vlasnici i upravitelji iznajmljivanja nekretnina za odmor na CuddlyNest-u odlučuju se postaviti zahtjeve za rezervaciju, a ne trenutnu rezervaciju iz raznih razloga. Ne samo da je važno odgovoriti na sve upite, već je važna i vaša vrsta odgovora jer ne želite uvrijediti potencijalne korisnike koji vam mogu ostaviti loše recenzije na mreži.
Evo šest načina na koje ćete pristojno i s poštovanjem odgovoriti  na sve upite gosta o vašoj nekretnini za iznajmljivanje za odmor.

  1. Uvijek ostanite ljubazni. Bez obzira na to kako je vaš potencijalni gost poslao svoj upit, uvijek biste trebali održavati profesionalno i pristojno ponašanje. Nije ni potrebno dati točan razlog za odbijanje njihovih najamnih datuma, ali uvijek im možete dati općeniti odgovor. Jednostavno im hvala za njihov upit, ali dodajte da imovina nije dostupna za tražene datume.
  2. Ponudite iskrene razloge. Ako primite upit, ali znate da neće biti u pravu za vaš prostor za iznajmljivanje, ponudite prijedloge za goste. Možda znate o nekom drugom iznajmljivaču i njegovoj nekretnini na web stranici koja bi bolje odgovarala njihovim potrebama.
  3. Budite iskreni o razlozima. Ako imate poslovne razloge za odbijanje zahtjeva, to je u redu da ih podijelite s vašim gostima, sve dok ne vrijeđaju ili ne diskriminiraju tu osobu. No, savršeno je napomenuti da vam se sviđaju gosti koji žele kraće ili duže boravke ili nemaju mjesta za dodatne goste ili kućne ljubimce.
  4. Ne zaboravite pravila. Važno je imati pravila koja su navedena u vašem popisu najma za odmor. Mnogo puta, ljudi ih jednostavno ne čitaju i brzo vam šalju poruku. Ako morate odbiti zahtjev, slobodno uputite ljude natrag na pravila na web-lokaciji. Gosti također mogu napomenuti da će ubuduće opreznije pročitati opise. Ovo također podrazumjeva da su pravila za sve.
  5. Vjerujte svojim instinktima. Svatko ima taj unutarnji instinkt koji im govori ako je nešto ispravno ili ne. Bolje je ostati siguran nego se morati nositi s prevarom za iznajmljivanje za odmor ili nerazumnim i zahtjevnim gostom. Nemojte se osjećati krivima zbog uskraćivanja zahtjeva, jer nije vaša krivica da zahtjev ne odgovara vašim očekivanjima iznajmljivanja odmora.
  6.  Ne dopustite da vas izbace iz takta. Ako smatrate da nemate ništa lijepo reći na bezobrazni upit, često je najbolje ne reći ništa. Mnoge web stranice za iznajmljivanje za odmor imaju jednostavne gumbe s ponuđenim odgovorima koje možete koristiti. Iskoristite to. Na taj način se nećete uzrujavati i možete zadržati svoje osjećaje u sebi i očekivati mirni sljedeći upit za odmor koji je po vašem guštu.

CuddlyNest je platforma za najam nekretnina za odmor, što ga čini jednostavnim načinom iznajmljivanja soba, apartmana, kuća ili vikendica. Kada svoje komunikacije održavate pristojno i profesionalno, gosti će biti impresionirani i možda će se kasnije vratiti sa zahtjevom koji bolje odgovara vašem rasporedu ili pravilima.

The New Attractive Smart Locks from August

Do you have a smart lock for your vacation rental home listed on CuddlyNest? Well, it’s time you ditch your old smart lock and get the smarter one! released a new lock that raises the bar and makes you and your guests feel more secure and satisfied. The new August Smart Lock Pro + Connect, August Smart Lock, and August Doorbell Cam Pro are the latest additions to the generation of smart locks. The salient feature of these smart locks is the DoorSense™, which is an integrated sensor that tells you if your door is open or closed.


August Smart Lock Pro + Connect

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While your door might be slightly open as the deadbolt may not be properly engaged, you may not be aware of that. The new August Smart Lock Pro + Connect will sense that and alert you through the August app.

The new August Smart Lock Pro + Connect also includes the Instant Auto-Lock. This the feature enables the door to lock instantly when the door is closed, and can also be set to lock automatically after a certain amount of time.

This has just given you the peace of mind and the state of uncertainty whether you locked the door or not!

This new smart lock integrates directly with security systems and smart hubs as it bundles with the August Connect Wi-Fi Bridge, the Smart Lock Pro supports Wi-Fi, HomeKit, Bluetooth, and Z-Wave Plus

If that is all not enough for you, you will also enjoy in the coming months the feature of a new Beta service, Active Monitoring, which sends you smarter alerts through the August app for any activity at your door that you set alerts for such as when your guests arrive and leave your home, or when the handyman or cleaning helpers enter and leave.





August Smart Lock

Image Credit:

The August Smart Lock combines all the great features of the previous generation of August smart Locks with a more traditional, compact, and industrial-style look. Also integrating the DoorSense you need to know if your door is tightly locked or not for an affordable convenient price, you cannot miss this one!

August Doorbell Cam Pro

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The last of the newly released smart locks is The August Doorbell Cam Pro. This smart lock is truly magnificent as it enables you to see and speak to anyone at your front door through the August app, and it notifies you when there’s motion outside your door or when someone rings your doorbell.

This new smart lock also integrates the new feature, HindSight™, which records what’s going on before a motion is detected, so you do not miss any important recording second. It is also capable of scaring away any unwelcome visitors through its motion-triggered, built-in floodlight for color night-time video.

Installing these locks has also never been easier and pricing is convenient and satisfying! Lock your CuddlyNest home with a smarter lock and earn peace of mind!



Jeste li razmišljali o Baliu?

Lijepe pješčane plaže, sveti hramovi, prekrasna vulkanska priroda i fantastični pogledi čine Bali jednim od najprivlačnijih turističkih destinacija širom svijeta. Nema sumnje da je Bali na popisu milijuna ljudi iz više razloga, zar ne? CuddlyNest nudi niz najamnina za odmor na ovom nebeskom otoku. Indonezijski otok okružuju neke vrlo zanimljive činjenice. Evo nekoliko:

  1. Bali je jedno od rijetkih mjesta gdje možete uživati ​​u gutljaju najskuplje kave na svijetu, Kopi Luwak. Kava se uzgaja od djelomično probavljenih, konzumiranih i odmrznutih trešanja kave od strane azijskog civeta.
  2. Crne pješčane plaže: Da, pročitali ste točno. Vulkanska priroda otoka nudi jedinstvene plaže s fantastičnim crnim pijeskom. Ovo je nešto što ne vidite svugdje!
  3. Balinese ima neke zanimljive činjenice koje se odnose na bebe i imena. Djecu ne smiju dodirivati ​​zemlju dok ne budu stara tri mjeseca! Novorođenčad također ima jedno od imena koja ukazuje na njihov poredak rođenja među svojim braćom i sestrama. Prvo su rođeni (Wayan), drugo rođeno (Made), treće rođeno (Nyoman) ili četvrto rođeno (Ketut)!
  4. Volcano Agung: Svi balini smatraju vulkan Agung najsvetijim mjestom na otoku. Vidljivo je kao replika središnje osi svemira, planine Meru. Volcano Agung je aktivni vulkan koji je posljednji put izbio 1963-1964. Vulkanska erupcija 1963. godine ostavila je posljedice na nižim padinama planine.
  5. Tvornica čokolade od bambusa jedna je od najzanimljivijih mjesta za posjet Baliju. Ne samo da ta čokoladna tvornica nudi čokoladu, već nudi i ture za posjetitelje. Strateški položaj tvornice u neposrednoj blizini Ubuda daje mu dodatnu pogodnost za postizanje i uranjanje u svijet čokolade.
  6. Nyepi dan je Balijev dan šutnje. Cijeli otok trgovine, tvrtke i putovanja je zatvoren u ovom jedinstvenom Balinese festivalu.Sada kada znate ove zanimljive činjenice o Baliu, spremni ste za najam Balia na CuddlyNestu!

What You Need to Know About Marketing Your Vacation Rental to Groups

Vacation rentals have always been a popular option for group getaways. Usually when people go on vacation, they often dread a hotel stay. With a private vacation rental, it’s a more inexpensive option for vacation accommodation. Not to mention, it’s a comfortable stay.

If your vacation rental is already set up for group stays, you won’t want to miss out on making sure your rental is appealing to this huge market. If you’re not sure how to do this, follow these tips.


Which Vacation Rental Groups Do You Want to Focus On?

This could sound obvious to you. However, once you have a clear picture in your mind of who your ideal group is can help those groups make a decision about your rental.

Which groups are most ideal for your vacation rental? Think about all the possible groups, such as:

  • Festival fanatics
  • Sports teams
  • Retirees
  • Bachelor or bachelorette parties
  • Adrenaline hunters
  • Groups of close friends
  • Multi-generational family reunions
  • Corporate trip

Once you come to a decision which type of group(s) you would like to host in your rental, you will be able to target them directly in your descriptions.

Write the Perfect Headline

You’ll want to attract potential guests right away. One of the best ways to do this is with your headline – It’s the first thing they will notice. Be as descriptive as possible, without going overboard. For example, instead of just using the word “big”, try using “spacious”. The word spacious will resonate with the potential guest more and they will be more apt to move forward.

Give Them an Idea How Their Stay Will Be

It doesn’t matter who you’re marketing to. Showing off the vacation rental’s amenities and the best features is ideal. This is a surefire way to attract some group guests. Show them photos and really capture the “spacious” feel in the home if that’s what you put in your headline. A bonus is a fully equipped kitchen and if you have that, don’t leave that photo out. CuddlyNest will spread the listing description all over the net, so you will even get more group buzz!

Offer Incentives They Can’t Pass Up

Anyone who books vacations will know all about money saving deals and offers, which is a great factor if they will move forward. You don’t have to always offer incentives, but it’s a great idea when business is slow. You can even offer incentives, such as kids stay free.

Publish Testimonials from Previous Groups

You can say great things about your vacation rental but first-hand experiences from guests will likely be more persuading. Add some previous group experiences and feedback to your listing for a better chance of booking.

New Feature: Sharing Listing Details on Multiple Social Media Platforms


With the new feature CuddlyNest offers of sharing listing details on multiple social media platforms, traffic is only going to rise. Most people spend their time on social media, so it’s a great way to gain the attention of your audience.

Why to Take Advantage of This Feature

When it comes to sharing on social media platforms, it’s not just about the people you are associated with on that platform. Once you use share your listing on social media, your friends and family see your post, they are likely going to share it. If you add a photo to your listing, your post is no doubt going to get shared numerous times. If you take a look, especially on Facebook, you’ll see people posting dreamy vacation photos, houses, etc. – This means, if you put an attractive photo up, you’re going to end up receiving some decent traffic.



How to Use This Feature the Right Way

Just because you can share listing details on your platforms, there are some things you should know. You don’t want to come off spammy. If you have the same friends across multiple platforms, they are going to want to see the same post over again. A quick fix to this is to change it up a little bit. Add something unique for each platform and add a different attractive photo for each. Think about how you use social media for your own personal reasons – when do you consider something “spam”? Remember that when you’re making and sharing your listings. When it comes to sharing listings, you want to add what people want to see. It’s all about your potential guests.

Develop a Sharing Schedule

When it comes to sharing more than once and on several platforms, it’s beneficial to create a sharing schedule. For example, think of some guidelines you can set for yourself to how often you should be posting per day, week, and month. Think about a preferred time of day. Usually after dinner time is best since that’s when most people are online and not working or tending to their family. Add some creative variety in your schedule and listings. It’s critical to not share the same message twice. For example, if you post something on Twitter, the next day make sure you change it up and get creative. Try not to just post information about your listing with a link each time. Try asking a question to your audience, such as “What would you do here for three nights?” or “Imagine yourself here on vacation. What would be the first thing you would do?” This will get your audience to engage with your posts.

CuddlyNest is the best vacation rental platform to spread the word and get your listing rented all year round!



Never Run out of Things to Do in Bali

So, you are planning your long time dreamt of trip to Bali. So, you book a place at CuddlyNest, and now you are you wondering what else you can do in Bali other than wandering around rice paddies or sunbathing on a sunny, white sand beach?

Here are some of the most popular things to do in Bali!

Waterbom Bali

One of the most fun places to visit in Bali is Waterbom Bali. This water park is voted #1 water park in Asia. With seventeen slides, choices of dining outlets, surrounding tropical gardens, and plenty of fun activities, you can’t go wrong at this place!

Bali Safari and Marine Park

Bali Safari and Marine Park is one the best places to enjoy a full day with your family. This is a great place to enjoy watching animals in their natural habitat.  The Park combines the African and Bali natural habitat of many animals like the Sumatran elephant, Sumatran and white tiger, leopard, cheetah, and Komodo dragon. In addition to many animal exhibits, you can also enjoy riding elephants in one of its kind experiences.

Water Rafting

Another water activity you can enjoy in Bali is water rafting. All rafting tours are run by professional guides who are well-trained and ready to deal with any situation should it arise. This is a unique experience where you can enjoy the Ayung and Telaga Waja Rivers among many others in Bali.

If you are more into immersing into water, diving is a great choice for you. Bali offers many diving trips to enjoy the reefs and submarine in the area. You also have the opportunity to train under the hands of professionals whether you want to dive for fun or become a professional.

You can also launch up in the sky be taking one of the unique helicopter rides in Bali. Enjoy the beautiful scenery of the beaches and the volcanoes in Bali. Some tours offer a wide variety of rides to choose from: from joy flights, sundowners, to temples and coastline flights, these rides have it all!

Eka Karya Botanic Garden

This heavenly botanic garden is situated on a mountain. With its clean fresh air, beautiful mountain scenery, and cool climate, Eka Karya Botanic Garden is definitely a popular tourist destination.

The Garden has a wide-range of plants imported from many areas of the world, including Africa, The Netherlands, Japan, Australia, , China, and North and South America. The garden is a center for reseach as well as recreation, and it also displays the unique Balinese architecture.

Bali has a lot more to offer in addition to the above-mentioned places and activities. Check out the Bali vacation villas on CuddlyNest, you will need a happy private place to go back to at the end of a long exciting day.

Bali, anyone?

The beautiful sandy beaches, sacred temples, beautiful volcanic nature, and fantastic views make Bali one of the most attractive tourist destinations around the world. There’s no doubt Bali is on the bucket list of millions of people for a reason, right? CuddlyNest offers a variety of vacation rentals to choose from in this heavenly island.  Some very interesting facts surround the Indonesian island. Here are some:


  1. Bali is one of the few places where you can enjoy a sip of the most expensive coffee in the world, Kopi Luwak. The coffee is taken from partly-digested, eaten and defecated coffee cherries by the Asian civet.



  1. Black sand beaches: Yes, you read that right. The volcanic nature of the island offers unique beaches with stunning black sand. This is something you don’t see everywhere!


  1. Balinese have some interesting facts related to babies and names. Babies are not allowed to touch the ground until they are three months old! Newborns also have one of the names indicating their order of birth among their siblings. They are first born (Wayan), second born (Made), third born (Nyoman), or fourth born (Ketut)!


  1. Volcano Agung: All Balinese consider Volcano Agung the most sacred place on the island. It is seen as a replica of the central axis of the universe, Mount Meru. Volcano Agung is an active volcano which last erupted in 1963-1964. The volcanic eruption in 1963 left its effects along the lower slopes of the mountain.


  1. The Bamboo Chocolate Factory is one of the most interesting places to visit in Bali. Not only does this chocolate factory offer chocolate, but it also offers tours for visitors. The factory’s strategic location close to Ubud gives it extra convenience to reach and dip into the world of chocolate.

  1. Nyepi Day is Bali’s day of silence. The whole island’s stores, businesses and travels shut down in this unique Balinese festival.

Now that you know these interesting facts about Bali, you are ready to book a Balinese vacation rental on CuddlyNest!