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6 Amazing Things To do In Verona, Italy

6 Amazing Things To do In Verona, Italy

Activities & Adventure 6 MINS READ
Aerial view of Verona, Italy

Many tourists continue to flock to Verona because of its reputation in literature, opera, and the arts. This lovely Italian city is located in the S-curve of the River Adige and is one of the most visited in the whole country. Although it undoubtedly has a rich history, Verona is often associated with Shakespeare’s legendary love story of Romeo and Juliet.

The majority of the attractions are located in Verona’s Centro Storico – the historic city center which boasts important buildings like Arena di Verona, Verona Cathedral, Basilica di San Zeno Maggiore, and Juliet’s house famous for its legendary balcony.

So many things to do in Verona, how do you pick the best? Well, our guide to the major tourist destinations and activities in Verona will help you plan your trip without any hassle. Check it out!

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6 Best Things To Do In Verona, Italy

Visit The Juliet’s Balcony

The charming Casa di Giulietta is arguably the most visited area in Verona. It’s home to the famous balcony where Juliet calls out to Romeo in the tragedy written by William Shakespeare. This spot is especially popular among couples visiting the city since they view it as one of the best romantic places to exist.

To make things even better, there’s a bronze statue of Juliet which is free to see as well as the balcony. If you’d prefer to explore this story further you can enter the museum inside for a small fee. It offers a selection of antique furniture designed to look like the kind of things Juliet would have had in her house at the time.

Location: Via Cappello, 23, 37121 Verona, Italy

Roam Around Piazza Dei Signori

Piazza Signori in Verona, Italy

This important square is located behind the crowded Piazza Delle Erbe and next to Torre dei Lamberti. It’s characterized by a Dante monument created in 1865 as well as the Palazzo della Ragione and the Loggia del Consiglio.

Also called the Piazza Dante, this square is mostly visited for its historical significance and gothic architecture. When you walk through the arch, you can see the Old Market Yard with Palazzo della Ragione and its gorgeous gothic stairs. This truly sounds like the perfect place to take an evening stroll while visiting Verona!

Location: Piazza dei Signori, 37121 Verona, Italy

See The Roman Amphitheatre In Piazza Bra

Verona Arena at night

The Roman Amphitheatre, also called Verona Arena, is simply hard to miss because it’s so massive and is located in the middle of one of the busiest squares in the city – Piazza Bra.

It was built in the first century AD, marking the end of Augustus’ Empire and the beginning of Claudius’. After the Colosseum in Rome and the Roman Arena in Capua, Arena Di Verona is the third-largest Roman arena in Italy. The Verona Arena can accommodate up to 22,000 people and currently hosts a range of musical performances including the famed Verona Opera Festival.

Location: Piazza Bra, 1, 37121 Verona, Italy

Visit The Hilltop Fortress Castel San Pietro

San Pietro Castle at the top of the hill in Verona, Italy

Castel San Pietro is nestled on top of Saint Peter’s Hill and offers one of the most beautiful views of the city. To reach it, take a funicular or the stairway from Ponte Pietra. If you do decide to walk instead, take the opportunity to admire all the tiny homes and peaceful streets along the way.

What everybody refers to as the Castle is an Austrian barracks that Field Marshal Radetzky had constructed between 1854 and 1856 to blend in with the Scaliger walls. The historical significance of places like Castel San Pietro is what led to Verona’s designation as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2000.

Its fortified city structure and architecture are outstanding examples of Verona’s history. The significant architectural complex is still known by its former name Castel San Pietro and is adored by many tourists and locals.

Location: Castel San Pietro, Piazzale Castel S. Pietro, 37129 Verona, Italy

Take A Day Trip To Lake Garda

Aerial view of Lake Garda near Verona, Italy

If you plan to stay in Verona for more than 2 days, think about taking a day trip to Lake Garda to experience its stunning natural beauty. You can go on a boat ride or visit some of the quaint towns that line the lake’s beaches, including the lovely Sirmione or Bardolino.

As the largest lake in Italy, Lake Garda is surely on everyone’s Italy itinerary. Numerous castles and fortifications from various times mark its coast and the nearby region. The area is also famous for its vineyards, so don’t hesitate to take a delicious wine tour and taste some of the local delicacies like Tortellini di Valeggio, Grilled lavaret, Stuffed Duck, and Bigoli with lake sardines.

Furthermore, the landscape surrounding the lake, with its hills and mountains, is perfect for hikers and walkers, and the joy of admiring the view of the lake from above adds up to an unforgettable experience. There are various marked pathways that you can take, as well as shelters where you can stop for a break, a cold drink, or a tasty meal.

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Admire The Gorgeous Palazzo Della Gran Guardia

Gran Guardia at night in Verona, Italy

The bustling Piazza Bra in Verona is home to the Palazzo Della Gran Guardia, which began being built in the early 1600s but was halted before being finished in 1853. In the past, it has served as barracks for the Austrian Army in 1848, among other military uses.

Today, this grand structure boasting magnificent arches frequently hosts conferences and art exhibitions. Mantega, Mantua, and Padua’s artwork have recently been on display. Visitors can also enjoy the several well-known cafes, restaurants, and stores located at Piazza Bra.

Location: Piazza Bra, 37121 Verona, Italy


What are other top attractions in Verona, Italy?

Verona has a seemingly neverending list of amazing tourist attractions like:

  • Piazza delle Erbe – main forum during Roman Empire
  • Piazza Bra
  • Piazza San Zeno Maggiore – place of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet
  • Torre dei Lamberti
  • Santa Maria Antica
  • Verona Cathedral
  • Arco dei Gavi
  • Archaeological Museum
  • Palazzo della Ragione – former town hall
  • Centro Storico
  • Casa di Giulietta – Juliet’s house
  • Teatro Romano – Roman Theater
  • Madonna della Corona
  • Palazzo del Governo

When is it best to visit Verona, Italy?

The ideal time to visit Verona is between July and August.

Are 2 days enough in Verona, Italy?

Yes, 2 days is enough to visit most of the main tourist attractions. However, if you’d like to take a day trip to Lake Garda as well, we suggest you stay there for 3 days.

Is one day enough in Verona?

Yes. One day in Verona is plenty, but if you could spend 2 days in the city, that would be preferred.

What is Verona Italy known for?

Verona is known for its rich history, but it’s particularly famous for being associated with Shakespeare’s legendary love story of Romeo and Juliet.

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