Activities & Adventure 8 MINS READ

Adventure Travel In Spain: The Top Experiences For Adrenaline-Seekers

Adventure Travel In Spain: The Top Experiences For Adrenaline-Seekers

Activities & Adventure 8 MINS READ
Hiker with baby relaxing on cliff and enjoying valley view. Siurana, Spain

Praised all across the world as a first-rate destination, Spain is known for its unlimited variety of experiences. Just think of major cultural attractions, like authentic Spanish festivals, superb food, and fabled architecture marvels, such as La Sagrada Familia.

But the country also happens to be a mecca for adventurers, boasting a fascinating array of outdoorsy pursuits galore. Emerald-green national parks, year-round swells, pristine diving spots, and scenic cycling routes are just some of the features that have long enticed thrill-seekers to Spain.

Read on to discover our stellar selection of adventure experiences in Spain, and get ready for a pulse-pounding trip to the country!

All You Need To Know About Adventure Travel In Spain

Why Pick Spain For An Adventure Trip

Cycling through a road surrounded by mountains.

Spain is a place where adventures abound. From North to South, the country is filled with options for outdoorsy pursuits galore. There are top-notch beaches with consistent year-round swells, which cater to surfers of all levels, a myriad of cycling routes, almost 20 National Parks, world-class ski stations, and more.

Such a sparkling variety of experiences can only mean one thing: there has got to be something for every kind of adventurer in Spain.

Not to mention that Spain is affordable, and it offers gentler leisure options for when you crave some well-deserved relaxation time.

So whether you decide to take a break and sample the best Spanish cheeses in a local restaurant or sunbathing on the most beautiful beaches in Spain, of one thing we’re sure: you’ll be fully recharged and ready for your next adventure!

The Top Destinations In Spain For Adventure Travel

Canyoning in Furco Canyon, Broto, Pyrenees, Huesca Province, Aragon, Spain.

Adventure lies around every corner in Spain. So, when it comes to the best destinations for adventurers in the country, it all depends on what you’re looking for.

The Basque Country, in Northern Spain, is worldwide known for its extensive coastline that rewards surfers with some of the best waves in all Europe.

If a prime spot for fabulous diving sessions is what you’re dreaming of, the  Canary Islands, Costa Brava, and the Balearic Islands are a perfect choice.

For some scenic hikes in the very midst of untouched nature, escape to one of Spain’s gorgeous National Parks like Picos de Europa or Ordesa and Monte Perdido.

The Best Spain Adventures For Thrill-Seekers

Camino De Santiago De Compostela

Backpacker man pilgrim looking at Santiago de Compostela Cathedral standing on the Obradeiro square (plaza)

Of all the adventure-related experiences that Spain flaunts, the Camino De Santiago De Compostela has got to be the most famous one. 

Known in English as the Way of St. James, the path is a network of pilgrimages leading to the shrine of the apostle Saint James the Great, in the cathedral of Santiago de Compostela, in Galicia. 

Thousands of people of various backgrounds walk the Camino de Santiago every year, with the most popular route being the Camino Francés, which stretches nearly 500 miles from St. Jean-Pied-du-Port, in France, to Santiago, in northwestern Spain. 

While walking the Camino De Santiago is not difficult — most of the stages are fairly flat on good paths — the pilgrimage can take up to 2 months. There are also a few companies offering cycling routes leading to the famed Santiago de Compostela.

This challenging experience rewards pilgrims with uninhibited views of several landscapes, from rolling flower fields to vineyards, olive groves, mountains, and charming cities.

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Hiking In Picos de Europa

High mountains trekking two people Picos de Europa Cantabria Spain

Often referred to as one of the top attractions in Spain, Picos de Europa is an earthly paradise designed by mother nature. Straddling the provinces of Asturias, Cantabria, and León, Picos de Europa National Park is covered in a dense blanket of oak, beach groves, picturesque rock formations, and bountiful wildlife.

One of the top activities on offer in Picos de Europa is hiking, as the park is filled with several routes for all levels. For a scenic, yet easy hike, opt for Rutas del Cares trail along the Cares River.

In case you want to challenge yourself, hike to the top of Torre de Horcados Rojos, which is one of the highest peaks of the Picos de Europa and offers dazzling views of the Cantabrian Sea.

Surfing In The Basque Country

A surfer walking on the Zurriola Beach at sunset with the Monte Urgull in the background. San Sebastian, Basque Country, Guipuzcoa.

With a coastline that runs for more than 120 miles in Northern Spain, the Basque Country is often praised as one of the top surfing destinations in Europe,

The autonomous community rewards surfers, both beginners, and professionals, with some of the best shore breaks in Europe, especially in beaches like Mundaka (considered as the best wave of Europe), Zarautz, La Salvaje, La Zurriola, and Donostia San Sebastian.

The best time to surf in Basque Country is between September and May, which is when you’re most likely to get the consistent and clean waves the region is praised for.

Need a quick break from surfing? Then don’t pass up the chance to enjoy the other marvels that the Basque Country has to offer: from emerald-green countrysides to the spectacular works of art of the Guggenheim Museum, in Bilbao.

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Canyoning In the Pyrenees

Canyoning in Furco Canyon, Broto, Pyrenees, Huesca Province, Aragon, Spain.

Extending for more than 250 miles between Navarre, Aragon, and Catalonia, the Pyrenees serve as the backdrop for a wide range of adrenaline-full adventures that include hiking, skiing, and rock climbing.

But, in case you feel like marveling at the majestic Pyrenees from a different perspective, canyoning is the perfect match for you. During the spring, for instance, you can escape to the Sierra de Guara National Park, in the foothills of the Spanish Pyrenees. 

Another prime spot for canyoning in the Pyrenees is the famous Alta Garrotxa Canyon, which boasts beautiful turquoise waters flowing through.

The region also stands out for being a stellar place for other water sports, like whitewater rafting in powerful rivers like the Cinca, the Segre, and the Gállego.

Diving in the Canary Islands

Lanzarote, Spain, Canary Island November 28th of 2018. Family enjoy underwater try dive with a lot of fish

A Spanish archipelago located off the coast of northwestern Africa, the Canary Islands are best-known for its sprawling national parks, volcanic features, and otherworldly beaches. 

Thanks to its abundance of marine diversity and crystal clear waters, the islands also happen to be one of the finest diving spots in Spain. Its privileged location next to the African Coast ensures year-round warm weather, with the water temperature ranging from 16-26 degrees during the summer. 

Not to mention the region’s scenic topography that encompasses a patchwork of caves, arches, and caverns!

The El Cabron Marine Reserve is considered one of the best diving sites in the Canary Islands, with divers frequently being able to spot giant Stingrays and Angel Sharks. Other worth-visiting places for divers in the archipelago include Lanzarote, Tenerife, and Fuerteventura.

Get ready to spot a colorful array of marine creatures, including barracudas, moray eels, parrotfishes, and more!

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Cycling In Andalusia

Bycicle  Tour of Andaluci­a in Granada, Spain

Looking for a thrilling way to explore Spain? Then cycling in Andalusia might be just what you’re looking for!

Home to some of the most charming cities in southern Spain, the region is a mecca for cyclists, as it’s filled with scenic routes, from challenging ones to family-friendly.

The top destinations for cycling in the Andalusia region of southern Huelva, Málaga, and Cadiz. You can also go on a bike tour from Granada to the Sierra Nevada Bike Park that features 4 downhill trails of more than 12 miles in length

Another great biking destination in Andalucia is Seville. The city is home to more than 6200 miles of cycle lanes and, whenever you have a break, you can stop by the city’s gorgeous landmarks, like the  Royal Alcázar, and the Catedral & Giralda, the world’s largest Gothic cathedral.

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Go Skiing In the Sierra Nevada Mountains

Sierra Nevada.Granada.Spain

In wintertime, travelers from all over Spain flock to the mighty Sierra Nevada, a mountain range nestled in the province of Granada. The area is one of the best skiing destinations in the country, and home to the famous Sierra Nevada Ski Resort, which is the highest ski resort in Spain.

For a fun-filled vacation during the winter, spend a week in the Sierra Nevada in December or January, which is the prime skiing season in the region.

Located on the slopes of the Pico de Veleta, Spain’s third-highest peak, the resort has more than 60 miles of pistes, 21 ski lifts, a family area, and a park dedicated especially to snowboarders and freestyle skiers.

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Snorkeling In Medes Islands

Young man marveling at colorful fishes while snorkeling.

A group of seven islands in the Costa Brava area, the Medes Islands are home to one of the richest marine flora and fauna reserves in the western Mediterranean. Not by chance, it’s a popular destination for underwater activities, especially scuba diving.

The reserve is characterized by its stunning underwater caves, and sea walls, aside from several creatures like eye-popping corals, starfishes, octopuses, and multicolored marine forests.

One of the reserve’s major features is the difference of depths, which provide diving opportunities for everyone — from professional divers to first-timers.

Climb Mount Teide 

Female traveler in Teide park, Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain.

Climbing to the top of Mount Teide is the ultimate adventure for anyone visiting the Canary Islands. The third highest volcanic structure in the world, this spectacular geological treasure sits in the magnificent  Mount Teide National Park, regarded for its vast landscape dotted with quirky rock formations.

While many ascend to the top of Mount Teide by cable car, adventure-seekers usually opt for climbing to the summit, which happens to be the highest point in Spain, and the highest point above sea level in the islands of the Atlantic.

The trail stretches from around 9i miles and takes between 6 and 7 hours. It is quite steep in some sections, and the atmospheric conditions can harden the further up you go. But the tour is worth it, as it will reward you with the most breathtaking views of the park.

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Parasailing In Barcelona

Tourists parasailing in the blue sky over the ocean.

Barcelona has all the features that travelers long for in a cosmopolitan city: world-class art museums, picture-perfect architecture, lip-smacking restaurants, and more. From wandering through the picturesque cobblestone streets of the Gothic Quarter to exploring Gaudí’s masterpieces, the city flaunts a laundry list of amazing things to do.

But did you know that Barcelona also offers an array of activities that are perfect for adventurous trips? Yes! One of the most sought-after is flying 150 meters over the sea with a parachute, and experiencing the city with maximum adrenaline.

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